Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM Scheme? Let’s Find Out Now!

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So, you want to know whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is an MLM scheme?

Good for you.

I’m guessing you read a bunch of positive Wealthy Affiliate review and wonder whether it’s really all roses and if maybe, just maybe, all these people are trying to become your uplines so they get paid off your hard work.

If you lost me at the word “upline” then you need to keep reading, as everything is explained below…

Let’s go!

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM Scheme
Wealthy Affiliate… An MLM?

What is an MLM Scheme and Is Wealthy Affiliate One?

According to Wikipedia:

Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling and network marketing is a controversial for the sale of products or services where the of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried selling the company’s products or services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation system. An MLM strategy may be an illegal pyramid scheme.

Here’s another way of putting it:

MLM (Multi Level Marketing) is a business model where products and services are sold through an extensive distributor network.

MLM members are called “distributors” and they can earn money in two ways:

  • Selling the product;
  • Recruiting others into the MLM.

The latter option is more lucrative and here’s why.

As a member of MLM you’re encouraged to “build a team”. Each person that joins under you is your downline and you’re their upline.

And you earn passive income from your downline’s work.

For example, you get 5 people to join the program and you get paid $100 for each. That’s $500.

Then your 5 downlines each get 5 more people as their downlines and you get $10 for each of those.

So, 5x5x$10=$250

That’s $250 in truly passive income and it’s a dream come true… except that it’s unsustainable and unrealistic. Recruiting people without skill is damn hard work and most folks just can’t do it successfully.

Hence, 99% of all distributors end up loosing money.

Theyget a negative cashflow because they have to keep paying to be a part of MLM program and they can’t make their money back because of poor direct selling skills.

MLM business model example
MLM’s are unsustainable! Source

3 Excellent Reasons Why Wealthy Affiliate Is NOt an MLM Scheme

#1- It’s An Affiliate Program; There Are No Downlines

First of all, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you affiliate and internet marketing.

They show you how to pick the niche you love; how to build and manage an affiliate site; and how to have success with it.

You’re not required to promote WA and at least 98% of folks don’t.

Second, Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate program. And you can join and promote WA. And when someone clicks on your paid link and signs up for premium, you will get a commissions.

And guess what?

That’s where the story ends.

When your referral tomorrow starts raking in commissions for themselves, they get to keep their earnings and you get paid $0 for it.

It’s because they are not your downlines, and you’re not their upline.

Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM.

#2- WA Members Are Not Required To Promote The Platform

This is a link to their affiliate program bootcamp training.

There you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate effectively within the crowded MMO (make money online) space.

You can join if you like, but you don’t have to.

Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp training

With MLM programs you have to promote them because that’s all there is, while Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the core skills to promote anything.

#3- There Are No Distributors and Product Reselling

When you promote Wealthy Affiliate, you do it as an affiliate marketer, and not as a distributor.

You can make affiliate commission by recommending the program and when people buy, but you can’t resell their service.

Besides, basic level of WA is free for all, and free tier doesn’t exist in an MLM scheme.

FAQ On Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate

#1- How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Here are 2 ways.

First, take advantage of the Online Certification Course. Go through it, it master it and become an affiliate marketer.

Really, that one course will take your from not knowing what WordPress is to writing and publishing content like it’s second nature to you.

Second, and I don’t recommend this if you’re a newbie… join their affiliate bootcamp and learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate effectively.

Again, this is not for newbies because you’d be walking into a MMO (make money online) niche, one of the hardest niches to crack open the web.

#2- What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to become an affiliate marketer running a successful online business.

They will show you how to pick a niche, how to do keyword research, how to write content for the web, how to promote your content and website…

The whole platform is set up in such a way that you really don’t need to go anywhere else, AND you don’t need to pay for anything else to become successful online.

#3- Do I Have To Promote Wealthy Affiliate When I Join?

No, you don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

You’re free to pick your niche, something you’re passionate about and that can also be monetized.

And in fact, that’s what the training implies and says you should do.

Wealthy Affiliate training

#4- Can I Join as a Starter Member Now, and Then Upgrade Later?

Of course.

In fact that is what I recommend you do. There’s no logic in paying for something you haven’t personally tested out.

Become a free member today, and go premium whenever you want in the future.

Note, just so you know, you cannot downgrade from Premium member to Starter (one of many genuine Wealthy Affiliate complaints).

So, once you upgrade, that’s it and if you ever want to start anew, you’d need to open a new Starter account with a new email address.

#5- Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes and MLM’s are so alike that most people think they’re the same thing. They’re not. Pyramid schemes are illegal while they are some legit MLM programs out there.

Read my article below for the skinny.


Wealthy Affiliate are not an MLM scheme. They’re a legit platform and center that teaches people the basics of internet marketing.

They’ve been around for 15+ years, have more that 1.5 million members and are growing at an unprecedented rate.

The time to join them is now as exiting times are ahead.

Remember, Wealthy Affiliate have a free tier (Starter membership) that unlocks about 80% of the platform.

It’s totally worth trying out, especially since you don’t even need a credit card to join.

Start a free account today!

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