Quora Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023- Learn how to do Affiliate Marketing on Quora Effectively!

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Hi there!

In my guide on doing affiliate marketing on Quora you’ll learn how to promote affiliate links effectively and how not to get booted off the platform in the process.

Yes, it’s possible and what’s more- it’s possible for YOU!

Even if you’re a new Quora user, fresh as a daisy with no questions asked, no answers given.

Without wasting your time… let’s begin!

Quora affiliate marketing learn how to promote affiliate links on Quora effectively
Affiliate marketing on Quora- really possible?

Table of Contents

What’s Quora? A Quick Definition

Quora is a QNA platform that lets you:

  • ask questions;
  • get and give answers;
  • get connected with like-minded people;
  • build a brand and a following.

According to Similar web, it’s one of the most popular websites in the world and as such is chock full of folks looking for answers to their burning questions and problems.

Questions YOU could be answering; problems YOU could be solving.

Does Quora Allow Affiliate Links?

No, they do not.

According to Quora’s terms and services:

Affiliate links are not allowed on Quora and any content that use affiliate links will be considered spam.

So, Quora doesn’t give affiliate marketers free rein on their platform.

But does that mean you should give up on it?

Of course not.

But you do need to be creative about it.

Can I Still Do Affiliate Marketing on Quora (NO and YES)?

There are two ways to approach marketing your affiliate offers on Quora:

  • the good one;
  • The not so good one (the BAD).

Let’s cover both, shall we?

NO- How Not to Promote Yourself on Quora

Saw the quote from above?


No worries, here it is again:

Affiliate links are not allowed on Quora and any content that use affiliate links will be considered spam.

Unlike Twitter, where you can post affiliate links (read my Twitter affiliate marketing guide next), Quora doesn’t allow it.

If you do, as soon as you do, you can consider your account in jeopardy, and your hard work is always one review away from being erased.

It’s not a matter if it will happen, but when it will happen.

And here’s the kicker:

if you post just one answer with your affiliate link, then you will probably never get caught, just as you’ll never make a sale like that.

To make sales with affiliate links in Quora answers, you need to really bombard them.

Bulk wins here and if you have several hundred answers all littered with your links then you can hope to make a buck.

But guess what?

The more answers you have that disgrace the noble profession of affiliate marketing 😉 the more likely it is that you’ll be found out.

Remember, Quora has an entire team of controllers hunting folks like you and all it takes is for them to find one of your answers and it will lead them down the rabbit hole to find all others.

And where does the hole lead?

Don’t know, never been banned before, but I’m sure it’s not pleasant having your work erased before your unbelieving eyes.

And you thought you figured it all out…

How about an example?

Here’s one Quora question that’s about HostGator Black Friday.

some promoting HostGator affiliate offers on Quora

You can see that this person wrote a pretty decent, but obviously very biased answer and there are 2 paid (affiliate) links inside that short answer.

Why haven’t Quora moderators removed it yet?

Because they’re only humans, Quora has millions of questions and more popular ones are prioritized.

However, the answers are collapsed, so Quora automatically detected those affiliate links.

The end result is zero visibility and even no index status in Google and Bing.

Here’s another proof of Quora’s algorithm in action.

This person posted the answer to the question about web hosting free trial.

another person doing affiliate marketing on Quora

And within it, they linked to my web hosting free trial guide.

The answer seems good, but it collapsed and is not even indexed in Google.


Because Quora filters deemed it as either not high quality enough, or as duplicate content.

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Pro tip- Another thing you should not be doing on Quora is asking questions just so that you can give answers to them.

Some affiliate marketers love to first ask questions about the products they’re promoting and then immediately give answers to said questions.

Quora consider this behavior a type of spam and if they notice they’ll either delete your question(s) or even ban you.

YES- How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Quora the Right Way


Really, that is the answer.

Instead of promoting your affiliate offer, you instead promote your blog post that hosts affiliate links to that offer.

Then even the stingiest, crankiest Quora moderator who’s also in the foulest mood ever won’t even bat an eye on it.

They even say they allow you to promote yourself if your links are an integral part of the post, and not just tacked on for the sake of linking out.

It’s alright to post about your product or company on Quora, either in an answer to a relevant question or as a post on your Quora blog, but repeatedly posting the same information or intentionally misapplying topics on posts in order to gain more visibility may be considered spamming.

Here are the elements of a good Quora answer.

  • Short and concise; but informative;
  • Has one or several images but is not littered to the point of being hard to read;
  • Gives a direct answer to the question, without too much meandering;
  • Has links to helpful resources either in text or as footnotes (this includes a link to your site).

Here are two quick examples:

This is my answer to the Quora question “is Wealthy Affiliate a scam”

Quora affiliate marketing done right example #1

You can clearly see it’s succinct, answers the question, and has a link to my Wealthy Affiliate review.

And this is my answer to the Quora question “What is the purpose of Unbounce” (note: in it, I promote my Unbounce coupon code article)

Quora affiliate marketing done right example #2

Bonus (3 Quora Answers Templates)

I’ve given you the elements of a good Quora answer but since I’m in a good mood I want to share with you some quick templates for writing Quora answers fast and easily.

These templates helped me and can help you too.

Template 1- What is X (product) and how does it work?

  • Intro- X is… 30-50 words
  • It works by… 50 words
  • It is especially good at doing X Y and Z- 50 words
  • It’s not as good at doing A B and C -50 words
  • Conclusion- I wrote about it on my blog 30 words (and your link)

Template 2-  When did X (event) happen?

  • Intro- X happened in (year) 30 words
  • Back then it was like this… 70 words
  • Now it is different- 50 words
  • Conclusion- Read about it in detail here (link) 40 words

Template 3- Who is Better: Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic?

  • Intro- It’s hard to decide because… 50 words
  • Some say Federer is better because… 70 words
  • Others claim Djokovic is better because… 70 words
  • Conclusion- I think Nadal is best and I wrote about it on my blog- 60 words

Note: there are other variations of Quora questions but these should serve you well for now.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Quora? A Step-by-Step Strategy

How to do affiliate marketing on Quora in 2023?

  • Step #1– tie in your answers with your blog’s affiliate promotions;
  • Step #2– search Quora for questions you can comfortably answer;
  • Step #3– record those questions in a Google Spreadsheet;
  • Step #4– answer those questions and promote yourself intelligently;

More details below.

Step #1- Tie in Your Answers With Your Blog’s Affiliate Promotions

First, dig through your affiliate site and find all products and services you promote.

Then record them somewhere. The easiest way is using Google Spreadsheet.

Step #2- Search Quora for Questions You Can Comfortably Answer

So you won’t be just randomly answering questions.

Instead, you’ll be looking for questions people have about the X product you promote.

For example, since I promote the Fiverr affiliate program, it’d make total sense for me to search for questions related to the Fiverr affiliate platform.

I also promote Interact Quiz Builder so it makes sense for me to find questions people ask about that quiz maker.

Interact Quiz Builder Quora questions

Step #3- Record Those Questions in a Google Spreadsheet

Oftentimes, there will be only a handful of questions and you’ll be able to answer all of them.

But sometimes, the topic is super popular and there are hundreds of questions. 

Then you’ll have to pick and choose.

What are the criteria?

  • Can you answer the question thoroughly and completely (without doing too much research)?
  • Is the question popular (views and upvotes)?
  • What’s the competition like?
  • Can you link to your blog organically?

So pick and choose and add them to your spreadsheet

Your spreadsheet should have these columns (don’t worry if it’s confusing, I give an example spreadsheet below)

  • Question;
  • URL;
  • number of answers;
  • a number of followers.

 Here’s how I did it with Wealthy Affiliate as a topic:

Quora questions where I can promote Wealthy Affiliate

And here you can download my spreadsheet, for free:

  • Quora Affiliate Promotions Example Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vLI5-qMeH7YXUHgcRo2JGlOMa90Pj0m4sP1gqmHV1GU/edit?usp=sharing

Note: I set it to  “view only” so you won’t be able to make changes, but If you want a copy simply go to:

  1. File
  2. Make a copy
  3. Save to Drive

Step #4- Answer Those Questions

Pick them off one by one.

I suggest you prioritize those with low competition but a decent following.

Make sure your answers are grammatically correct or you’ll look like a total noob and no one will click your links.

I use Grammarly to help me. Check out my Grammarly student discount page to learn how to score that discount Grammarly gives to university students.

My Honest Advice for Quora Affiliate Marketing

Quora is not worth it for affiliate marketing.

There! I said it.

  • Brand recognition? YES!
  • Knowledge building? YES!
  • Making friends? YES!

But affiliate marketing; especially successful affiliate marketing- NO.


Take a look at this question about the Jaaxy Keyword tool.

Too many affilitae links in a Quora answer lower affiliate link CTR

I counted 6 answers and 20 links.

What are the chances of your link getting clicked?

Slim to none and honestly- it’s not worth it. It’s an amateur blogging mistake to expect a lot of clicks from Quora.

Especially if you’re a newbie blogger and you heard that Quora is a goldmine of traffic

That’s bullshit, sorry!

Quora is not a goldmine.

Sure you can get a click or two here and there but to build an affiliate marketing business off it, you’d need a million answers or at least 10 000 of them.

I’m being honest here; I’m being real.

So what to do instead?

Focus on the platform that you control.

Focus on your WordPress site. Build a large chunk of helpful informational content (100+ articles is a good number to target).

Then build a large chunk of helpful reviews full of your affiliate links (30 review articles is a very good number to hit).

With that volume of articles, you are guaranteed to get traffic from Google and then make some sales.

And once you become a real marketer, and you are real when you make money from your affiliate links,  then you can think about expanding to Quora.

But not for selling on the platform, but for brand building and some referral traffic along the way.

Outsourcing Quora is the answer!

Here, Neil Patel has 278 Quora answers.

Neil Patel quora profile

Tell me:

Do you really think that Neil, who’s worth millions of dollars and who’s managing a team of several hundred people, is sitting behind a computer screen and typing away, answering hot questions on Quora?

Of course not!

He has his VA’s do it for him.

That’s how the pros do it and if you want to be a pro then you better start acting like one.

Stay off Quora till you can afford to get help and approach it with a real strategy.

Quora Affiliate Marketing FAQ

Quora affilialte marketing FAQ
affiliate marketing on Quora- your questions answered!

#1- So, Quora Doesn’t Allow Affiliate Links? What about Bit.ly and Other Link Shorteners?

Shortened links are also not allowed. Because they’re basically paid link in disguise.

I read in this thread here that some affiliate marketer posted valuable answers on Quora and within those answers were bit.ly links to his landing page.

He thought he was in the clear because the links were shortened and were not leading directly to his affiliate offer (his merchant’s website, in this case, Click Bank).

Well, they were wrong because the Quora moderator saw it and deleted those links.

Quora deletes affiliate links

#2- Can You Post Cloaked Affiliate Links on Quora?

No, you can’t.

It’s not a matter of whether the link is cloaked or not. It’s that it’s an affiliate link and those are forbidden and considered spam.

For example, in this question below I promote Fusebox Podcast Player. And believe me, I’d much rather link directly to my merchant’s landing page than to my Fusebox Player review.

But I’m not because I’m following the rules and am thinking long term.

Good Quora promotion affiliate link

#3- Can You Promote Amazon Affiliate Links on Quora?


You can’t promote Amazon affiliate links on Quora.

#4- What Will Happen if I Post Affiliate Links And Quora Moderator Stumbles Upon Them?

That’s up to their discretion but almost always these three things happen, and in this order:

  1. Your links get deleted.
  2. You get a warning in your Quora profile dashboard not to repeat the offense again.
  3. You are shown a link to Quora terms and services page.

And if I repeat the same mistake?

Well, each account has its “criminal file” with Quora, so if you commit an offense once, you’re let off the hook.

But if you do it several times, especially if it’s the same error (which shows you’re not willing to learn and are stubborn) then you get punched in the face.

Punishment is either account suspension or banishment.

#5- Can Posting Affiliate Links on Quora Generate at Least a Few Sales for Me? I’m Not Thinking Long Term

I suppose it could, but you’d need to find a question:

  • that is hot (very popular);
  • is about something where you can pitch a product;
  • that has very few or even none of the other answers.

Then you’d need to post your answer with your affiliate links and hope that a stronger Quora account doesn’t come along and post their answer on top of yours, 

And you better pray that the Quora moderator doesn’t spot you till you’ve made at least one sale.

The chances of this tactic working are slim to none and I can’t remember the last time I saw a question that was hot and had hundreds of followers, yet with zero answers.

For example, this question is semi-decent.

unanswered Quora question, but not popular

It’s about AccuRanker keyword rank tracker and they do have an affiliate program.

So you could whip up a quick answer and immediately take the front stage as you’ll be competing against no one.

However, it only has 2 followers which as you can probably guess is not enough.

#6- Will Quora Links Help Me Rank Better in Google?


Quora links are all nofollow by default and cannot help your affiliate website rank higher in Google.

Quora links don't help with SEO

#7- Does Quora Allow Affiliate Links on Profile Pages?

You’d think they would allow it since it’s your profile.

But of course they don’t.

Here’s what happened when I try to post a SEMrush affiliate link on my profile page:


Quora doesn't allow affiliate links even on profile pages

#8- Does Quora Have an Affiliate Program? Can You Make Money Answering Questions?

No, Quora doesn’t have an affiliate program. And Quora won’t pay you for answering questions users ask.

But they might pay you for posting interesting questions.


I’m talking about Quora Partner program, an invite only program where Quora pays people to post question on the platform and pull organic traffic from Google.

There’s no room for it here, but if you want to learn more, check out this guide here.

#9- How Does Quora Make Money?

Quora makes money through its advertisement system.

Namely, publishers can pay to have their ads promoted on relevant questions.

It’s a similar system to Google AdSense and other ad networks.

#10- How Can I Find Most Traffice Quora Questions to Answer (using SEMrush)?

You can use SEMrush.

SEMrush is the world’s best keyword research tool (they have a huge keyword database) and to use it all you need to do is add Quora.com in SEMrush and the tool will spit up Quoora traffic level and their most trafficked questions.

Next, you need to browse a bit and search for the questions from your niche that you can answer.

Note: if case you don’t own SEMrush you can get an official SEMrush free trial from my page (just linked).

If you’re not interested in a free trial you can buy a yearly SEMrush subscription while getting a 17% discount. This is called SEMrush lifetime deal because that SEMrush 17% discount is valid for the lifetime of your subscription.

Note: besides SEMrush Black Friday offer which is active just once per year, SEMrush free trial and lifetime offer are the 2 best ways to get a premium SEMrush plan while saving a lot of money.

This means that scams like SEMrush premium cookies SEMrush group buy, and SEMrush cracked version are just that, scams made to exhort money from you.

And unfortunately, SEMrush coupon codes no longer exist ever since SEMrush affiliate program moved from Berush to Impact Radius.

#11- Can I Use Online Paraphrasing Tools to Write My Quora Answers Faster?

You shouldn’t use online paraphrasing tools to write your Quora answered faster. This is because Quora has a plagiarized content detection tool that immediately flags paraphrased content it finds.

So, you shouldn’t use Quillbot to paraphrase or summarize (Quillbot is an excellent content summarizer) someone else Quora answer and pass it as your own.

Instead, you can use Quillbot to paraphrase and then rewrite what you paraphrased to make it human, unique, and you.

That’d work.

If you want to get Quillbot, make sure you read my Quillbot free trial, Quillbot pricing, and Quillbot discount code guides next!

#12- Can I Use Online AI Writing Tools to Write My Quora Answers Faster?

You shouldn’t use online AI writing tools to write your Quora answered faster. This is because Quora has a plagiarized content detection tool that immediately flags AI content it finds. And now with the advent of ChatGPT Quora is on the verge of banning all GPT-3 content on their platform.

Be aware that AI content can be detected quite easily. You can read my guide on the best AI content detection tools.

Or my Originality.ai review next.

Bottom line: Don’t use tools like Jasper AI to rewrite someone else’s Quora answers and pass them as your own.

Instead, you can use Jasper AI to paraphrase and then rewrite what you paraphrased to make it human, unique, and you.

That’d work.

If you want to get Jasper AI, make sure you read my Jasper AI promo code, Jasper AI free trial, Jasper AI pricing, guides next!

Bonus- How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Quora, The RIGHT Way (Expert Roundup)

I want this guide to be the best resource on Quora affiliate marketing.

To that end I brought 4 Quora marketing experts to share their tips with you.


#1- Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive

#1- Have you ever promoted affiliate links directly on Quora and what was the result of it? Did you make sales?

I have not directly promoted affiliate links on Quora but I have answered questions and linked to blog posts that contained the affiliate links.

It did lead to more affiliate sales as the traffic from Quora increased my blog post views with the affiliate links in them.

Lisa Sicard contribution

#2- What is your criteria when choosing Quora questions to answer?

f I know the answers and have written about them I tend to answer the questions.

I do not always place links in my answers as I’m fearful of being hit with a ban.

I oftentimes try to post with an image to better explain an answer especially if I do not link to a blog post with the answer as well.

Oftentimes I do both 🙂

#3- Is Quora only a supplemental source of affiliate income? Or can someone go “full time” pushing affiliate offers on Quora?

Yes, Quora for me is only a supplemental source of affiliate income.

I would not depend on any solo network like Quora for a full-time affiliate income.

You never know when they may change the rules or algorithms.

For example, now there are spaces on Quora and that has changed the game somewhat on the platform.

#2- James McAllister of James McAllister Online

#1- Have you ever promoted affiliate links directly on Quora and what was the result of it? Did you make sales?

James McAllister

I never link directly to affiliate landing pages because this is against Quora’s rules, and they’ve gotten stricter with this in recent years.

However, I have found a lot of success linking to blog articles and then promoting affiliate offers within them.

If your article can address the initial question that the viewer was having, they’ll do even better.

I use Quora to help generate ideas for additional information to update articles with, and this is one of the reasons.

#2- What is your criteria when choosing Quora questions to answer?

I tend to look for questions that are receiving regular, passive traffic from Google, rather than questions that are suggested through Quora’s internal algorithm.

Questions with Google traffic tend to have more targeted visitors that convert better.

One way to find these is to view other people’s top-viewed answers from their profile, or search Google using “site:quora.com YOUR KEYWORD HERE” to find the highest-ranking questions.

Questions receiving Google traffic tend to have high views but few upvotes, and the views are more evenly distributed among answerers.

#3- Is Quora only a supplemental source of affiliate income? Or can someone go “full time” pushing affiliate offers on Quora?

It’s definitely possible to make a full-time living off of Quora.

I have one answer that brought in several thousands of dollars of the month in recurring business for one of my eCommerce brands.

This is rare, though.

With Quora becoming so strict on what answers they remove, I would prioritize sending people to your own website and using it to build your presence there, while also building up other traffic and revenue streams.

#3- Mudassir Ahmed of Blogging Explained

#1- Have you ever promoted affiliate links directly on Quora and what was the result of it? Did you make sales?

I had been promoting affiliate links in 2015 and my answers used to be removed by Quora, and one day I got the ban.

Since then I stopped using affiliate links on Quora.

Mudassir AhmedThe ban really depends on the popularity of your answer with the affiliate links;

the more popular your answer becomes the higher your chances of it getting seen by the Quora moderation team and thus getting a ban.

#2. What is your criteria when choosing Quora questions to answer?

My priority is to pick the question that is already popular with a lot of answers, views, shares, and comments.

I just make sure to go through the existing answers as much as I can so that I can provide extra relevant value in my answer.

Sometimes I pick obscure questions that are not available on Google and requested to me on Quora.

#3- Is Quora only a supplemental source of affiliate income? Or can someone go “full time” pushing affiliate offers on Quora?

Answer: Quora, no doubt helps you build authority and achieve quality traffic.

But it is not the right platform to promote your affiliate products directly.

Instead, do this:

  • Optimize your profile by adding the expertise;
  • Add an interesting and relevant headline to each of your answers;
  • Write great answers full of value.

The goal is to drive readers to your profile with your creative headlines and answers. From there, it is easy to lead them to your affiliate blog post or website.

Quora Affiliate Marketing Guide for 2023 (Conclusion)

The right way to use Quora is to promote:

  • yourself;
  • your brand;
  • and your business.

The wrong way is to promote your affiliate offers and get kicked off the platform.

Quora affiliate marketing does not work the way you think it works.

Which way will you choose?

Tell me in the comment section below.


Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza is an affiliate marketer and blogger behind Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined. He writes for bloggers who don't have huge marketing budgets and who still want to carve out a niche online and a better life for themselves. Learn about Nikola here, or read his blog posts and guides here.


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