Link Whisper Discount- My 2022 Exclusive Coupon Code Gets You a $15 Discount on Link Whisper!

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Quick Summary: Build smart internal links and boost search engine ranking with Link Whisper.

Use my special Link Whisper discount code “nikola” and get $15 OFF PRICE on any and all Link Whisper plans.

Are you looking for the latest Link Whisper discount code? Well, we have an exclusive discount for all NikolaRoza readers.

If you want to directly get Link Whisper you can use the coupon code “nikola” and avail $15 OFF on any plans.

Link Whisper Discount- Save $15 With My Coupon code Today!
  • Name: Link Whisper WordPress Plugin
  • Coupon code- nikola
  • Description: This is the REAL, 2022 Link Whisper discount code. By entering promo code “nikola” at the checkout page you can save $15 on your next order and on any Link Whisper plan.
Link Whisper discount code
This is a VERIFIED Link Whisper discount code- a coupon that really works!

Link Whisper Regular Pricing Vs Coupon Code Discounted Price

You can buy Link Whisper by the number of licenses you need.

My Link Whisper discount code works on all of them.

  • Single Site License- Costs $77 and you can use Link Whisper on 1 WordPress website.
  • 3-Site License- Costs $117 and you can use Link Whisper on 3 WordPress websites.
  • 10-Site License- Costs $167 and you can use Link Whisper on 10 WordPress websites.

My Link Whisper coupon code gives you $15 discount on all plans.

1-site license$77$62
3-site license$117$102
10-site license$167$152

How to Use My Link Whisper Discount Code and Save $$$ (Tutorial)?

It’s very easy to apply my Link Whisper coupon and get it at a promo price, and here are the steps:

Go to Link Whisper’s official website, scroll to the bottom, and pick one of the three plans you want.

Click the “Get Started” button

avoid the regular Link Whisper pricing with my discount code
This is regular pricing. My Link Whisper discount code gives you $15 off any plan. Coupon code = nikola

Next, review your order and apply my Link Whisper discount code (“nikola”).

This coupon code will deduct $15 from your order, and it doesn’t matter if you ordered 1, or many Link Whisper licenses.

Apply my Link Whisper discount code

Confirm your order and buy (all major credit cards accepted+ PayPal).

Note: after you’ve bought you will be logged in to your customer dashboard where you’ll be able to download this WordPress plugin and where you’ll also get your license key.

That’s it. Congratulations on getting Link Whisper.

You’re going to love it 🙂

Use my Link Whisper discount code now!

Coupon code= nikola

What is Link Whisper+ Short Recap of Main Features

Link Whisper is a revolutionary internal link building plugin for WordPress. It promises (and delivers) to make internal linking inside your WordPress site a breeze.

And it’s such a huge relief.

I know, because adding internal links manually or using “dumb” internal linking plugins was a hellish experience I’d rather forget.

Link Whisper uses smart A.I. algorithm to scan your posts and suggest relevant internal link placements.

That what it’s known for, but Link Whisper can also:

  • Show you orphaned pages– orphaned pages are essentially invisible to Google. They can’t rank for anything.
  • Show you the strongest and weakest pages on site in regards to link equity– This is precious so you know which pages can afford to borrow some of that equity to weaker pages you want to rank.
  • Show you broken links;=- you won’t need to install yet another plugin to look for broken links.
  • Give you an overview of sites you link to– if you notice you often link to website X, let them know, and start a mutually beneficial blogging relationship.
  • Give you an overview of internal vs external link pattern balance- learn whether you’re linking out too much and wasting valuable PageRank.
  • Bulk internally link with the anchor you choose– bulk internla linking is the ultimate timesaver. Also very convenient and effective for SEO purposes.
  • Work with Shopify sites (new feature)– if you own a Shopify store and site, you can use Link Whisper now.
  • Works with multiple sites– get Link Whisper cross-site suggestions. Excellent if you have 2 or more sites in the same niche.

And much more ( the plugin gets updated often and new and exciting features are introduced all the time).

Grab my Link Whisper discount here!

My coupon code is verified and it works 100% of the time.

Promo code= “nikola” (without quotes)

Link Whisper Discount and Coupon Mini FAQ- The Answer You Need to Read!

#1- Link Whisper Pricing. What Does it Cost Without a Coupon code?

Link Whisper plugin is sold by the number of licenses you want, and there are 3 options to choose from:

  • Single Site License- $77
  • Three Site License- $117
  • Ten Site License- $177

Note: by using my Link Whisper discount code (coupon=nikola) you shave $15 off any order and any number of Link Whisper licenses.

1-site license$77$62
3-site license$117$102
10-site license$167$152

Save $15 Off Link Whisper!

#2- Can I Get a Link Whisper Discount? I’m From Country “Name Your Country”

Yes, of course, you can use my Link Whisper discount code.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, my Link Whisper coupon code works anywhere.

#3- Where Can I Learn More About Link Whisper?

Check out the official Link Whisper tutorials for everything you need to know about this WordPress plugin.

Alternatively, visit my comprehensive Link Whisper review.

It’s quite good, even if I, the author, say so myself 😎

#4- Is Buying Link Whisper of GPL Originals Worth It?

Not it’s not.


Because they will sell you the current updated version of the premium Link Whisper plugin, but as soon as it’s updated, your version will become obsolete and your site will be exposed to malicious attacks by hackers. Outdated plugins are their favorite back entrance into a site.

It’s best not to risk it if you love your money site at all.

Also, you no longer can buy Link Whisper at GPL.

Take a look, it’s a 404 page.

GPL Original no longer offer Link Whisper

So, my Link Whisper discount is the best way to get this premium plugin and save some money doing it.

Again, the coupon code is “nikola” and it gives you $15 off your next order.

#5- Is There an Appsumo Link Wisper Discount Available at the Moment?

Currently, there is an Appsumo Link Whisper deal going on. Purchase one code and you can get a one-year Link Whisper license for only $49.

After a year, your license will expire, but you get to keep the plugin and all of the internal links you build with it.

You can also renew your license at the price you paid for it ($49).

That is even more than you can save by using my Link Whisper discount code.

AppSumo Link Whisper deal

#6- Who is Link Whisper for?

Link Whisper is a perfect tool for bloggers and webmasters who want to automate internal linking and rank better with better internal PageRank usage.

#7- Does Link Whisper Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, they do.

You can get a refund on your purchase for up to 30 days after buying.

#8- Is There a Link Whisper Lifetime Deal?

There is no Link Whisper lifetime deal.

The unofficial way to get a “lifetime deal” is to use my coupon code and get a permanent discount code which will be valid any time you renew your license.

#9- Is There Some Other SEO Tool I Need That Gives a Discount (SEMrush)?

You need SEMrush and SEMrush coupon code is a thing for new users!

SEMRush is the best all-in-one SEO platform on the market and though SEMRush is pricey, they offer a coupon code and a free SEMrush trial exists for all new customers.

With SEMrush you can analyze your website architecture and see which pages are orphaned, which pages get too much PageRank, and which pages are underlinked and underperforming in regard to link equity.

This is similar to what you can do with Link Whisper, but the presentation with the SEMrush dashboard is prettier and possible more usable.

Take a look below.

SEMrush internal linking report
An internal linking report in SEMrush for
Link Whisper Discount FAQ- Your Questions Answered! #coupon #discount Click To Tweet

Concluding My Link Whisper Discount Code Guide…


whatever the term that brought you here:

  • Link Whisper discount;
  • Link Whisper discount code;
  • Link Whisper coupon code;
  • Link Whisper promo code;
  • etc

My page will deliver.

The truth is that there isn’t a fabulous $30, $40 or even $50 Link Whisper coupon code. Sites that advertise those are lying to you.

But there is a realistic and decent $15 discount on an excellent WordPress plugin that you really need anyway.

If you’re serious about growing your blog through SEO, you need to do internal link building at scale.

in other words, you need Link Whisper.

Link Whisper Discount- Save $15 With My Coupon Code in 2022!
  • Name: Link Whisper WordPress Plugin;
  • Coupon code- nikola
  • Description: This is the genuine Link Whisper discount code. By entering promo code “nikola” at the checkout page you can shave $15 of your next order and on any and all Link Whisper plans.

Save $15 Off Link Whisper!

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