Link Whisper Coupon Code and Promo Price 2020- Get a $10 Discount Today!

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Quick Summary– There is no Link Whisper coupon code. Sites that’re advertising in Google there is just want to get you to click on their affiliate links.

They hope you’ll visit the official Link Whisper page and once there you’ll buy even without the promo code.

However, there is a genuine way to get $10 discount of any Link Whisper license you pick.

Read below to see what it is.

Link Whisper coupon code and discount
Link Whisper coupon code and discount- get $10 off now!

Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I get compensated when you click on my link and buy a product.

Thank you for your support, you’re awesome! 🙂 

What is Link Whisper+ Short Recap of Main Features

Link Whisper is a revolutionary internal link building plugin. It promises (and delivers) to make internal linking in WordPress sites a breeze.

Because, before Link Whisper, when using “dumb” internal linking plugins and when adding internal links manually, it was a hellish experience and I’ll leave it with that.

Link Whisper uses smart A.I. algorithm to scan your posts and suggest relevant internal link placements.

That what it’s know for, but Link Whisper can also:

  • Show you orphaned pages;
  • Show you strongest and weakest pages on site in regards to link equity;
  • Show you broken links;
  • Give you an overview of sites you link to;
  • Give you an overview of internal vs external link pattern balance;
  • Bulk internally link with the anchor you choose;

And much more (plugin gets updated often and new and exciting features are added all the time).

How to Get Link Whisper Discount (Tutorial)

It’e easy to get Link Whisper with a discounted price, and here are the steps:

Go to Link Whisper’s official website, scroll to the bottom, and pick one of the three plans you want.

Click the “Get Started” button

Link Whisper different plans

Now spend 2-3m on the page.

Don’t click on anything. Just spend 3m there. Next move your mouse cursor to the top right of the page as if you’re going to leave the page.

This is going to trigger a popup to appear offering you a $10 discount via coupon code sent to your email address.

Link Whisper Promo code
Link Whisper discount code- delivered in your inbox!

Add your address and confirm you want to subscribe.

Then go and fetch your coupon, because it’ll probably have already arrived in your inbox.

Here’s what the email looks like:

Coupon code arrived in email

Now go back to the check out page and apply your coupon

Apply coupon code

That’s it.

Alternative way of Obtaining a Link Whisper Coupon

Go to this blog post on Link Whisper’s website and sign up to their email list. Everything after that stays the same

Official Link Whisper promo code and discount

Link Whisper Coupon and Discount Mini FAQ- The Answer You Need to Read

#1- What Does Link Whisper Cost?

Link Whisper is sold by number of licences you want, and there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Single Site License- $77
  • Three Site License- $117
  • Ten Site License- $177

Note: if you’re going to buy any of these, make sure you get it a discounted price.

Use one of the methods I described above.

#2- Can I get a Link Whisper Discount? I’m From Country “Name Your Country”

Yes, of course you can. It doesn’t matter where you live this link works anywhere.

#3- Where Can I Learn More About Link Whisper?

Check out the official Link Whisper Tutorials for everything you need to know about this WordPress plugin.

Alternatively, visit my comprehensive Link Whisper review.

It’s quite good, even if I, the author, say so myself 😎

Other deals worth checking out:



there isn’t a fabulous 30%, 40% or even 50% Link Whisper coupon code. But there is a realistic and decent $10 discount on an excellent plugin that you really need anyway.

If you’re serious about growing your WordPress blog through SEO, you need to do internal link building at scale.

in other words, you need Link Whisper.

Get it at $10 Off promo price NOW!