KwFinder and Mangools Black Friday Deals and Sale 2020- Get a 25% Lifetime Discount On Cyber Monday Event!

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Quick Summary: I use KWFinder when researching keywords for all my niche sites. And I love the tool as whenever I take it for a spin I’m blown away by the keywords it finds for me. Decent search volume and zero competition, music to my ears 🙂 

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KWFinder Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals and Sale 2020
KWFinder Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals and Sale 2020- Get Mangools Discount Offer While There’s Still Time!

KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale and Deals 2020

  • Offer Validity: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events 2020 (from 26-th of November- 2-nd of December)
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: 25% Lifetime Discount
  • Coupon Code: Not Required

Description: Mangools and KWFinder 2020 Black Friday deals are LIVE today! Be fast and seize this exclusive opportunity to get KWFinder extra affordable. The sale goes null on Cyber Monday so you need to think on your feet and act quickly.

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What is KWFinder?


KWFinder is one of the best keyword research tools in the market right now. The tool specializes in finding long tail keywords with high purchase intent. As such it’s a perfect keyword research tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

KWFinder is a tool on its own, but it’s also part of Mangools SEO tool-set.

Besides KWFinder other tools Mangools offer are:

  • SEO Profiler (site auditing);
  • Link Miner (backlink analysis);
  • SERP Watcher (rank tracker);
  • SERP Checker (SERP overview and analysis).

What are Mangools and KWFinder Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals in 2020?

Note: Be fast and get yourself a superb SEO tool-set. Mangools discounts are great, but they’re only live during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 sale. I promise you won’t regret your decision.

During the 2020 Black Friday, Mangools are offering 25% LIFETIME discount on all of their products for yearly plans. This mean that as long as you renew your subscription every year, you’ll get it a quarter of the price discounted.

Here’s how much $$$ you can save.

Mangools Basic$358.80$269.1025% lifetime discount
Mangools Premium$478.80$359.1025% lifetime discount
Mangools Agency$958.80$719.1025% lifetime discount

Get Mangools deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday only!

How to Get KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals in 2020?

Note: I’ll show you how to score a deal for KWFinder. However, the process is nearly identical for other 3 products too. And you always get a 10-day free trial to test it out.

First, go to KWFinder homepage scroll down a bit and pick the Mangools plan that best suits your needs. If you go for the yearly plan, you can get 40% discount right then and there.

KWFinder homepage

Second, create your new account with Mangools.

Create account Mangools

Third, enter billing info and pay a reduced fee for access to entire Mangools toolset.

Enter billing info Mangools


Mangools 3-Tier Subscription- A Brief Breakdown

Since Mangools is an SEO tool–set, it means you get several tools all at once. So you’ll be able to do much more than just keyword research.

  • Mangools Basic Plan- Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 100; Keyword Suggestions/Search: 200; Competitors Keywords/Search: 25; SERP Lookups/24 hours: 100; Tracked Keywords daily: 200; Backlink Row/24 hours: 2000; Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 20; Simultaneous login: NA

If you are newbie blogger then Mangools Basic plan is made for you.

Get this salel before Black Friday week is over!

  • Mangools Premium Plan- Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 500; Keyword Suggestions/Search: 700; Competitors Keywords/Search: Unlimited; SERP Lookups/24 hours: 500; Tracked Keywords daily: 700; Backlink Row/24 hours: 7000; Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 70; Simultaneous login: 3

Mangools Premium plan is perfect for those who do daily competitors analysis and keyword research.

The plan is great value for more advanced users.

Seize this plan today!

  • Mangools Agency Plan- Keywords Lookups/24 hours: 1200; Keyword Suggestions/Search: 700; Competitors Keywords/Search: Unlimited; SERP Lookups/24 hours: 1200; Tracked Keywords daily: 1500; Backlink Row/24 hours: 15000; Site Lookups/ 24 hours: 150; Simultaneous login: 10

This plan is perfect for those who ran agencies with multiple clients. Agency plan comes with some amazing features that the two other plans don’t have.

Agency is perfect for agency owners with a lot of clients.

Get the deal before Black Friday event passes!

Mangools Tools- A Brief Overview

Let’s quickly recap what Mangools as a whole has to offer to bloggers who wish to improve their SEO.

#1- KWFinder

KWFinder Hostgator example
Example keyword is “HostGator Black Friday Deal

KWFinder is Mangools flagship tool and one of the best keyword research tool on the planet.

With it you can filter keywords based on:

  • Keyword difficulty (KD);
  • Volume;
  • And CPC competition.

Especially impressive is their keyword difficulty score (KD) which I find to be the best among all other SEO tools.

And I’ve tried nearly all of them.

Buy KWFinder with a discount this Black Friday!

#2- SERPChecker

SERPChecker WPX Black Friday example
SERPChecker in action. Example keyword is “WPX hosting Black Friday deal

Nothing beats the power of manual SERP research. The insights you can gain are invaluable.

The problem?

It’s tedious and slow.

However, Mangools SERPChecker shows you everything you need to know right from within the dashboard.

And it’s all automated so you don’t have to lose precious time.

You get to see the first page of Google alongside important metrics like:

  • DA (Domain Authority);
  • PA (Page Authority):
  • CF (Citation Flow);
  • TF (Trust Flow);
  • Alexa Rank;
  • Referring Domains,
  • Referring ip’s
  • etc.

It’s invaluable data.

Buy SERPChecker discounted this Black Friday!

#3- SERPWatcher


With SERPWatcher you can easily track how your keywords are doing in the SERPS.

Very valuable when you wish to see whether your SEO campaign you recently launched is working its magic or what.

Get SERPWatcher today!

#4- LinkMiner


Use LinkMiner to track the links your won and lost over any period of time. Better yet, track the links your competitors are getting so you know what they’re up to.

Don’t let yourself be caught off guard by their clever and secretive link building.

Be prepared and get LinkMiner this Black Friday!

#5- SiteProfiler


Use SiteProfiler to do an effective SEO audit of your site. Why should you bother with SEO audits?

Because they’re the fastest way to get a significant boost in the SERPS for your target keywords.

And because you’ll be fixing things in your control and on your site.

KWFinder Black Friday Sale 2020 FAQ

The whole of Mangools tool-set is a must have for any bloggers serious about growing their traffic numbers. And people have a ton of questions about it. After all Black Friday and Cyber Monday come only once a year, and they want to know how much they can save+ more.

The answers to your questions are below!

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is one of the best, if not THE BEST keyword research tools on the market today. The tool excels at finding long tail keywords with high buyer intent, and if you want to make a full time income doing affiliate marketing, the first step is to get KWFineder. Do it now on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Is KWFinder Offering Discounts these Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Yes. They are offering a 30% discount on the monthly plan, and 40% discount on the yearly plan. You can also avail an additional 10% discount if you purchase Mangools subscription within 1 hour of opening your account.

Is KWFinder an Accurate Tool?

Yes they are. I'm constantly impressed by their search volume and especially their keyword difficulty accuracy. In my opinion they're much more accurate than even Ahrefs and SEMrush.

What is Mangools?

Mangools is an all-in-one SEO tool-set that helps you with most aspects of running an online business (keyword research, SERP analysis, link research, rank tracker, site auditing...).

Do You Recommend Me to Use KWFinder?

I do. The tool is relatively cheap (especially if you take advantage of the Black Friday special promo offer); and you get a galore of keywords you can build a whole online empire with. KWFinder is my personal favorite among all keyword tool and I use it for all my niche sites as well.

Does KWfinder provide API Access?

Yes, they do, but only on their higher API subscription plans. So API access is not available in ordinary subscription plans.

Do KWFinder offer a money-back guarantee?

No they don't. That's why it's important to use the maximal discount this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you also won't need to return the tool as I've never met anyone who doesn't like it, and online review on aggregator sites are all super positive and enthusiastic.

To Conclude My KWFinder Black Friday Sale 2020 Guide…

Getting KWFinder (and whole Mangools tool-set) any time of the year is a deal. Yes, you need to pay a bit for it, but in return you get everything you’d ever need as a marketer and an online business owner.

You get superb keyword research focused on mining low competition keywords (KWFinder). You get backlink analysis (Link Miner). You get easy SERP control and overview (SERP Checker). You get easy in-depth site audits (Site Profiler) and you get to track your keyword rankings across different SERPS (SERP Watcher)

You get an entire bonanza of superb SEO tools and you just need to pay once.

An not only that, since it’s Black Friday time of the year, you get to have it extra cheap.

Hurry up as the offer expires on Cyber Monday!

Get KWFinder with a huge discount today!

Mangools KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Sale 2020
  • Name: KWFinder
  • Description: KWFinder Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deals are your best chance to get KWFinder with an awesome discount. If you want to rule Google with long tail keyword research, then the first step is the get the best tool for the job. Get KWFinder deal today!
  • Black Friday Event Offer- 25% LIFETIME discount on KWFinder and other Mangools tools

Get Deal!

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