What Will Happen to the Links Created With Link Whisper if I Were to Remove Link Whisper?

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Here you will learn what happens with your internal links after you’ve removed Link Whisper.

No, it’s not the worst-case scenario:)

What happens with internal links after removing Link Whisper?

What Happens With My Internal Links When I Remove Link Whisper From WordPress?

Your internal links will remain.

In other words, Link Whisper does not delete the links you added with it upon plugin removal.

For example, My Link Whisper review links to my Link Whisper discount post with an internal link added by Link Whisper plugin.

internal link added by Link Whisper

For testing purposes, I deactivated and removed Link Whisper and the link remained.

In other words- you will not lose Link Whisper internal links upon removing the plugin from your WordPress site.

Quick FAQ on Removing Link Whisper From WordPress

#1- Will I Keep Internal Link Whisper Added After Removing the Plugin?

Yes, the links will remain.

#2- Does it Matter If I Use Gutenberg or Classic WordPress Editor, or Different Page Builders?

It doesn’t matter whether you use any Link Whisper-supported page builder or Gutenberg WordPress.

Your internal links will remain after you remove this plugin.


You came here wondering whether the links added with Link Whisper stay on your site after you’ve removed the plugin.

Now you know it’s true and you have nothing to worry about.

You’re free to remove or deactivate the plugin and the links will remain put:)

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