PodcastPage Coupon and Discount 2021- Get 20% on a Yearly Plan!

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Quick Summary– Interested in building a podcasting site? Looking to buy Podcastpage.io? Want to find coupon and/or discount?

Good news!

There is no Podcastpage coupon, but there is a 20% discount you can grab. How? Click this link and purchase a yearly package.

Because 20% discount (two months free) is a yearly-package-exclusive deal.

Podcastpage coupon and discount
Podcastpage discount- get 20% off with a yearly package today!

PodcastPage is a code-free platform for building beautiful podcasting sites,

It comes with managed hosting; is SEO friendly out of the box; and has a super fast CDN (Content Delivery Network) that provides blazing fast loading speeds, anywhere in the  world.

But that’s only scratching the surface.

Below is the full bonanza that is Podcastpage 😀

Podcastpage Features

  • Unlimited podcast shows and episodes- grow as much as you can!
  • Fully customizable podcast media player- perfect for branding;
  • Custom domain support;
  • Publish blog posts together with your podcasts (transcripts anyone?);
  • Integrates with all podcasts hosting companies;
  • Integrates with all popular marketing tools  (via Zapier);
  • Automatically pulls you new episodes from RSS;

Note: Podcastpage prides itself on being a code-free solution for busy podcasters. Those who only wish to be that and only that.

Those who do not crave to be accomplished back-end developer or webmasters, or even bloggers.

They want to record podcast episodes and only that. And with Podcastpage that’s really possible, because there’s no messy code involved… unless you want it to be.

Meaning, if you know some code you can add custom CSS, scripts and HTML codes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Podcastpage

#1- Is Podcastpage Really a Code-Free Platform?

Yes it is.

You don’t have to know even a sliver of code to make full use of it.

#2- How Much Does Podcastpage Cost?

Podcastpage pricing plans

There are 3 packages available:

  • Personal- $80 (yearly) or $8 (monthly)
  • Podcast Network- $180 (yearly) $18 (monthly)
  • Enterprise- $390 (yearly) $39 (monthly)

#3- Is There a Free Trial?

Yes. You can get a free trial by purchasing either a monthly or yearly package.

However, yearly package also comes with a 2-month bonus if you decide to purchase.

#4- What’s the Support Like?

Reliable, fast and super helpful.

It’s also delivered via email 24/7 😎

#5- Does Podcastpage.io Work With WordPress?


It’s a standalone platform built for professional podcasters in mind.

How to Get a Podcastpage Coupon?

You can’t. It doesn’t exist.

But you can get a 20% discount.

Here’s how.

First, click this link and go to Podcastpage’s website. Then sign up as a free member.

Podcastpage signup page
Join for a free 14-day trial!

Then either use your 14-day trial before you buy, or purchase it right then and there.

Just remember that discount is valid only for ANY of the yearly subscription plans.


If you want a hassle-free platform, perfect for developing your podcasting chops, and perfect for spurring the growth of your podcast, look no further than Podcastpage.

I mean, it’s built for exactly that!

Try it out! It’s a 14-day free trial, so you have noting to lose.