Missinglettr Pricing: What Does it Cost? And 2 Ways to Get It Cheaper!

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In my guide here and now you’ll first learn about the regular Missinglettr pricing, and then how to avoid paying the normal price while still getting Missinglettr with a significant discount.

I actually give you 3 ways to do it, so without further ado, let’s get started.

Missinglettr pricing and cost
What Does Missinglettr Cost? And Can You REALLY Get if For Cheaper?

What is Missinglettr? And What Does The Tool Cost?

Missinglettr is a unique, A.I.-powered social media scheduler that promises to give you a near 100% social media automation.

So that you can focus on other areas of growing your online business.

I said near-100% because, while Missinglettr automatically creates campaigns for you, you still need to review them before hitting that “publish” button.

However, it’s a 2m job and very rarely will you need to change a campaign Missinglettr created for you.

Missinglettr Pricing Tiers Explained

Missinglettr pricing plans

Missinglettr have 3 pricing plans.

They are:

#1- Free

This is a new addition because earlier there was no free version, only free trial.

With it you can connect one website, one social profile and have 50 social postings in the queue.

#2- Solo ($9/mo; or $7/mo with a yearly plan)

With Solo plan you can connect 1 website, 1 social profile and have 50o social postings in the queue.

This plan is excellent value for bloggers with smaller blogs and not a while lot of content. I use it on my blog and it serves me wonderfully.

#3- Pro ($39/mo; or $32/mo with a yearly plan)

With Pro plan you can connect 3 websites, 3 social profiles and have 3000 social posting in the queue.

This plan is perfect for really big websites that want to promote their stale content and give it life.

Now that you know how Missinglettr is priced, let’s see how you can get it for cheaper, or even for free (the #3 option).

3 Ways To Get Missinglettr AND Save Some Money Too

#1- Use A Coupon Code

Listen, I’m an affiliate for Missinglettr and I was able to get an exclusive discount code you can use to get to get a 50% discount for the first 3 month of any Missinglettr yearly plan.

Click this link to avail this discount, or visit my Missinglettr coupon guide to learn more about it.

#2- Get a Black Friday Deal

If you’re reading this and Black Friday/Cyber Monday are approaching, then it pays to be patient for a little while longer and get Missinglettr with a powerful discount.

How much can I save?

I can’t tell you because every year the offer’s different. I know last year they were offering 40% discounts of a yearly plans.

And not just for the first 3 months like with a coupon code, but for the whole year.

So, if you’re interested, visit my Missinglettr Black Friday Deals article to get the skinny.

#3- Become a Missinglettr Affiliate

How can this help you?

I haven’t tested this because I use Missinglettr on my blog and had the tool to review it (read my Missinglettr review here)

But you might be able to get free access to the tool if you tell them you need it to review it.

It’s worth a shot, but success is not guaranteed.

You might even get access to Missinglettr Curate, a new kind on the block. Read my Missinglettr Curate review to learn more.

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Ok, now that you know how much Missinglettr costs and how to get it with a discount, let me ask you a simple question…

What you gonna do about it?

Are you going to seize this offer or not?

Remember, every plan comes with a 14-day free trial, so even if you buy today, you won’t actually pay anything for the first 14 days, and you can cancel at anytime.

So you ain’t got nothing to lose.

But enough with convincing you. You already know it for yourself, so here’s my coupon link again.

With it you get 50% off price for the first three months on a yearly plan.

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