How to Get Free Credits For Jasper AI in 2023? (A Quick Tutorial)

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Looking for ways to get Jasper AI free credits?

You’re in luck because my guide shows you 6 ways to get more Jasper AI credits free of charge and with minimal effort.

Let’s get started!

Jasper AI Free Credits Guide
Jasper AI Free Credits Guide- What You Need to Know!

What are Jasper AI Credits (+ Bonus Credits Explained)?

Jasper AI Credits are the monthly credits that you receive for your chosen Jasper AI account.

1 credit= 1 word generated by Jasper AI.

Here are some rules of the Jasper AI credit system.

Each Jasper AI subscription plan gives you a set amount of credits that automatically reset at the end of the month. This means that whether you used 5% of the credits your plan gave you, or 95%, at the beginning of the next month, you’ll again have a 100% credit allowance, but your leftover credits will be permanently lost.

So, whatever Jasper AI plan you pick, make sure you actually use it.

Jasper AI Bonus Credits

  • Bonus credits can’t be bought and are awarded manually by the Jasper AI team.
  • Jasper AI bonus credits can only be used after your Asper AI trial is over (after the initial 7-days) and after you’ve used up your current plan’s credits. This means you shouldn’t bother chasing bonus credits if you have trouble spending your monthly Jasper AI credit allowance that your plan gives you.
  • Jasper AI credits never expire and are forever yours until you spend them.

Learn below how to get more Jasper AI credits assigned to your account, for free.

3 Ways to Get Jasper AI Credits

Here are 3 ways to get free Jasper AI credits which you can use to save money.

#1- Jasper AI Free Trial

The most obvious way to get more free credits is to use the Jasper AI free trial offer.

Namely, if you my special link you will get access to 7-day free trial.

First, go to  Jasper AI’s official free trial page.

Then click either on the central blue button (Claim Free Trial) or on the blue button in the sidebar (Start Free Trial Now).

Jasper AI free trial

Second, create a Jasper AI account by using either your Google account, Gmail, or any other email address you have.

Create Jasper AI free account

Third, tell the Jasper AI folks more about your business.

You can change this information at any time.

Sign up for Jasper AI free trial by giving more information

Fourth, pick a plan. Jasper Creator is best suited for marketers creating short-form content; while Jasper Teams is best suited for bloggers who want to create long-form content quickly.

After choosing, you’ll need to enter the payment details and then you’re free to enjoy your access to Jasper AI trial for full 7 days.

You won’t be charged until the trial is over, and you will be warned in advance via the email you used to open your account.

Get Jasper AI free trial here!

#2- Leave a Jasper AI Review on Review Aggregator Sites

If you leave your honest review of Jasper AI on review aggregator sites (Trustpilot, G2, Capterra ) you will get 5000 credits per review.

Jasper AI Trustpilot

Jasper AI Capterra reviews

Jasper AI G2 reviews

#3- Jasper AI Referral Link

Once you’ve become a Jasper AI customer you will be granted a custom referral link which you can use to get other people to try Jasper AI.

For every person that starts a free trial using your link, you will get 10 000 free credits to use with your Jasper AI plan.

So theoretically, if you refer just 5 people per month, you will get additional 50 000 credits which you can use at any time since bonus credits never expire.

Jasper AI Free Credits Guide FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

Jasper AI Free Credits FAQ
Jasper AI Free Credits FAQ- all your questions answered!

My Jasper AI free credits guide would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section, agree?

#1- Will My Jasper AI Bonus Credits Ever Expire?

Your Jasper AI bonus credits will never expire for the lifetime of your account and will always roll over month over month until spent.

#2- Who is Responsible for Keeping Track of My Jasper AI Credit Usage?

It is your account, hence it’s your responsibility to keep track of your Jasper AI credit usage.

#3- How are Jasper AI Credits Deducted from My Account?

Jasper AI credits are deducted from your account based on the number of words Jasper AI generated for you.

1 word= 1 Jasper AI credit.

#4- Can I Get Jasper AI Credit Refunds?

You can get Jasper AI credit refunds. If Jasper AI writes something you don’t like you can downvote that output and the credits spent on that downvoted output will be returned to your balance.

However, you can only ever refund 20% of the monthly credit allowance. So if your plan gives you 50 000 credits, you can refund up to 10 000 over a month period.

Note: this credit refund method also applies to content that Jasper AI paraphrases and that you aren’t happy with. But again, there’s a 20% limit to how many credits you can refund.

If you’re interested in AI paraphrasing software, then read my guide next.

#5- Do I Need Jasper AI Credits to Activate the Grammarly Add-on?

You do not need Jasper AI credits to activate the Grammarly add-on. Grammarly comes with your Jasper AI subscription and no need to pay for it either with money or with free credits.

If you need an AI grammar checker like Grammarly, I curated some good ones in my guide on the top AI grammar-checking software.

To learn more about Grammarly you can read my guides to Grammarly discount for students, Grammarly cost and Grammarly Business free trial next.

Jasper AI Free Credits Guide (Conclusion)

Remember, don’t waste your time hunting for Jasper AI free credits if you’re having difficulty spending your monthly credit allowance.

The methods I talked about above are only for Jasper AI power users who also wish to save a little bit of money.

Let me know if you have questions in the comment section below.

And read my Jasper AI pricing, Jasper AI coupon, Jasper AI review guides next.

Alternatively, if you want the control the output Jasper AI gives you then check out my guides to the best AI content detectors and best plagiarism checker tools.

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