Is Wealthy Affiliate Free? A Simple Guide To WA’s Membership Tiers

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Wealthy Affiliate. Is it free or what?

Can I join without paying?

These are valid questions and I have the answers for you.

They’re right below…

Note: read my Wealthy Affiliate review for the full skinny on the platform, pros, cons, everything.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free or Not?
Wealthy Affiliate- Is it free or do you have to pay to join?

Wealthy Affiliate Is Both Free And Not Free. Let Me Explain…

Wealthy Affiliate has 3 membership tiers.

  • Starter;
  • Premium;
  • Premium Plus

Starter membership is free. And with it you get around 85% of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Premium is a paid tier and with it you get around 98% of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

Note: Premium is what I recommend for nearly everyone. Because it  has everything you need to start building and managing an online business.

Premium Plus is for advanced users who want access to top-notch knowledge and skills.

Premium Plus gives you 100% of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, but in most cases you won’t need it.

Read below to learn exactly why…

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Tiers- A Quick Breakdown

Wealthy Affiliate pricing tiers

#1- Starter Membership (Free)

  • 1 SiteRubix website;
  • Premium level hosting for your free site;
  • 30 free searches with Jaaxy keyword tool;
  • Access to community (7 days only);
  • 1on1 help and private messaging (7 days only);
  • Live chat (7 days only);
  • Online Certification Course (stage 1);
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course (stage 1);
  • Unlimited access to member-created training).

Starter membership is free. With it you get limited access to the tools and official training of WA+ unlimited access to user generated content. We’re talking about tens of thousands of lessons on everything internet marketing.

You also get free hosting and one free website built with SiteRubix website builder.

As such Starter membership is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing; and also for people who maybe have the knowledge, but don’t have have the money to go Premium. Then they can still join and start building out their business on a SiteRubix site.

And later it’ll be so easy to upgrade.

Open a Starter account today!

It’s free!

#2- Premium Membership ($49/mo; $495 yearly; First month=$19)

  • 20 SiteRubix websites;
  • Free domain name;
  • Upgraded hosting for your websites;
  • Unlimited searches with Jaaxy keyword tool;
  • Access to all other Jaaxy features (read my Jaaxy review to learn more about them);
  • Full access to community;
  • 1on1 help and private messaging;
  • Live chat;
  • Online Certification Course (stages 1-5);
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course (stage 1-7);
  • Premium video course (Jay Neil’s webinars);
  • Unlimited access to member-created training).

Premium membership is for people serious about building their online business.

They have the basics of IM down. They want to learn more.

They have the money to invest into premium and they need a community behind them so they can collaborate and build business connections with other entrepreneurs on the same path.

Wealthy Affiliate Platform is an excellent starting point for them because with it they get access to all the knowledge WA has to offer (official training, hundreds of webinars…) and all the tools they’ll need to succeed online (premium hosting, WordPress sites, Jaaxy keyword tool…)

They also get access to unlimited help inside WA.

Help can come in three ways

First, you can join live chat and ask your questions there and have them answered in minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate live chat

Second, beneath every lesson at WA there’s a thriving comment section where you can ask questions and get answers.

Ask questions in the comment section

Finally, you get an unlimited access to all members via private messaging.

You can private message anyone on the platform, including Kyle and Carson, the owners.

Try out Premium today!

#3- Premium Plus ($99/mo; $995 yearly; First month=$49)

  • 50 SiteRubix websites;
  • 2 free domain names;
  • Best hosting for your websites;
  • Unlimited searches with Jaaxy keyword tool;
  • Access to all other Jaaxy features (Jaaxy Enterprise);
  • Direct access to merchants where you can arrange higher commissions;
  • Full access to community;
  • 1on1 help and private messaging;
  • Priority support and private mentorship;
  • Live chat;
  • Online Certification Course (stages 1-5);
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Course (stage 1-7);
  • Premium video course (Jay Neil’s webinars);
  • Premium video classes (each week WA bring in a new internet marketing expert);
  • Unlimited access to member-generated training).

Premium Plus is the newly introduced paid tier inside Wealthy Affiliate.

This tier gives you everything you get with Premium, but taken up a notch,

With Premium you get super fast hosting; with Premium plus it’s ultra fast hosting that leaves nearly all other hosting provider in the durst.

With Premium you get 20 website on domains you own; with Premium Plus you get 50 sites to keep in your portfolio (perfect if you’re doing large scale local SEO).

With Premium you get Jaaxy Pro (official keyword tool of WA) With Premium Plus you get Jaaxy Enterprise which is  a much faster and more robust tool.

Finally, Premium Plus gives you access to the classes platform. A newly introduced feature available only to this tier. These classes will be 200+ live lesson per year on all thig internet marketing. Similar to the webinars run by Jay Neil.

The difference is that WA will bring in different experts from various fields of internet marketing to share their insider knowledge with you.

Try out Premium Plus today!

Here’s the pricing again:

Premium Plus$99$995

FAQ on Wealthy Affiliate Pricing and Membership Tiers

#1- Can I Join Wealthy Affiliate From Anywhere in The World?

You can access WA community from almost anywhere in the world.

The exceptions are the following countries (because of widespread fraud+ spam):

People from these countries cannot join WA. Except that they CAN.

Read my article to learn how.

#2- Is Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership Time Limited? Will I HAVE To Join At Some Point?

No, it’s not limited in how long you can be a Starter member. And you will never be forced to go Premium.

Also, you have access to one free website with hosting, and you can use that website for as long as you want it.

Again, no one will take it from you.

Note: if you upgrade at one point, do know that you cannot downgrade from Premium to Starter. That is one of many Wealthy Affiliate complaints that drive people crazy.

#3- Does Wealthy Affiliate Have An Affiliate Program? And Can I Join It as a Starter Member?

Wealthy Affiliate do have an affiliate program and you can join them as a Starter member.

Read my WA affiliate program review to learn more about it.


You came here wondering whether Wealthy Affiliate is free or not.

Now you know that basic membership is free and that there are 2 more paid tier for those who’re serous about stating an online business and who have the money to invest in Premium tiers.

So, what are you going to do about it?

If you’re on the fence about Wealthy Affiliate, I suggest you at least try them out.

You have nothing to lose because Starter membership is completely free and it gives you a taste of what Wealthy Affiliate is like on the inside.

After just one week you will know for sure whether Wealthy Affiliate is your cup of tea or not.

You owe it to yourself to try them out, so go for it.

And I’ll meat you on the other side.

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