StudioPress Mai Lifestyle Pro Review 2021- Worth Buying or Not?

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Quick Summary– StudioPress are famous for their lightweight, fast, responsive, and SEO friendly themes. And Mai Lifestyle Pro is one of their best and most popular products.

If you’re looking an excellent and affordable theme for your site, then Mai Lifestyle Pro is a great choice.

Click here to get it now, or continue reading my review to get the skinny on this theme.

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Review
Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Review 2020- Everything you need to know.

What is Mai Lifestyle Pro and Who is This Theme Best Suited For?

Mai Lifestyle Pro is a popular theme developed by Mike Hemberger from BizBudding. This theme is also a part of StudioPress theme collection and ever since its inclusion it has been among the top 3 most popular and sold themes.

Mai Lifestyle Pro is best suited for foodie/recipe niche bloggers, wellness bloggers and lifestyle bloggers.

It’s an attractive theme with lots of white space and a strong emphasis on content.

Mail Lifestyle Pro Theme Features- A Quick Breakdown

#1- Header

Header area on this theme is very versatile.

You can create menus, and also add items for existing content such as pages, posts, categories, tags, formats, or custom links.

You can also:

  • Easily upload an image to be used as a responsive site logo. You can also enter your brand name as a logo substitute.
  • Align logo left or right just by adding header navigation or widget content on either side.
  • Center your logo by adding header navigation or widget content on the left and right.
  • Enable a sticky header so it remains visible when users scroll down.
  • Enable a shrinking header so the header shrinks to a smaller height when visitors scroll.

Take a look at the image below. Notice how the header and menu moves.

Mai Lifestyle header
#2- Banner

Choose an image or a color to globally display at the top of your posts and pages. The Banner area can be enabled or disabled globally via the Customizer.

Here are what you can do with it:

  • Optional banner area. You don’t need to have it and I suggest you don’t. It becomes stale fast.
  • Set a default background color.
  • Set a default image to be used throughout your site, unless overridden per post/page/area by uploading a different image.
  • Can be disabled per post type, (remove from posts, pages, etc only).
  • Can be disabled on specific posts/pages/custom post types (great for landing pages, sections page template, etc).
  • Automatically displays post/page or archive title in the banner area.
  • Uses the Excerpt or Archive Intro Text meta box to add custom content to each banner area.

Banner area Mail Lifestyle Pro

#3- Site Layouts

Mai Theme comes with 9 built-in page layouts. Layouts can be configured for posts, pages and archives.

Each post type can have a unique layout. I really like this as it give a whole array of options to make a site look truly unique.

Layout options are:

  • Full Width Content
  • Medium Content
  • Small Content
  • Extra Small Content
  • Content/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Content
  • Sidebar/Content/Sidebar
  • Content/Sidebar/Sidebar
  • Sidebar/Sidebar/Content
  • Boxed Container settings

Mai Lifestyle Pro Site layout options

#4- Featured Images

A standard feature. You can both enable feature images to show up on all posts.

And what’s really important, you can also exclude posts from this setting. This is a great feature because some posts don’t need a featured image and instead you want people to consume your content as soon as possible.

#5- Archive Settings

Genesis Content Archives settings lets you control the way content displays on tag, category, taxonomy author, and date archive pages.

Mai Theme builds on this this functionality with the Mai Archive Settings configuration area on Archive pages.

Here’s what you can tweak there:

  • Enhanced “Archive Settings” to (globally or per-area) customize your site archives (blog, categories, tags, taxonomies, author, etc).
  • Set the defaults via Genesis > Theme Settings > Mai Settings, to be used on the blog archive, author archives, category, tag, search, and 404 pages.
  • Override per-area of your site by enabling custom archive settings via the Mai Content Archive Settings meta box on enabled post types.
  • Change the archive display for a single category, or an entire post type (Products, Books, etc).

This is just scratching the surface and there’s more when it comes to customizing archives on your blog. Read about it here!

#6- Page Templates

Mai theme comes with several page templates included.

When editing a page, you can access those on the right-hand side, under “Templates” (drop down menu).

Some examples are landing page template which you can use to build powerful, free, conversion-optimized landing pages.

In other words, With Mai Lifestyle Pro you won’t need to purchase an expensive landing page builder tool (for example Unbounce).

Another handy template is the HTML sitemap template. Build it once and it will automatically display all your public posts, pages and taxonomies. And as you publish new stuff the URL’s automatically get added to the sitemap.

#7- Shortcodes

Mai Theme includes the [grid], [columns], and [section] shortcode for powerful and dynamic layouts. They can be used on any post type or templates to format a variety of content types.

Here’s what you can do with these shortcodes.


  • Display a grid of posts, custom post types, or category/tag/taxonomy terms.
  • Choose how many columns to display your entries in.
  • Show/hide different elements (title, image, meta, read more link, etc).
  • Change the location of the entry image (before entry, before or after title, before the content, or as a background image).
  • Easily create a posts/content slider with slider configuration options.
  • Includes FacetWP support, just set a parameter and add a facet on the same page as the shortcode.

[columns] & [col]

  • Display any content in responsive columns.


  • Use via the Sections page template or manually via the shortcode.
  • Create full page width sections.
  • Great for home page or landing pages.

#8- Menus

Mai Theme supports five menu locations.

Menus are used for navigating the content on your site.  You can create menus and add items for existing content such as pages, posts, categories, tags, formats, or custom links.

#9- Footer

.Mai Lifestyle Pro lets you divide the footer section into up to 6 columns. You can select the number of columns the footer has with the WordPress live customizer tool.

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Website Example

Wanna see Mai Lifestyle Pro in action?

Click this link and go and explore this demo website built with Mai Lifestyle Pro.

It’s just an example website but yours could look like that and better even once you tweak the style a bit.

Mail Lifestyle Pro theme example and demo

How to install Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme on Your Website?

It’s very simple and here are the steps.

First, go and buy the theme. Then download in to your computer.

Then in your WordPress dashboard go to Appearance >> Theme >> Upload, and upload the Genesis Framework file first, followed by the Mai Pro Theme file.

Activate the theme and you’re done 🙂

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Pros and Cons


  • Accessibility Ready– people with disabilities won’t feel discriminated on your site.
  • Custom Header– Customize the header for the real “feel” of your website.
  • ECommerce ready.
  • HTML5 Markup.
  • Landing Page templates– No need to get Unbounce or some other landing page builder.
  • Mobile Responsive- Your site will look great on all devices.
  • Theme Customizer– Tweak you site’s design in real time.
  • Theme Options
  • Translation Ready
  • Layout Options– 9 layout options that can make your site look truly unique.


  • Not suitable for all niches- Mai Lifestyle Pro theme is best suited for Wellness, food/recipe and lifestyle niches.
  • Can’t be bought individually- you need the Genesis parent theme in order to use it.
  • You get unlimited support for one year only.

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Pricing- What Does it Cost?

Mai Lifestyle Pro pricing plans

Mai Lifestyle Pro comes with the Genesis framework and the bundle costs $129.95.

Here’s what you get with it:

  • Includes The Genesis Framework Package
  • Includes The Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Package
  • Get Instant Access
  • Unlimited Updates & Sites
  • Unlimited Support For 1 Year
  • Access To Detailed Tutorials
  • One-Time Purchase Fee

You can also get Genesis Pro which cost $360/year and here’s what you get with it.

  • Support For The Genesis Framework Package;
  • Get EVERY StudioPress Theme We Make;
  • Includes All Future Themes We Make;
  • Includes The Site Builder Plugin;
  • Includes Premium Block Library;
  • Includes Beautiful Pre-Built Page Layouts;
  • Award Winning Technical Support;
  • Unlimited Updates & Sites.

Genesis Pro is best fit for you if you know that you’re going to need many different themes from StudioPress collection.

Then it’s more value for your money to get the whole theme collection in a bundle instead of buying each theme individually.

Get Genesis Pro Today!

Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme FAQ

Note: I want my review to be the best and most comprehensive resource on the internet. So here;s a list of questions I found people ask and about Mai Lifestyle Pro.

What is Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Exactly?

Mai Lifestyle Pro is a popular theme developed by Mike Hemberger from BizBudding. This theme forms a part of StudioPress theme collection and ever since its inclusion has been among the top 3 most popular and sold themes.

Mai Lifestyle Pro is best suited for foodie/recipe niche bloggers, wellness bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. It's an attractive theme with lots of white space and a strong emphasis on content.

Will I Also Get the Genesis Framework With Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme?

Yes you will. This theme is built with the Genesis framework in mind and you get the framework when you purchase the theme.

On How Many Websites Can I Use This Theme?

You can use it on unlimited websites.

What Does Mai Lifestyle Pro Cost?

Mai Lifestyle Pro + the Genesis Framework cost $129.95. You can also buy Genesis Pro which costs $360 and with it you get access to all StudioPress themes + all future themes and a bunch of others cool perks.

What's the Renewal Price for Mai Lifestyle Pro?

There are no renewal fees:) Once you buy once, you have it for life and you also get lifetime updates to your theme.

How Long Will I Receive Free Theme Updates?

You get unlimited updates for as long as you're using the theme. In other words, Mai Lifestyle Pro will never become outdated on your site.

Can it Be Used to Set up an e-commerce Store?

Mai Lifestyle Pro is an e-commerce store ready theme. You can build your shop on it no problem.

Can I Add My Custom Logo to The Header?

Yes, the header is highly customizable and you can add your logo and align it left or right depending on your preferences. Even pure text based logos look good on this theme.

Is Mai Lifestyle Pro Mobile Responsive?

Yes. Your site will look perfect on all devices.

Is There a Refund Guarantee?

Yes there is. All StudioPress themes include a 30-day money back guarantee that's valid from the moment you buy.

To Conclude my Mai Lifestyle Pro Theme Review for 2021…


if you want and need a great looking theme for your site; the one that will enhance your site’s experience and even boost your SEO a bit, then you need to treat your website to Mai Lifestyle Pro.

It’s an amazing theme that can transform your blog and make it vibrant again.

Remember, StudioPress have a 30 day money back guarantee refund policy, so you really have nothing to lose by trying out Mai Lifestyle Pro on your site.

Get it now and see for yourself!

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