Navigation Pro Theme Review 2021- Worth It To Be The Next Theme For Your Site?

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Welcome to my Navigation Pro theme review.

Be prepared to be blown away 🙂

Navigation Pro by StudioPress is an excellent theme. Period.

But is it the right theme for you and your blog?

That is for you to tell me AFTER you’ve read my detailed review and analysis.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Navigation Pro? And Who Should Use It?

Navigation Pro Theme Review

Navigation Pro is the first StudioPress theme to use Atomic Blocks to make building pages and sites a whole lot easier.

It’s a Gutenberg friendly theme perfect for these niches:

  • Law;
  • Travel
  • Cuisine;
  • Fitness
  • Authors;
  • Consultants;
  • Accountants;
  • and more.

Let’s get into the theme’s features:

Navigation Pro Theme Features

Navigation Pro features

#1- Mobile Responsive

Navigation Pro is a fully mobile responsive theme.

This means your site is will always look beautiful, regardless of the device your user used to access it.

#2- AMP-Ready

AMP is Google’s project for making the web faster. With AMP-enabled, pages load in under 1s on any device.

Navigation Pro is AMP ready and you can enable this feature with a push of a button.

#3- WooCommerce Ready

Once you install the free WooCommerce plugin, you can use it together with your theme to create a beautiful, high-converting e-commerce shop.

#4- HTML 5

Navigation Pro is a modern theme, built fully with HTML5, the newest standard for creating web pages.

#5- Very Fast

Navigation Pro is an insanely lightweight theme. With it your site is going to load very quickly, regardless of the device used to access it.

Excellent page speed scores
82 mobile; 96 desktop!

#6- SEO Friendly Theme

Navigation Pro is an SEO friendly theme.

This is especially helpful for newbies who want to rank higher in Google, and could use any help they can get. Of course, it’s not a magic bullet, but in SEO every little bit helps.

#7- Unbreakable/Secure

This theme is built with security in mind. Hackers will have a hard time finding a crack in it, but you will need to update it regularly to keep it impenetrable.

#8- Lots Of Customization Options

Navigation Pro is a very popular theme and thousands of bloggers use it.

Yet, you probably don’t recognize it as the same theme on multiple websites.Theme customizer

Wanna know why?

Because they’re highly customized.

Navigation Pro can be customized to no end to make it truly YOU.

Here are some of the elements you can play with.

#1- Page Templates

There are 3 different layouts.

a) Unboxed Content

This is the page template you can see in the demo of this theme here.

However, you don’t need to use it to build your homepage, or just your home page.

You can use Unboxed Content to create a full-width layout for any page.

b) Landing Page

With the landing page template you can create pages with no header, footer or sidebar areas. Perfect for displaying your enticing offer and having nothing butting in with your conversions.

c) Default Layout

This is what you’ll use to create standard blog posts with sidebars on either left or right side of the. screen.

#2- Beautiful Typography

Navigation Pro lets you choose among the wide variety of typefaces. What’s more, and I know you’ll like this, you can change typeface and font sizes on a site level.

So if you check your site on mobile and you see than some part of it is hard to read, simply change the font and fix it right away.

#3- Menus

With Navigation Pro you have 2 default menu locations: one in the header area to the right; and another at the bottom of the footer, to the left.

Navigation Pro menu locations

#4- Widgets

Navigation Pro offer 5 widget areas.

They are:

  • Primary sidebar- left or right.
  • After entry — this is an area right below the content and above the comment section. Perfect for a prominent CTA.
  • Before footer CTA- Sitewide CTA area,
  • Footer business information – this is a widget area where you’ll want to show your contact information, and link to your essential pages (about, privacy policy, sitemap, disclosure …)
  • Footer– add important link here or a jump-to-top link to keep some of your tribe on your site.

Navigation Pro footer widgets

#5- Additional Blocks

Once you install the Atomic Blocks Plugin (comes free with Navigation Pro) you can use additional blocks to really spruce up your content.

These are things like special styling for headings, buttons, paragraph, images, quotes, separators…

#6- Author Boxes And Pages

This feature doesn’t matter if you’re a one man team behind your blog. But it matters a lot if you have contributors.

So, when you publish a guest post at the bottom of the page there will be an author box of the author, and inside the box will be a link that leads to their author page.

Author pages start with an author box and list out all blog posts that the author has written.

Get it?

Btw, I know I said “author” a lot 🙂

#7- Pricing Page

Pricing page created for you automatically if you install one of the layout packs.

Of course, if you don’t need it, you can delete it.

Navigation Pro pricing page

Navigation Pro Theme Pros And Cons


#1- Modern Theme

Navigation Pro is a theme built for modern, fast-paced times. It’s mobile responsive, AMP ready, fast, extremely fast; SEO friendly and secure against outside treats.

Did I mention that it’s built with Gutenberg, highly customizable and allows for some stunning visuals?

#2- Affordable

This theme is $129.95 and with it you get unlimited premium support.

Buy Navigation Pro

#3- Get it Free With WPEngine

A while back WPEngine bought StudioPress and now they’ve combined their offers into something really amazing.

In other words, if you buy one of the WPEngine hosting plans, you will get access to all current and future StudioPress themes, including Navigation Pro.

WPEngine are a superb WordPress managed host and if you’re looking for excellent hosting for your site, they’re worth taking a look.

Especially as you’ll get 35+ StudioPress themes for free.

Pro tip- if you don’t need a new host, yet you sill want to have unlimited access to 35+ StudioPress themes, then consider buying Genesis Pro.

With it you get access to all themes and all future updates+ premium support.

It’s only $360 and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.


#1- Gutenberg Friendly

ONLY Gutenberg friendly. You cannot use this theme with the classic WordPress editor. So if you don’t want to use Gutenberg, you don’t want (and can’t) to use Navigation Pro.

#2- Not Suitable for All Blog Types

Navigation Pro is not for all blog types. It’s a very “visual” theme and best niches for it are travel, cuisine and fitness, sports, fashion…

I think normal blogs with mainly text content will not looks as nice on this theme.

Hey I’m being honest here!

How to Install Navigation Pro Theme on Your Website?

Installing Navigation Pro is similar to installing any other premium theme.

First, go and buy the theme.

Second, download it.

Third, inside your WordPress dashboard go Appearance >> Theme >> Upload, and upload the Genesis Framework file first, and then Navigation Pro.

Activate and get busy customizing 🙂

Upload theme in WordPress

Navigation Pro Theme FAQ

Do I get Genesis Framework With This Theme? Free?

Yes you do. You need Genesis Framework to install and run this theme, And you get it for free.

What Does Navigation Pro Cost?

It costs $129.95

What Are The Renewal Fees?

There are no renewal fees. You buy it once and you get lifetime updates.

Can I Create a WooCommerce Store On This Theme

Yes you can. Navigation Pro is 100% compatible with WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

Is Navigation Pro Mobile Friendly?

Yes it is. Your site will look great on any device. It's also a AMP friendly theme.

Is There a Refund Guarantee?

Yes there is. All StudioPress themes come with 30-day refund guarantee.

To Conclude My Navigation Pro Theme Review…


if you’re a lawyer, account, fitness blogger, foodie blogger or travel junkie with a blog- you need to get this theme.

It’s a beautiful piece of work that’ll enhance your site and make it even more vibrant and colorful.

What’s more, Navigation Pro is a an SEO-ready theme.

Just by installing it you might get a boost in Google, especially if you were previously running on a clunky and slow, free WordPress theme.

Finally, all StudioPress themes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and refund policy, so you really have nothing to lose by trying out Navigation Pro on your blog.

I’ll conclude my Navigation Pro theme review by asking:

Are you going to try Navigation Pro today?

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