Originality.ai Pricing in 2023- How Much Does Originality.ai Cost?

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AI content detection tools have cropped up on the market and Originality.ai is leading the pack as the best one.

My Originality.ai pricing guide teaches you how much this tool costs and how you can save money on a premium subscription.

Let’s go!

Originality.ai Pricing and cost guide
Originality.ai Pricing guide for 2023

What Does Originality.ai Cost in 2023?

Originality.ai pricing model is very simple.

You pay with credits inside the platform. Each credit costs you 0.01c and each credit lets you scan 100 words of content for either AI content or plagiarism.

That means  if you want to check 100 words of content for both content duplication and AI content that’d cost you 0.02c

Take a look at the table below.

Number of CreditsPriceDiscountDiscount Price
2K$2025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$15
5K$5025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$40
10K$10025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$80
25K$25025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$187.5
50K$50025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$400
100K$100025% discount with coupon code "nikolaroza" (without quotes)$800

Note: you can buy up to 100 000 credits, and they don’t expire month over month.

You can also enable auto billing so you never run out of credits during important work.

How to Buy More Originality.ai Credits?

How to purchase Originality.ai credits in 2023?

  • Step #1– log in to your Originality.ai account;
  • Step #2– click the “Credits” tab and then click the “Purchase Credits” button;
  • Step #3– buy the number of credits you need;
  • Step #4– apply my coupon code “nikolaroza” (without quotes) to get a 25% discount;

It’s easy to buy more credits inside the Originality.ai dashboard.

First, log in to your Originality.ai account (if you don’t have one, open it. It’s free and you don’t need to add a credit card.).

Originality.ai dashboard

Second, go to the “Credits” tab on the left sidebar and the in the upper right corner click the “purchase credits” button.

Buy Originality.ai credits inside their dashboard

Third, buy the number of credits you need.

Buy credits within Originality.ai

And that’s it!

Originality.ai Pricing and Cost 2023 FAQ

Originality.ai pricing FAQ
Originality.ai pricing for 2023 FAQ

#1- Is There an Originality.ai Free Trial?

There is an Originality.ai free trial.

You can get 50 free credits to check for AI content and content duplication simply by installing their Chrome extension.

For more details read my Originality.ai free trial guide next.

#2- Is There an Originality.ai Coupon Code I Can use?

There is Originality.ai coupon code you can use to get a discount. My coupon code “nikolaroza” (without quotes) gives you 25% discount on any amount of credits you buy.

For more details read my Originality.ai coupon code guide next.

#3-Can I Pay for Originality.ai Subscription With My Credit Card?

You can pay for Originality.ai subscription with your credit card.

Originality.ai accept:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Discover;
  • Union Pay;
  • JCB;
  • American Express.

#4- Can I Pay for Originality.ai Subscription With PayPal?

You can’t pay for an Originality.ai subscription with PayPal.

Originality.ai currently doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method.

#5- Can I Pay for Originality.ai Subscription With Bitcoin?

You can’t pay for Originality.ai subscription with Bitcoin.

Originality.ai currently doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method.

#6- How Does Originality.ai’s Pricing Compare to the Cost of Other AI Detection Tools?

Originality.ai is a premium AI content detection tool and it costs money to use it.

Most of its competitors are websites that offer free AI detection tools that are actually just demos and not viable solutions for legit online publishers.

Plus, most of these tools are built to detect a specific type of AI content. For example, Hugging Face is free, but it can only detect Openai GPT-2 and GPT-3 content, while it severely struggles with ChatGPT outputs.

And GLTR (the first ever AI detection tool to hit the web) is just a demo built for GPT-2 content. It’s already obsolete.

Currently, Originality.ai is the only tool on the market to detect with near 100% accuracy GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-J, and ChatGPT content.

#7- Why Should I Buy Originality.ai Instead of Some Other More Established Plagiarism Checker?

The biggest benefit to getting Originality.ai rather than some other online plagiarism checker is that with it you also get an AI content detector.

If you were to get Quillbot Plagiarism Checker, Copyscape, or any other tool, you’d also need to buy an AI content detector to detect GPT content.

So, purchasing Originality.ai is an intelligent way to save some money while getting the two services you definitely need as an online publisher.

#8- Does Jasper AI Come With Originality.ai Integration?

Jasper AI doesn’t come with Originality.ai integration. For now, they’re two separate tools. However, Jasper AI is the biggest AI writing tool on the market, they’re rapidly growing as a brand and I can see them in the future adding Originality.ai as an add-on to their suite of tools.

To learn more about Jasper AI read my review of Jasper AI and my guides to Jasper AI free trial and Jasper AI discount code.

#9- Does Quillbot AI Come With Originality.ai Integration?

Quillbot AI doesn’t come with Originality.ai integration. For now, they’re two separate tools. However, Quillbot is the biggest AI paraphrasing tool on the market, and they’re always adding new features to their tool. As AI content detection becomes more popular and necessary, I see Quillbot AI at some point adding Originality.ai to its suite of tools.

To stay updated on Quillbot read my review of Quillbot and my guides to Quillbot promo code, Quillbot free trial.

Originality.ai Pricing and Cost 2023 (Conclusion)

My Originality.ai pricing guide is over.

You’ve read it and now you know how much this tool costs and also how to get a 25% discount (hint: coupon code= nikolaroza).

Are you going to try Originality.ai?

LMK in the comment section below!

Or read my Originality.ai review next!

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