Link Whisper Review 2021- Worth it and True Automated Internal Linking? Or Just Pure, Baseless Hype?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

In my Link Whisper review you will learn what Link Whisper is, what it does, and how it can help you finally put a stop to your rampant internal linking problems.

It’s not all milk and honey though, and you need to read until the end.

Because I reveal problems that just might put you off getting this WordPress plugin…

Let’s go!

Link Whisper review
Link Whisper review 2021- worth buying or not?

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a premium WordPress plugin developed by Spencer Haws, a household name in the affiliate marketing industry.

Spencer boldly calls his plugin “THE internal linking plugin”, and one that can help any webmaster build internal backlinks at scale.

Bold claims, but do they really hold water?

Let’s find out!

Link Whisper Features- A Detailed Breakdown


The most important part of Link Whisper, It’s divided into 4 parts and let’s cover them all in detail.

a) Dashboard

Here Link Whisper delivers a general overview of your site.

I can see:

  • domains I link to the most;
  • the ratio of internal vs external links;
  • broken links;
  • orphaned pages…

Link Whisper site overview report

This is crucial data for me because it’s so actionable.

For example, I see that almost 40% of my links are external. A bunch of those are affiliate links, (so they’re necessary); but many are me trying to improve my SEO by linking externally.

I’ll have to curb that behavior as I’m clearly giving away too much PageRank.

b) Links Report

This is the crux of Link Whisper and here you can add internal links to your articles.

I will show you how in my tutorial below. But for now, notice that Link Whisper arranges your posts by published date, and you also get to learn:

  • how many internal links each post receives;
  • how many internal links each post gives;
  • and how many outbound link each post hosts.

Internal Link Dashboard

How about an example?

You can clearly see in the image above that my Fiver affiliate program review has 15 internal links pointing to it.

And it has 5 outbound internal links and 19 outbound links pointing from it.

19 external links seems like it’s a lot, and in a way it is.

But they’re necessary because they’re my money links.

Clicking on any of those  affiliate links gives me an opportunity to earn a commission.

So it’s worth it.

c) Domains Report

Here I can see three columns.

  • First, I see sites I link to, including mine.
  • Second, the number of posts I link to.
  • Third, the number of internal links.

Domains report Link Whisper

Nice to know because links are online gold so knowing to whom I link often lets me contact them multiple times, and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

One that’ll result in future links for me.

d) Errors Report

Here I can see errors Link Whisper found on my site.

If I correct them, and you better bet I will, I’ll get a rankings boost from having a better SEO-ed website.

Link Whisper Error report

#2- Auto Linking

This is a powerful feature when you want to scale internal link building.

The first step is for you to add a target keyword. That will become your target anchor text.

Then you add the target URL.

And finally, you can select an option for new links to be added only once per post.

Adding one link per page is best for SEO btw.

Auto linking feature Link Whisper

My example is my Best Black Friday hosting deals guide, and the anchor I’ll use use is “Black Friday hosting deals”.

And now every time I mention that keyword, Link Whisper is going to automatically add an internal link to it.

It’s great for SEO because this is a long-tail keyword, and internal links are very powerful in moving the needle for long tails.

#3- URL Changer

URL changer Link Whisper

301 redirects are a necessary evil on the web. Because that’s the nature of online publishing. Pages change addresses all the time.

However, redirects are not good for SEO because you lose a part of the link authority that passes through that redirect.

And it also wastes your (limited) crawl budget.

So, by using Link Whisper’s URL Changer feature, you can instruct this WP plugin to automatically change the old URL to new one, on ALL internal links.

This avoids having a bunch of internal redirects and preserves your SEO.

Nice 😎

#4- Settings

Here you can set up Link Whisper to work at it’s best.

Here’s how I did it with my copy.

  • Open link in new tab– yes, always.
  • Ignore numbers– Yes.
  • Select language– I chose English
  • Words to be ignored– Add words you never want to be used as anchors.
  • Posts to be ignored– add post URL’s so Link Whisper never suggests them to you.

Link Whisper settings

  • Categories to be ignored– Link Whisper will not recommend links to all posts from this category
  • Post type to build links from– For my blog it’s posts and pages. But you can do more, depending on your site.

Link Whisper settings

Once you’re done, save your work and let Link Whisper do it’s magic.

How to Use Link Whisper to Build Internal Links (Tutorial)

In this part of my Link Whisper review, you’ll learn how to use this plugin in two ways.

First, you can have it suggest internal links in the editor of the post you’re currently writing or editing.

For example, I recently edited my “Unbounce coupon” article.

And at the bottom of the post, there were internal link suggestions that I could choose to use or not.

Use Link Whisper directly from WordPress Post editor

Second way is to take a more centralized approach and build links directly from Link Whisper’s dashboard.

So I go Link Whisper/ Reports/Links report and I can add links from there.

For example, I can see that my Missinglettr review only has 4 internal links pointing to it.

Add internal links from within Link Whisper's dashboard

Since that is my money article it pays to send more link juice to it so it starts to climb Google’s SERPs faster.

So I click on “add” and scroll through suggestions Link Whisper “whispered” to me.

add relevant links with Link Whisper

Link Whisper Pros and Cons- The Good AND Bad Revealed!

My Link Whisper review wouldn’t be complete without the pros and cons section.

Let’s start with the good stuff first.


#1- Speed and Convenience

WordPress is so sloooow; but Link Whisper is FAST!

Normally it takes me an hour to find and add 10-15 internal links to my newest post. But with Link Whisper I do it in 5m, and that was when I was just starting to use this awesome plugin.

Now it’s more like 2m per batch of links 😀

#2- (Mostly) Relevant Internal Link Suggestions

Link Whisper’s suggestion are spot on… most of the time. Other times they’re a mess.

I talk about this in my “Link Whisper Cons” section, so stay tuned!

#3- You Can Easily Find Orphaned Content

What is orphaned content?

It’s content that has no internal links pointing to it. Since Google uses links to discover new content, then it’s as if orphaned content doesn’t exist.

It’s a problem because no-indexed page can never rank in Google.

Link Whisper lets you arrange your blog posts based on how many internal links they receive.

Normally they’re arranged based on published date, but by clicking on the “inbound internal links” header you can switch to see your orphaned content.

For example I can quickly see that my “Promoting affiliate links on Quora” article is very undeserved with internal link juice.

Sending internal links to orphaned content

What I want to do is add internal links ASAP.

Especially since I’m already on position 3-5 in Google 😎

Near the top in SERPS
I’m close to the top for this keyword. One or two keyword-rich internal links will get me to #1 position.

#4- Plugin Can Be Made “Smarter” With Some Basic Fine-Tuning

Link Whisper works good out of the box.

But you can make it give you so much better link suggestions by making a few minor tweaks in the “Settings” area.

For example, if you notice Link Whisper is constantly recommending certain phrases you know you’ll never want to use as internal links; then you can exclude those from ever showing up again.

Also, there might be a category on your site that you never wish to link to.

For example, you accept sponsored posts on your site and they’re often blatantly promotional and simply not the best content on your site.

Perhaps you even blush a little when you remember them?

Then there’s no reason to build links to them. And you can tell Link Whisper to ignore that whole category.

#5- Includes Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a WordPress plugin that scans your site in search of broken links.

It’s an invaluable tool that can both improve your SEO (by preserving link juice) and user experience (because broken links are mood killers).

It’s a GREAT plugin… that you don’t need to use.


Because Link Whisper scans your site automatically and you can access your broken links in the Report/Errors tab.

#6- Doesn’t Slow Down Your Website

Here’s my site’s report with Link Whisper installed.

Link Whisper won't slow down your site
Test subject+ this awesome Accuranker Keyword Tracker Review

Pretty fast, no?

Link Whisper Cons- These Flaws Stop it From Being The Perfect WordPress Plugin

I want this to be an honest Link Whisper review…

but there honestly aren’t many cons to Link Whisper.

It’s an excellent WordPress plugin for building internal links.

And that’s that.

However, I do have two nitpicks I need to share with you here.

#1- Lots of Junk Suggestions to Filter Through

Link Whisper suggests relevant internal links for you to add. But those relevant links are often buried under the heaps of irrelevant anchors you’d never want to use.

So you usually have to dig deep to surface good suggestions. It’s a flaw for sure, but also not a big deal.

Because it takes me 1m-2m to scan through dozens of links and add a few that are relevant.

#2- Doesn’t Check the Comment Section for Broken Links

This might change in the future as Spencer is always improving his plugin, but this edition of Link Whisper doesn’t scan the comment section for broken links.

This is a con because if you get a lot of comments, your comment section is probably riddled with broken links.

Remember that most blogs fail, and hosting ain’t cheap for struggling folks who probably don’t even have a “normal” 9-5 job.

So they can’t afford their hosting bills.

What Does Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Cost? Pricing Plans and Tiers Explained!

Link Whisper cost- pricing plans/tiers

Link Whisper has 3 pricing plans/licenses:

  • 1-site license- $$77 yearly subscription
  • 3-site license- $117 yearly subscription
  • 10 site license- $167- yearly subscription

All plans give you the full package, everything Link Whisper has to offer. The only difference is on how many websites you’ll be able to use your new plugin.

Note: you can use my Link Whisper discount to save $15 on any Link Whisper plan.

Coupon code is “nikola”.

Save $15 Off Link Whisper!
1-site license$77$62
3-site license$117$102
10-site license$167$152

Link Whisper Review FAQ- Everything You Wanted to Know; But Were Afraid to Ask 🙂 

Another excellent addition to my Link Whisper review is the FAQ section.

Hope I answered your burning questions. If not, shot them in the comment section below.

#1- Who Should Use Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is an excellent choice for bloggers who want to improve their SEO by building better internal links.

It’s especially useful for huge sites with a ton of content.

And also for webmasters who neglected internal link building completely, and now don’t know where to start.

#2- What Languages Does Link Whisper Support?

Link Whisper works with:

  • English;
  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • French;
  • German;
  • Dutch;
  • Russian.

And many more languages are to be incorporated in the near future.

#3- What are the Requirements for Using Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin. So you need a self-hosted WordPress site.

So no, Link Whisper doesn’t work with free websites (BlogSpot, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix…)

#4- What Happens to My Links if I Uninstall Link Whisper?

You get to keep the links Link Whisper built for you.

#5- Can I remove Links Made by Link Whisper? How?

Yes, of course.

You can either remove them manually, the old fashioned way. Or you can use Link Whisper to do it.

For example, my blog post on promoting affiliate links on Twitter has 2 inbound links.

Let’s say I don’t like one of them and want to remove it.

All I’d have to do is press that “x” button and Link Whisper will remove the link (but the anchor will remain as plain text, so you won’t ruin the readibility of your post).

Link Whisper can remove the links you don't want.

#6- What Kind of Link Suggestions Can I expect?

Link Whisper scans your post and makes suggestions it “thinks” are most relevant to the post you want to link to.

It gets the job done surprisingly well, but it’s not perfect as I mentioned many times in my Link Whisper review.

#7- Does Link Whisper Offer a Refund?

Yes they do.

You get a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund.

#8- Is there a Link Whisper Coupon?

Yes there is.

Enter coupon code “nikola” at checkout and save $15 off any order.

#9- I Can’t Afford Link Whisper Right Now. Is there’ an Alternative Way to Add internal links, Even if it’s Slower?

Yes there is a Link Whisper alternative.

And it’s an easy and free method.

First, go to your Google Search Console and navigate to “Links” report

Then click on the “Internal Links” report.

Internal links report Google search Console

From there, filter your posts based on the number of internal links they have pointing to them.

I suggest less than 5.

Filter by the number of internal links

Now you have a list of neglected posts and it’s time to give them the support they deserve.

How to Find Internal Linking Opportunities Using Google?

Let’s say, for example, I wanted to add internal links to my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I’d do a site search like this Wealthy Affiliate

This will list all posts that mention Wealthy Affiliate. Then it’s only a matter of me going into my WordPress editor and adding them in manually.

alternative way to find internal linking opportunities

This is a viable alternative to Link Whisper, but the problem is that it’s so SLOW!

In case you haven’t noticed, WP editor is a drag and adding just 10 links can easily take you 40-45m

That’s why I like Link Whisper so much. Now it takes me 2m to add 10 internal links, and with zero mental energy spent.

What a relief! 😎

#10- Can I Use Link Whisper With Shopify?

Yes, you can.

With the newest update fully rolled out Link Whisper now support Shopify.

Link Whisper Shopify integration

Concluding my Link Whisper Review for 2021… Legit? Is it Worth it?

My Link Whisper review is ending so it’s time to wrap things up.

I think Link Whisper is an excellent WordPress plugin that’s totally worth it and that can help you solve your internal linking problems for good.

Remember that those problems are only going to grow bigger as you site grows in content.

It’s best to do it now because you’ll have to do it eventually.

Internal linking is an indispensable part of any SEO strategy and Link Whisper can help you automate the process as much as possible.

And since Link Whisper is still maturing as a product, I’m excited to see what else it brings to the table.

Si far, I’m impressed 😀

Try Link Whisper Today!

Remember there’s a 30 day refund guarantee, so you have nothing to lose 🙂

Don’t forget to use my exclusive coupon code “nikola” to give yourself a $15 discount.

Save $15 Off Link Whisper!

Note: if nothing else, let me know if my Link Whisper review helped you learn more about this internal linking WordPress plugin.


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