Missinglettr Curate Review 2021- Will You Get More Shares And Traffic Using This Tool?

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

In my Missinglettr Curate review you’ll learn what this tool is, what it does, and how it can help you get more shares and traffic for your online business.

Without further ado, let’s get started immediately.

Missinglettr Curate Review 2021
Missinglettr Curate- Worth Buying or Not?

What is Missinglettr Curate Exactly?

Missinglettr Curate is a new tool developed by Missinglettr team. With Curate you can get more shares and traffic to your site simply by curating your best content and offering it to others for sharing.

And of course you can share their stuff as well, preventing your social feed from being overly self promotional.

3 Quick Reasons Why You Need To Consider Missinglettr Curate 

#1- Build Rapport Between Bloggers

Using Missinglettr Curate is a nice way to passively (and effectively) build rapport with other bloggers in your industry.

Because, as you share other people’s content they are going to be notified and they will take notice of you and your brand.

So not only will they be more likely to share your stuff when Curate recommends it to them, but they might be willing to have other business deals with you, whether it be guest post opportunity, link exchange, an invite to be a guest on their podcast etc…

Networking is key for successful blogging and using Curate can help tremendously.

#2- Build Brand Recognition

Again, getting more shares via Curate will get you noticed.

First, influencers and linkerati who use Curate will notice your helpful posts and over time will learn to know you.

Second, common web users will also learn to recognize your brand in their social feed leading to higher link CTR.

This is all passive benefit which is what I really like.

I’m incredibly busy as it is and I’m guessing so are you.

#3- More Traffic

I put this reason as third even though t’s probably most important to you. The thing is, you will never be able to promote yourself as much as other people combined can.

When you have Curate working for you other users will be working hard on building your brand and getting you more traffic.

And the “price” you pay for it is that you’ll have to do the same for them. But as I already explained in the previous two points, sharing other people’s content ultimately benefits you.

So why not try Curate today? You get 14-day free trial to test it out.

How To Use Missinglettr Curate (Tutorial)

I admit it, when you first log in into Curate dashboard, it looks slightly clunky and intimidating. However first impressions CAN be deceiving as Missinglettr Curate dashboard is actually very intuitive and easy to use.

Here’s how to promote your content inside it.

First, inside the dashboard, click on the “Promote” button.


Missinglettr dashboard

Second, choose the post you’re going to promote. For me, it’s going to be my awesome Fusebox Smart Podcast Player review.

Click on the “Create New Post” button.

Missinglettr Curate add new post

Third, you’ll be taken inside a content editor. Here you will make your post, tag it, categorize…

  • Name- Give your campaign a name;
  • URL- paste the URL you wish to promote;
  • Categories- categorize your post so that Curate knows to whom to recommend it;
  • Tags- Add relevant hashtags.
  • Language- Like Missinglettr, Curate works with all languages people blog in. Choose the one your post is written in.

Curate content settings

Fourth, publish your post.

Fifth, rinse and repeat.

How to Promote Other User’s Content in Curate (Tutorial)

Curate really works, but only if you become a member of the community and share other users’ content, and not just your own.

Here’s how!

First, go to the dashboard section of Curate. There Curate will show you relevant posts based on language and categories you picked when you opened your account.

Curate shows me curated suggeestions

Second, scroll down till you see see a list of posts Curate pulled out of their library.

Choose the one you want to share and schedule them. If you don’t like the first 10, you can use pagingation below to move beyond the first 10 posts.

On the far right, next to each result there’s a “three dots” button you can click.

Further options you get are:

  • Preview post- see how it’ll look when posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Block website- block offending content nd Curate won’t suggest it to you anymore;
  • Block publisher- block all content from specific publisher;
  • Report post- if you find something really egregious, you can report it here.
share other people content
Click on the image to expand (opens in new tab)

Curate also lets you share content from all content categories is has, regardless of which categories you chose when signing up.

To access this feature click the “Browse” tab inside the dashboard.

Once there you can browse content from all categories. You can also use the search function if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or if you want to narrow down your choices.

Curate browse

Missinglettr Curate Pricing. What Does It Cost?

Missinglettr Curate comes in two plans:

  • Monthly ($49/mo);
  • Yearly ($490/yr).

Buying a yearly plan gives you a $98 discount.

Missinglettr Curate$49/mo; or $490/yr

Missinglettr Curate Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use;
  • Easier and faster way to find and promote new content;
  • Connect with people in your industry;
  • More traffic and social shares;
  • Free Missinglettr account;
  • Cheap;


  • Occasional junk posts you should never share if you want to keep your reputation;
  • Only 10 given suggestions make it cumbersome to scroll through Curate’s infinite content library;
  • Clunky dashboard;
  • No coupon codes or promo prices.

Missinglettr Curate FAQ- All You Must Know

#1- Is There A Coupon Code I Can Use?

There is a Missinglettr coupon, but there is no Missinglettr Curate coupon.


#2- Can I Buy Curate Without Missinglettr?

Yes you can. Curate can work on its own just fine.

Monthly price is $49/mo but if you buy a yearly plan you can get it for $490, which means you save $98.

#3- Do I Get Curate For Free With Missinglettr Subscription

With all versions of Missinglettr, even the free one, you get limited access to Curate. Meaning, you’ll be able to share other people’s content, but you won’t be able to promote your stuff.

#4- What’s The Content Quality Link On Curate

As you start, most of the content is going to be very decent and share worthy. I say 8 out of 10 posts easily.

However, if you use the “block website” and “block publisher” buttons you can make your feed full with high quality content only.

#5- Is Missinglettr Curate Worth it? Is It Legit?

Curate is a natural and excellent addition to Missinglettr (read my Missinglettr review here).

With it you can promote your content to broad but relevant audience. You can get more shares, clicks (sales?). And you can even  use it to build a name for yourself in the industry.

No, Curate won’t suddenly open the floodgate of limitless traffic, but it will hep you grow your business further.

Every little bit helps and Curate helps a lot.

Concluding My Missinglettr Curate Review 2021…

If you’re a solopreneur who’s stretched thin  but still wants to be active on social, Missinglettr Curate is the the tool for you.

With it you will be able to promote your content far and wide. Promote other users’  content from a centralized hub, and finally, you’ll be able to save hours of your time when NOT hunting for helpful posts to share with your audience.

Getting Curate was worth it for me.

And to end this Missinglettr Curate review with a question, will you try it out?

There’s a 14-day free trial so you risk absolutely nothing.

Try Missinglettr Curate now (no credit card required)!

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