iPage Hosting Black Friday Deals and Sale 2021- Get 83% Off Price Offer This Cyber Monday!

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Quick Summary: 10 million bloggers and webmasters hosting with iPage can’t be wrong.

iPage are quality host and a deal to get, and  during 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale you can get their superb hosting at a ridiculously low prices.

Get iPage now with 83% discount,

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iPage Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and sale 2021
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iPage Hosting Black Friday Week Deals and Sales 2021

  • Offer Validity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events 2021
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: Huge discount. Host 2 websites for $1!
  • iPage Hosting Special Coupon Code: Not Required
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Description: iPage Hosting offer some sweet deals these Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you’re looking for a new host for your website, then make haste and get iPage today. You won’t be disappointed, that’s a promise!

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What is iPage Web Hosting?

iPage are one of the world’s oldest, biggest (10 million+ domains) and most trusted web host. They started in 1998 and are still growing strong and ever improving their services.

They’re a great host for bloggers and affiliate niche marketers who want their money sites to be in safe hands.

iPage are famous for their sturdy hosting that can support any website in it’s growth.

Services iPage offer are:

iPage Hosting services

What Are iPage Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2021?

Note: iPage Hosting special sale starts quickly and ends fast. Last year, it got announced on Black Friday itself so there was very little time to grab it.

Make sure you’re fast and agile.

During the 2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale iPage Web Hosting gives bloggers and webmasters a generous 83% discount on their shared hosting plans.

$ 11.95/MoTBATBAActivate Deal!

iPage Hosting Features

iPage hosting Features

Here’s the loot that comes with iPage’s excellent hosting.

1) Unlimited Web Storage Space

Great if you have an image heavy website. You won’t have to pay extra just to host them all.

Note: IPage Hosting are an exception rather than a rule. Most hosts give you allotted storage that come with your hosting plan, and when you reach maximum you either have to delete your image library, or upgrade hosting.

And deleting images from WP library is a PAIN!

Not with iPage!

 2) Free Domain Name for the First Year

When you get iPage hosting plan today, you will also receive a free domain name with it. This saves you $11-$14 right off the bat.

 3) WordPress One-Click Installer

No more fumbling about trying to install WordPress correctly and manually.

With iPage hosting, it’s a one click job.

You can click, can’t you? 🙂

4) Weebly Website Builder

Ipage hosting gives you free access to Weebly website builder. So If you decide you’d rather go with Weebly instead of WordPress, you can with iPage.

And Weebly is a drag-and-drop- site builder, so much more intuitve than classic WordPress.

5) Google AdWords and Bing Ads $100 Credits ($200 value)

Free advertisements are an easy and effective way to promote your site early on for free. But make sure you put up some content and a landing page first 🙂

6) Email Address Attached to Your Domain

With iPage hosting you get to create and own unlimited email addresses.

These will be new email addresses that will pass email spa filter like nothing.  Perfect for mass cold email outreach

7) Enhanced Security Suite

iPage is very keen to keep your site safe from hackers. Since you’ll be hosted on their servers attack on you is attack on them.

8) 24/7 Technical Support

For any and all problems you can contact iPage helpful staff to help you. It’s their job and from my experience (I host one of my niche sites with them) their support has a near-flawless under 2s response rate.

9) Excellent Average Loading Time and Uptime

Sites hosted on iPage regularly take less than 1 s to load. That is considered extremely fast in the online world.

impressive average load time for sites hosted with iPage hosting

10) Hundreds of Templates and Themes

No need to buy a premium theme and waste money early on. Instead, use one that’s generously provided by iPage. They’re all slick, professional and conversion optimized.

11) Unlimited Bandwidth

Feel free to scale your site as much as you can.

Contrary to what you get with most other hosts, with iPage hosting there are no arbitrary bandwidth limitations to keep your progress in check.

12) 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with iPage’s service, you can ask for a refund.

This option is valid for full 30 days, an industry’s standard.

13) Excellent Star Rating Scores on Review Aggregator Sites

iPage has a 4 star rating at G2.

That is excellent result and shows that most customers are happy with their services.

iPage positive customer reviews on G2 review aggregator

There’s more to iPage than this, but I want to keep it short and sweet.

It’s because I know you’re really interest in getting that sweet Black Friday offer.

Get it now; 82% off price!

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How to Get iPage Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discount in 2021 (Tutorial)?

First, go and visit iPage official website. From the menu click on “Web Hosting” tab.

iPage shared hosting

Second, Click the “Get Started” button.

iPage get started

Third, pick the domain name you want to use.

First year is FREE.

iPage pick domain name

Fourth, add in some additional tools that can help you run your online business more smoothly. Things like SiteLock (protection from hackers); backup system and GSuite.

These are all optional features and you don’t need to buy them to get your hosting up and running.

And you can get them later at any date if you decide you need them.

Optional add-ons iPage hosting

Fifth, go through the page entering billing and payment information and once you’re ready, simply buy.

iPage buy hosting

Congratulations! You made the right decision 😀

Enjoy your new host!

If you require some help in setting up your new hosting account, I’ll be glad to assist you. Just send me an email at nikola@nikolaroza.com (attach receipt)

iPage Special Sale 2021 FAQ

What is iPage

iPage Hosting are one of the world’s oldest web host. They got founded in 1998 and have survived and thrived till today thanks to their strong hosting offers and competitive pricing.

How Many Websites Can I Host With iPage?

As many as you want. iPage gives you access to unlimited domain hosting.

Will I Receive a Free Domain Name With iPage Hosting?

Yes you will. Your first year will be free. But domain renewals will cost their regular price.

Do iPage Support Only WordPress or Other CMS's Too?

They support WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Do iPage Have a Site Backup System in Place?

Yes they do. Their backup system automatically backups your site in case you need to restore your site to its earlier version.

Do iPage Offer a Free SSL?

Yes they do. When you purchase one of their hosting package you'll get a free SSL certificate (via the Let's Encrypt service).

iPage Hosting Hosting Pros and Cons


  • Cheap, but high quality host;
  • Lots of third party applications available;
  • Excellent average loading time;
  • Superb uptime of 99.96%
  • Excellent customer support;
  • Free email service;
  • Weebly website builder;
  • One-click WordPress installer;
  • etc.


  • No free site migration;
  • No cPanel (they use vDeck)
  • Lots of upselling;
  • Not a “green” host.


Concluding My iPage Black Friday Sales 2021 Guide…

iPage hosting are not as well known as some other players in the industry. But nonetheless, their hosting services pack a mighty punch.

iPage hosting is safe, fast, reliable, trusted and ever improving. If you need a host for your site and you want to score a deal, then do it this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This super sale won’t last forever, so hurry up!

Get iPage Hosting Today!

iPage Web Hosting Cyber Week Sales and Deals 2021
  • Name: iPage Web Hosting
  • Description: iPage Hosting offer some wonderful discounts and deals this holiday season. Make haste and get yourself an excellent host today!
  • BF Event Offer- TBA
  • iPage Hosting Special Discount Code: Not Required
  • Christmas and New Year’s Special Sale– TBA

Get Deal!

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