Jaaxy Affiliate Program Review- Is it Worth It Your Time To Promote Jaaxy?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

Jaaxy is a keyword tool just made for niches site builders. It can help you unearth keywords no other tool can sniff out.

And without competition you’re guaranteed to rank.

Jaaxy also has a budding affiliate program and in my review I break it down so you know whether to join or pass.

Let’s get started!

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Features- A Quick Breakdown

#1- Helpful and Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Here’s what it look like:

Jaaxy partner program dashboard

Here you can see the program details and grab your affiliate links.

You can also arrange payment methods and track how your campaigns are doing.

The dashboard is uncluttered and modern looking.

#2- Great Commission Rates

Besides a free version of Jaaxy, they also have two premium plans.

They are:

  • Pro- $49/mo
  • Enterprise $99/mo

With Pro plan you earn $20 per sale per month recurring revenue, or $200 if your referral buys a yearly plan.

With Enterprise plan you earn $40 per sale per month recurring revenue, or $400 if the person you referred purchases a yearly plan.

And of course, the more people you refer, the more you earn.

Join Jaaxy affiliate program today!

Read below on ways to promote Jaaxy to ramp up your commissions fast.

#3- Reliable Program and Timely Payments to Affiliates

Jaaxy’s affiliate program has never missed a payment to their affiliates. They’ve also never been late. So as a Jaaxy affiliate you know you’re going to get payed in the first 1-3 days of any given month.

Note: PayPal is currently the only payment option available.


Jaaxy payment method

#4- Generous Cookie Duration

Just like with Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program you get “forever” cookie duration. This means someone can click your link today, but sign up in a year.

And as long as they haven’t cleared their cache that sale will be attributed to you, even if they later clicked on someone else’s affiliate link.

#5- Promotional Bundle- Jaaxy+ Wealthy Affiliate

It’s so easy to promote Wealthy Affiliate together with Jaaxy. They’re sister brands, Wealthy Affiliate helps newbies start their first successful niche website.

And Jaaxy is a perfect keyword tool for finding untapped niches.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about them, or read about WA’ affiliate program (hint: it’s way more lucrative than Jaaxy)

3 Effective Ways To Promote Jaaxy and Earn More Money

#1- Promote Jaaxy in Your Blog Posts

Keywords research is a perennial topic and newbies are attracted to it like moths to a flame.

So write up a bunch of tutorials and show people how you use Jaaxy to unearth awesome keywords that have zero competition.

#2- Write a Jaaxy Review

“Review” type keywords are little gold mines just waiting to be discovered and utilized.

Try it out with Jaaxy and see for yourself. I guarantee that, if your review is not half bad, you’ll generate some sales from it.

Read my Jaaxy review for inspiration.

#3- Let People Try Put Jaaxy for Free

Besides talking about Jaaxy and showing them how it works, you can also give them a taste of the goodness.

I’m talking about using a Jaaxy Search Plugin to let people search for keywords directly on your site.

Here’s what it looks like:


Jaxxy is a long-stay in the keyword research industry. Their affiliate program is lucrative, relievable and profitable as Jaaxy is a an excellent keyword tool and it’s so easy to genuinely promote it.

So I ask you, will you give it a whirl?

You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot (of money) to gain.

Let me know in the comment section below.

And join Jaaxy affiliate program HERE!

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