Jaaxy keyword tool review 2020- is Jaaxy a scam or worth it?

Keywords are the basis of search engines. Without them, they’re dead.

But that should not concern you one bit.

What’s crucial to you is that choosing the right keywords, and knowing how to find them, can transform your business and turn your small blog into a money making machine- a system.

Now, you’re probably wondering “how can I find these awesome keywords”?

I think you know the answer to that ๐Ÿ˜€

Welcome to my Jaaxy keyword tool review for 2020!

Here you will learn:

  • What Jaaxy is and how it works
  • How to use Jaaxy
  • Jaaxy pros and cons
  • Jaaxy paid plans and free tiers
  • And much, much more

I want to give you a promise:

By the end of this review you will know everything you need to know,ย so that you can be proactive and make an informed decision, one that’s good for you and your affiliate website,

Sounds exciting?

Let’s go!

What is Jaaxy Exactly? Who Owns it? And Who Created it?

Jaaxy is a premium keyword tool (with a free tier), built with the newbies and affiliate marketers in mind.

It’s great for newbies because it removes the fluff other keyword tools shower them with, and delivers only the useful and actionable data.

With Jaaxy, you know right from the start exactly which keyword to target, and whether you can or can’t rank.

It’s also built for affiliate marketers, because Jaaxy’s specialty is finding great, untapped niches where you can quickly set up shop and start making money.

That’s Jaaxy’s trademark ability, but I’ll talk more about it below .

Who Created Jaaxy?

Kyle and Carson- co-owners and creators of Jaaxy keyword toolKyle and Carson, the co-owners of SiteRubix and Wealthy Affiliate built Jaaxy as a keyword tool for WA members and any other affiliate marketers trying to rank their sites in Google.

Suggested reading:

However, Jaaxy is not just a keyword tool, but a whole suite of tools needed for successful online marketing.

And if you join Wealthy Affiliate, it comes bundled with your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Try Jaaxy now- it’s FREE!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review and Breakdown- Here’s Every Bit of Value You Can Extract From Jaaxy!

I divided everything Jaaxy offers in 9 sections/features.That way it’s easy for you to read and understand (hint: follow the trail of helpful images and you won’t get lost).

Jaaxy is a tool-set with a lot of features

#1- Keyword Research- the Crux of Jaaxy

Though a true tool-set of goodies for online marketing, Jaaxy, at its core, is a keyword tool.

And the data it mines for you is priceless.

How about an example (we’ll use “green tea”)?

Researching keywords with Jaaxy

These are the results and here’s what they mean.

a) Average

This number shows you the average number of people that search in Google,Bing and Yahoo for that exact phrase.

b) Traffic

This number is the estimate of how much traffic you’ll get when you reach the first page of Google. But remember, not all spots on the first page are equal.

The lions share of clicks is divided among the first three positions, so ideally, that’s where you want to be.

c) QSR- Quoted Search Results

This metric tells you the exact number of sites that are targeting the exact phrase you’re going after. This is crucial info for you because, out of millions of sites about green tea, only those that aim for the exact phrase are your competition.

Jaaxy QSR shows you your TRUE competition.

And no, don’t tell me about Google Hummingbird and how that update made it so that sites can rank for topics in general, and not just for specific keywords.

That’s true and happens all the time, but only when Google can’t find a decent relevant result to show to the user. And since Google is a machine, the most relevant result is the one that targets the EXACT keyword.

This is what separates Jaaxy from other keyword tools- no fluff, just the meat of usefulness and the true competition you can then proceed to beat to a pulp.

Jaaxy is Free! Wanna try it?

d) KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator)

This is a cheat.

A huge time saver. An easy way to tell whether the keyword is worth going after.

Because, for any keyword you feed into it, Jaaxy uses its native algorithm to determine whether the keyword is rankable for an average affiliate site.

And they tell you in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Green– great! New and weak sites can rank.
  • Orange– good! Aged sites with not a lot of authority can still rank
  • Red– bad! Only huge authority beasts can rank (avoid these time wasters)

Going after unattainable keywords is a common affiliate marketing mistake.

Don’t make it!

e) SEO

This number tells you how good the keyword is.

And that “good” is based on:

  1. the traffic the keyphrase gets
  2. the quality of sites that already rank for it

So if you see a higher number (80+) that means that you found a gem, a phrase that gets a ton of targeted traffic, yet the SERP’s are weak and ripe for the taking.

f) Domains

I already mentioned Jaaxy is built for online marketers, right?

And tell me:

what does every marketer worth his salt want? An untapped niche.

And this is where Jaaxy shines.- Its domain feature is perfect for finding untapped niches.

They find them by discovering perfect exact-match domain names. These still rank extremely well in Google (if the content is up to snuff, of course).

Want proof?

Here’s what I get when I type “most expensive coffee”.

Exact match keyword in domain

So, a website with exact match domain is ruling this mini niche, easily making $3000-$10 000 monthly selling gourmet coffee online.

Want to join them?


Jaaxy shows you it’s not too late- “net” and “org” extensions are still available.

Jaaxy can help you snatch exact match domains

Can you say “jackpot”!

Note: If you’re on a hunt for a new domain, you might want to check out Wealthy Affiliate (review). They, besides being the training academy for newbie affiliate marketers, are also a domain registrar; meaning you can buy your domain names through them.

They’re very affordable and probably the best in the industry. No up-sells and most of the premium stuff you have to pay for elsewhere- you get for free ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take a look:

Wealthy Affiliate Domain

f) Related keywords

On the far right, Jaaxy offers you a list of highly related keyword you can either sprinkle in your main article or use them as topics themselves.

Note: What you’ll do largely depends on the keyword’s SEO score. If it has a large search volume but little competition- go for it, build an article around it

If traffic numbers are low, sprinkle them in your article where it makes sense, so you rank passively in the future.

Jaaxy is FREE! Search for a keyword, see your results!

#2- Jaaxy Alphabet Soup. What it is; and What it Does?

Have you ever noticed how, when you type into Google, it starts completing your sentence almost as if trying to guess what you want to see?

You have!? No wonder, it’s really hard to miss.

Alphabet soup technique


But, did you know that you could use the feature to improve your keyword research big time?

How exactly?

Well, Google gets billions of searches per day, many of them new ones, yet they can only show you a couple of them as suggestions.

And what is the criterion by which they decide?

Keyword popularity.

In other words- these suggestion are little gold mines waiting to be tapped into.

But there is a problem. It’s not new stuff and most marketers know about and use Google Suggest for keyword research.

However, what they don’t use is Jaaxy and it’s awesome alphabet soup feature.

What is it exactly?

Jaaxy scrapes Google search and presents you with a list of hundreds of keywords that are ripe for the taking and that most marketers are clueless about.

But enough talking, let’s take it for a spin with our “green tea” example.

Jaaxy alphabet soup awesome feature

As you can see, there are 30 letters of the alphabet, and hundreds of keyword suggestion, courtesy of the awesome Jaaxy keyword tool.

#3-Saved Lists

Have you noticed from the screenshots above that, once you feed Jaaxy a keyword, it spits out a monstrous amount of keywords to work with? Too many to remember and too tiresome, impossible to jot down by hand. That’s what list saving is for.

Just select all keywords you wish to save; and save them to the list you want, or create a brand new list.

Jaaxy can save keywords for you

Note– you can save them in CSV or TXT format, so that later you can transfer them in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

It’s a matter of convenience ๐Ÿ™‚

#4- Search History

Let’s say you found a truly awesome keyword, one with huge traffic and pitiful competitors, and a buyer keyword no less. No tire kickers this time. Oh no. These are the folks that’re eager to buy; these are the people racing to buy… from you.

Oh man, if only you could find that keyword again and write an SEO-ed article around it!

Because, what happened, just as you were about to save it with Jaaxy’s save feature, there was an electricity problem and out of the blue the whole building experienced lights off. Including your computer ๐Ÿ™

Jaaxy to the rescue!


Search history lets you to see all the keywords you’ve searched for before, so you can’t miss any of them.

  • Through wind, rain, hail and storm, you’ll get them all!
  • Or I’m no poet at all ๐Ÿ˜›

Search History Jaaxy

#5- Search Analysis

Before doing anything, before writing a single word, you need to look at the SERP’s and see just who it is you’re competing agains.

They’re going to be an obstacle to overcome and no tool on earth can replace visiting the SERP’s and seeing for yourself.

Except that Jaaxy (for the most part) can.

By going to the “search analysis” tab, you’ll be able to see not only who exactly ranks on the first page, but also their:

  • Word count– crucial as content comprehensiveness is one of the largest ranking factors
  • Links on the page– number of internal and external links
  • Number of backlinkstoo many and you know it’s going to be an uphill battle
  • Alexa rank– a good gauge of site strength
  • Adsense– Are they paying for ads. If yes, it’s a good sign- the keyword is lucrative.

Let me say it again- you need to be looking at the SERPs if you’re serious about doing SEO. However, it is very time consuming and most of the time- you don’t need it.

I only do it for my most valuable keywords.

And for long tail keyphrases- I use Jaaxy and get good results with it.

Jaaxy search analysis

Try Jaaxy and it’s Search Analysis; it’s Free!

#6- Affiliate Programs

Honestly, you don’t need this.

What is it?

It’s a feature that finds affiliate programs for you, based on the niche you’re in. They pull their results from:

  • Click Bank
  • Link Share
  • Commission Junction
  • Digital River

You don’t need too use this feature because I found it to be a little buggy in Jaaxy, but also because it’s insanely easy to find affiliate programs through Google.

Just go and search:

“your niche + affiliate program”

#7- Site Rank

Now, this is awesome.

You probably heard that you need to be tracking your rankings non-stop?

To see whether your SEO is working and whether you should stop what you’re doing… or ramp it up to extremes.

And I bet you know there are special programs, tools and software’s that do that for you; but for a fee, for a mighty fee.

I mean it’s not much… if you’re a successful businessman. But if you’re just starting out, paying for what you don’t need is the last thing you should be doing.

Luckyily for you, Jaaxy has an in-built rank tracking feature. It’ll scan the first 20 pages of Google and tell you where you stand.

Note: It doesn’t have to be your site. You can track your competitors to see if they’re moving up in the rankings. If they are, check what they’re doing- then steal their tactic!

It works!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

Jaaxy site rank features


#8- Jaaxy’s Affiliate Program

Jaaxy has a thriving affiliate program with thousands of affiliates.

These are all small business owners who use it to get real results, believe in it as a product, and promote is wholeheartedly.

If you get yourself a subscription you’ll be supplied with your own affiliate code.

Jaaxy has an affiliate program

#9- Jaaxy Help

Jaaxy is very intuitive and you don’t a need 200- page manual to be able to use it.

However, to be on the safe side, Kyle and Carson have furnished you will several tutorials you can use if you ever get stuck.

(You won’t- Jaxxy is simple to use)

Jaaxy Pros and Cons- What I Like, and What I Wish it Was Better

What’s so great about Jaaxy?

  • Very easy to use- no learning curve whatsoever
  • Intuitive interface
  • Extremely fast and accurate
  • Gives you only the data you really need- no fluff
  • It’s a cloud-based software. Meaning no installation and upgrades are done on the backend
  • Itโ€™s mobile friendly, and looks great on any device
  • Great for finding untapped niches and low-competition keywords
  • Pulls data directly from Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Support is reliable and fast
  • You get it for free (called Jaaxy Lite) if you join Wealthy Affiliate, even as a starter (free) member

Try Jaaxy NOW! It’s free and easy to start!

What are Jaaxy Cons?

Like everything else in this world, Jaaxy is not perfect and has ample room for improvement in some areas.


you can’t really see the SERPS. Yes, you get the data about who’s ranking in real time but you don’t get data about SERP features.

  • Ads
  • Video carousels
  • image packs
  • featured snippets

These all steal clicks from organic listings, and in extreme cases- make the keyword you want to rank for worthless to you.


It is impossible to see keyword data for specify area and country. The data is always on a global scale. So Jaaxy is not good for local SEO.

Thirdlymurky backlink data

I noticed that, when doing website analysis, often the number of backlinks the site supposedly gets is really inflated. And I have no idea where they get their data from.

  • Ahrefs?
  • Majestic?
  • SEMrush?
  • Moz?
  • All of them?

It’s also unclear whether they count the number links to the page you’re analyzing, or the entire site. Because there’s a big difference. You always want to know the strength of a page you’ll be competing against, and domain strength is secondary to that.

Jaaxy Plans and Pricing- How Much Does Jaaxy Cost?

Jaaxy cost and pricing plans

Jaaxy has four tiers:

Here are the differences:

Free Plan

You get 30 searches, to test the waters and see how Jaaxy works, and whether it’s a good fit for you.

You also get aces to all of Jaaxy’s features, not just keyword research (Alphabet Soup, Keyword Research, Affiliate Programs, Search Analysis…)

Pro Plan ($19/month)

Pro plan has everything you need to run your online business. It is perfect for beginners, those just starting out, and for those who run just one website and don’t need loads of fancy data.

Enterprise Plan (Price: $49/month)

Enterprise is for power users. Successful marketers who need speed, efficiency and who want to automate and scale keyword research as much as possible.

It has everything Pro offers but pushed to extremes.

You get:

  • more data
  • Faster
  • Automatic loading (so you don’t have to waste time clicking around)

My honest recommendation– You don’t need Jaaxy Enterprise. It’s just a bit faster than Pro and doesn’t’ bring anything radically new to the table.

You’ll be well off with Jaaxy Pro…

However, I recommend you sign up for Jaaxy Starter membership first. It’s free (no credit card needed, just name and password) and gives you 30 searches to play around with.

You have nothing to lose and you might just find the keyword tool you’ve been looking for.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Frequently Asked Questions

#1- Is Jaaxy Legit/Good?

Yes, and Yes!

Jaaxy is a legit keyword tool that’s been around for more than a decade. They’re a trusted company and thousands of marketers use Jaaxy on a daily bases.

And is Jaaxy good!

First of all- it’s not perfect. And it has its share of flaws (all covered in my Jaaxy review, hopefully ๐Ÿ˜ ).

However, if you wish to research a new niche’s potential; or to uncover a new one wholly untapped; or simply to brainstorm low competition keywords- Jaaxy is your best bet.

It’s unmatched in the whole keyword-research industry and you’d have great difficultly to find a more robust/useful tool.

Plus it’s cheap!

#2- Is Jaaxy Free?

Yes, and no.

Jaaxy has four tiers

Starter account is just for testing the waters and seeing what Jaaxy is all about.

Note- you get 30 free searches per month.

Pro and Enterprise are the real deal.

With them you get unlimited use of:

  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Alphabet soup research
  • Affiliate program research
  • SERP analysis
  • And a bullion of other features Jaaxy offers

My advice– start with a Starter account. It’s free for you and a great introduction to Jaaxy keyword tool. Because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on something you haven’t tested first.

Click Here to get a free Jaaxy account!

#3- Does Jaaxy Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, they do.

When you open an account with them, even a free one, you get your own affiliate code, which you can then use to promote it to others.

And since Jaaxy is genuine stuff, it’s not that hard to make a sale.

#4- How Does Jaaxy Work?

Jaaxy scrapes Google, Bing and Yahoo search to mine all keywords THEY know about.ย  Then they take the data, run it through Jaaxy’s native algorithm and present you with a slew of a slew of usefulness.

Things like:

  • Keyword’s TRUE competition
  • Why other sites rank and how to replicate their success
  • Google suggest pushed to extremes
  • And much more

Basically, using Jaaxy is like asking Google to hand you their best and most lucrative keywords, the ones you really want and to rank for.

#5-How to use Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that excels at finding no competition keywords (low hanging fruit).

What are low hanging fruits keywords exactly?

Picture this:

You see an apple tree and it’s chock-full with delicious fruit. And the higher the tree goes the apples get bigger, juicier and more colorful. But it’s also very hard to reach them.

Not only because the tree is really tall, but more so because everyone else is trying really hard. So everyone is pushing everybody else down, while hanging from the ladder.

And that’s the place you don’t want to be!

Tell me:

Isn’t it better to forget about the top and aim lower? Branches you can reach give the sweetest apples, because they’re real and tangible.

In other words- they’re really juicy:)

How about an example (keyword: “green tea health benefits”)?

Look- a single search gave me 8 great keywords worth targeting.

How to use Jaaxy for keyword research

Now you have two choices and both make sense, depending on your content strategy.

First, 8 keywords=8 articles.

Ranking for these is a cinch, even with a new website and no backlinks, because Jaaxy shows you they’re in the green and the competition is non-existent.

And they pile up really quick because each article can rank for dozens more lateral keywords.

It’s a viable strategy for sure…

Or you can create one mega-article that treats these keyword as subtopics

Here’s the proposed article’s outline:

  • Title– green tea health benefits- the ultimate guide
  • Heading #1– green tea health benefits for men
  • Heading #2– green tea benefits for women
  • Heading #3– -matcha tea benefits and differences from regular
  • Heading #4– Jasmine tea health benefits
  • Heading #5– Jasmine vs Matcha- what tea is healthier?
  • Heading #6– How to prepare green tea?
  • Heading #7– Green tee benefits for heart
  • Heading #8– Green tea against diabetes
  • Heading #9- Green tea and heart disease
  • Conclusion– Drink green tea, it’s good for you


That one article would easily pick up tonnes of targeted traffic from Google and Bing. And you could easily promote some green tea product.

And that is how you make your money online; and that’s how you use Jaaxy.

Try it for FREE!

Now, to conclude the article…

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review 2020-is Jaaxy right for you?

That’s for you to tell me. Are you a marketer struggling to get meaningful traffic to your site?

Then Jaaxy is for you.

Do you already own a niche website, but now you realize it’s too competitive and you can’t compete?

So you want a way out and for you- that’s an untapped niche.

Then Jaaxy is for you.

Are you someone looking for a keyword tool with accurate metrics, but you also don’t want to get a headache every time you see the report. Are you tired of the fluffy reports built to confuse you?

Then Jaaxy is for you.

I know, I make it seem like Jaaxy is for everyone… but that isn’t true.

If you’re an already an ultra-successful online marketer; someone with dozens of successful niche websites, or perhaps just one, mega authority site in your vertical…

Then Jaaxy is not for you.

That is because, while an excellent keyword tool, it can’t compete with the likes of Ahrefs Moz or SEMRush.

Those are also keyword tools, but also entire suite of tools Jaaxy simply doesn’t have. So if you’re already ultra successful- skip Jaaxy!

Hey, I’m being honest here!

In any case, Jaaxy is free to take for a spin;

do it below

Jaaxy Starter Account- Yours to Try it Out!

Note: Some of the links to products on this blog are affiliate links. It simply means, at no additional cost to you, Iโ€™ll earn a commission if you click through and buy any product.

Thank you for your support ๐Ÿ˜‰