Noble Gold Investments Lawsuit and Complaints- What’s the Reputation of This Gold IRA Company?

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Noble Gold Investments Lawsuit and Complaints Guide
Noble Gold Investments Lawsuit and Complaints Guide

Noble Gold Investments Lawsuit

While doing my research for this article I was able to find one lawsuit that Noble Gold was involved in. It happened over 6 years ago.

However, Noble Gold ltd (mentioned in this lawsuit) is not the same as Noble Gold Investment’s gold IRA company. It’s actually this company (not a gold IRA company).

They’re entirely different businesses. As of the moment I wrote this article, there is no record online of any lawsuit Noble Gold Investments took part in.

Noble Gold ltd Lawsuit report by Reuters- not an article about Noble Gold Investments

Is Noble Gold Investment a Legitimate Gold IRA Company?

Noble Gold Investments is a legitimate gold IRA company. Even though they were founded only in 2016, they have already built a stellar reputation with their customers and many Americans have already diversified their retirement savings with the help of this company.

Noble Gold Investments has an excellent reputation on various consumer watchdog websites.

  • BBB- 4.99/5;
  • ConsumerAffairs- 5/5;
  • TrustPilot- 4.6/5;
  • Trustlink- 5/5.

Here are some of the positive reviews about Noble Gold:


Noble Gold Investments positive reviews on BBB
Noble Gold Investments Trustlink positive reviews

Noble Gold Investments Complaints

Now let’s some of the complaints about Noble Gold Investments. Like any other gold IRA company on the US market, Noble Gold has a handful of complaints to their name scattered across several consumer watchdog websites.

First, here’s this person complaining about how they lost $ 100,000 on their investment in precious metals. Their written complaint is short, but based on Noble Gold’s response it seems the price of gold went down bringing with it the value of gold coins and bars this person purchased.

Noble Gold Investments complaint 1

Here’s a second example of a complaint. However this time it’s about Equity Trust, a custodian company Noble Gold works with. It’s posted on Noble Gold’s ConsumerAffairs profile, probably by mistake.

Nevertheless, Noble Gold’s representative promised to get in touch with someone from Equity Trust and help solve the issue for the client who thinks they’ve overpaid.

Noble Gold Investments complaint example 2

Finally, here’s someone complaining about the lack of communication between Noble Gold Investments and them. The company’s representative promised a speedier response next time.

Noble Gold Investments complaint example 3

Noble Gold Investments Lawsuit and Complaints (Conclusion)

My guide to Noble Gold Investments lawsuit and complaints is over.

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