Link Whisper Support- How to Get it and Where to Find it

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Looking to learn how to contact Link Whisper support and get the help you need?

You’re in the right place!

Keep reading to get the skinny.


Link Whisper support tutorial

How to Contact Link Whisper Support (Simple Tutorial)?

It’s easy to ask the Link Whisper team for help, and here’s exactly how.

First, go to Link Whisper and click on “Support” in the menu bar.

Link Whisper support

Second, you have the option of checking the status of the ticket you already submitted and submitting the new one.

Pick “submit a new one” and write your query in the box.

Once done, submit.

Link Whisper support submit new ticket

And that’s it.

Simple as that.

Now you just need to check periodically whether you got a reply yet or not.

You will also get the reply in your email inbox for the email address you gave.

Link Whisper Support FAQ

#1- Does Link Whisper Team Offer Official Support for Their Plugin?

They do.

Find Link Whisper support in the menu bar by clicking on the “Support” link (see tutorial above).

#2- Is Link Whisper Support Free or Not?

Link Whisper support is free for both Link Whisper premium and free users. Anyone can go there and ask questions about this internal linking automation WordPress plugin.


Link Whisper support is free and accessible to all.

And now you know how to access it.

If you have questions, shoot them in the comment section below.


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