Which Page Builders and Editors Can I Use Link Whisper With?

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Looking to learn which page builders and WordPress editors work seamlessly with Link Whisper?

You’re in the right place!

Does Link Whisper work with all page builders and editors?

Does Link Whisper Work With All Page Builder and Editors?

First, Link Whisper works seamlessly with both Gutenberg and Classic WordPress editors.

Second, Link Whisper is also built to work with a number of popular page builders.

These page builders are:

  • The Muffin Builder;
  • Elementor. (both pro and free versions);
  • Divi page builder;
  • WPBakery Builder;
  • Avia Layout Builder. (Used as a standalone builder and in the Enfold theme);
  • Kadence Blocks;
  • Thrive Builder;
  • Beaver Builder;
  • The Origin Builder;
  • The Oxygen Builder (the fastest page builder on the market);
  • The Cornerstone Builder;
  • The Themify Builder. (both pro and free versions);

As you can, see, Link Whisper supports most popular and widely used page builders on the market.

It also works with the WP Recipes plugin and can process the text in the Recipe Notes, even though WP Recipes isn’t a page builder per se.

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Link Whisper Compatibility With Page Builders/Editors FAQ

#1-  Does Link Whisper Work With Gutenberg WordPress Editor?


Link Whisper works with WordPress Gutenberg editor.

#2- Does Link Whisper Work With all Page Builders?

Link Whisper does not work with all page builders o the market. There are hundreds of them and some are pretty obscure and niche.

However, it works with the most popular one and in all likelihood, the page builder you’re using is compatible with Link Whisper.

#3- Can I Request Specific Page Builder Compatibility Support for My Link Whisper?

Yes, you can, but there is no guarantee you’ll get it.

Basically, if only a handful of people are using the page builder you’re using, then it makes no financial sense for Spencer to hire a costly developer to give support for it.

But if lots of people use the page builder in question, then you’ll likely get the help you need.


You came here wondering whether Link Whisper works with all page builders and WordPress editors.

Now you know it works with both Gutenberg and Classic editor and also with all popular page builders.

With additional support given per request.

Try Link Whisper today!

Remember to use my coupon code (nikola) to get an affiliate-exclusive $15 discount.

There’s also a Link Whisper Black Friday offer available if you’re reading this close to Black Friday.

Thank you for reading, and drop me a comment below if you have questions.

Or check out these Link Whisper alternatives to learn about some other internal linking plugins.

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