Is Grammarly Available on Mobile Devices?

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Wondering whether you can use Grammarly on your mobile device? In this post, you will learn about the availability of Grammarly on mobile devices, and which operating software is compatible with Grammarly.

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is Grammarly available on mobile phones?

Can you use Grammarly on Mobile Devices?

Yes, you can. With Grammarly, you’ll get access to writing suggestions on both Android and iOS devices.

On Android devices, Grammarly is compatible with Android 5.0 or newer while iOS devices are supported from iOS 11.2 or newer.

If you’re using an iPad, Grammarly for iPad will enable you to directly access the Grammarly Editor from your device. Make sure your iPad still runs iOS 11.2 or newer. Take note that iPad Mini is not supported by Grammarly at the moment.

Go here for instructions on installing Grammarly on your Android device or iOs device.

Using Grammarly on Mobile Devices FAQ

#1- Does Grammarly Show Ads on Mobile Devices?

The Grammarly applications do not show ads to users. Grammarly only makes money through subscriptions. And the free account is 100% free with no ads.

#2- Can I Use My Grammarly Subscription on More than one Mobile Device?

Yes, you can use your Grammarly account on up to five different devices. Once you hit the five devices limit, you’ll have to create another account for any extra devices.

#3- Can I Use Grammarly on an Android Emulator?

Yes. Android emulators work just as an Android phone would work. And since the Grammarly app is on Play Store, you should have no problem installing and using Grammarly inside an Android Emulator.


To sum it up, you can use Grammarly on mobiles devices. Grammarly is accessible on both Android and iOS mobile devices. If you have any other questions about Grammarly availability on mobile devices, please feel free to post in the comments section below.

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