Here are 24 Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions- Join Them Today!

Disclosure: Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I’ll get a commission. If you’re reading a review of some precious metals company, please understand that some of the links are affiliate links that help me pay my bills and write about what I love with no extra cost to you. Thank you!

Passive income is the dream of every affiliate marketer, and the easiest way to achieve the dream is to join a bunch of recurring affiliate programs, make some referrals from each, and then keep on riding that wave in perpetuity.

Let’s turn that lofty dream into reality, and let’s begin by reading the guide below.


Recurring revenue affiliate programs
Join these recurring revenue affiliate programs today!

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What Are Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions?

A recurring affiliate program is one that pays you for the initial signup and purchase your referral makes, + everything else they buy in the future.

Recurring commission affiliate programs can be time limited, for example Thinkific affiliate program (one year); or unlimited where as long as the customer keeps paying, you get paid.

Excellent examples of the latter model is Unbounce affiliate program.

Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs Pros and Cons

Yes, there are cons too, though positively overwhelmed by massive pros of this type of affiliate partnership.


#1- Passive Income

As mentioned in the intro, having recurring, stable and predictable revenue coming in on a monthly or annual basis is the foundation of true passive income.
That’s the one where a successful blogger can easily take a month off and go to the Bahamas to rest, refuel their batteries and just enjoy life.

#2- Stability and Predictability

Recurring affiliate income is stable income. As long as your referrals don’t churn too much, you can predict how much money you’ll earn every month.

#3- Revenue Stacking

Because you get paid for the lifetime of the customer you referred, if you keep sending your merchant new customers, every month your income will swell and swell.

Combine it with the fact that most of the time you get paid for everything your referral purchases after they signed up under your link;

and you clearly see the sheer potential of affiliate programs with recurring commissions.

But it’s not all roses you know, and there are some significant chinks in this particular shiny armor…


#1- Takes a While to Get Going

Affiliate marketing success is never instant or accidental.

Instead, before it happens there are months, often years of planning, doing, pivoting, advancing, going back and forth, figuring out things, tweaking incessantly until you finally nail that formula which gives you “the easy life” and “money on autopilot”.

Yes, it’s easy then, but you paid the price in advance with your blood, sweat and tears.

How many doubts will you have to overcome to reach your goal?
Infinite number of them!

Note: a big morale booster is getting paid for your work, even if it’s some symbolic sum. Check out this list of affiliate programs that pay daily if you want quick cash.

#2- Lower Commission Rates

The price you pay for sustainability and predictability is getting, on average, significantly lower commissions.

Namely, programs that pay you one time commissions for referrals are paying much more than those that offer recurring affiliate income opportunity.

For example, Cloudways offer $125 on their Slab model, while you only get $30 + 7% recurring commission on their hybrid model.
One time commission vs recurring commission structure

So, if your goal was to earn as much money as you can in the shortest amount of time possible, you’d actually want to avoid recurring commission affiliate programs.

#3- Affiliate Program Could Get Canceled

The same as with one-time-commission affiliate programs, your money maker recurring commission partner program could get canceled out of the blue, leaving you hanging, pulling the rug under your feet and obliterating your income.

For example, last year SiteGround decided to cancel their affiliate program for around 90% percent of the world (only the developed Western World was exempt from it).

Had you been a successful SiteGround affiliate, you would have witnessed your steady recurring income dwindle to nothing in one fell swoop.

Canceled affiliate program

#4- Commission Decrease as Customers Cancel

You get recurring payments only if your referral keeps on paying.

So when choosing an affiliate program with recurring commissions, make sure you do your research and that it’s one that both customers and affiliates are raving about.

For example, SEMrush affiliate program is one such gem.

7 Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs With Recurring Commissions

Before I spill the beans on the best promotional strategies, I need to make one thing clear,

In content marketing, and especially when recommending stuff as an affiliate, you need to talk about things you’re deeply knowledgeable about.

Don’t promote stuff you’ve never used, just because the merchant offers a big payout. Even with ample research, it likely won’t work for you.

Your audience will see right through you, and your best written review will pale in comparison to someone else’s who actually used the product they’re pushing.
Instead, use the service or product in question, not necessary all the time, but take it for a spin for a week, and then write about your experience using it.

Then your reviews, listicles and comparison articles will reek of authenticity, and will convert handsomely for you.
That is what you want, right?

#1- Write Reviews, Comparison Articles and Listicles

Reviews, comparison articles and listicles are how you’ll make 95% of your affiliate income.

They’re all content based on money keywords people type into Google, and you need to know how to do them right to succeed.

When writing reviews, use the product first, then see what others have done with their articles, and then write your review which will be a composite of the best stuff from other articles + your unique spin.

For example Hassan Khan’s Content Studio review is a fine example of a well written piece of content.
It’s informational, instructive, and not overly salesy.

In fact I think he placed fewer affiliate links than optimal, and that he should add some.

Comparison articles are dead simple, take 2 competing products, for example SEMrush vs Ahrefs, and compare them head to head on features and usability.

Fir example, my good friend Pedro Okoro does that in his SEMrush vs Ahrefs article.

These convert even better than reviews because I feel like web users searching for comparison type keywords are one step closer to buying than those looking to read reviews.

Finally, listicle posts are when you compare several, often 10+ products in one post.

Because there are so many tools in one post, you need to give a brief description, a mini review of each product focusing on just the essentials.

That way you still give crucial info, but you don’t overwhelm your visitors with a 20 000-word guide.

My best web hosts that offer free trials article is a good example of that.

#2- Use Video Marketing to Your Advantage

Let’s face it:

Video marketing is actually YouTube marketing as YouTube is by and large the largest video sharing platform on the web;
and Google prefers YouTube videos over those hosted by their competitors (Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, LinkedIn).
Bottom line- host your videos with YouTube. And use Tubebuddy if you intend to be a pro and want to find success with YouTube.

Alternatively, if you’re a stickler for control, you can host your videos with a specialized video hosting company. My pick is to whom I linked to on the above.

One way to use video for affiliate marketing is to review a product or service.

For example, these marketers review SEMrush in their videos.
Video reviews

Another way is to give tutorials on products you use.

So your intent should be to teach people how to use X, and once you show them, you can plug your affiliate link by telling them to click it so they get an affiliate-exclusive discount.

Bottom line: video marketing is powerful, video is on the rise, and I suggest you start using it to your advantage.

And I suggest you be a pro about it right from the start and invest in a quality video software program right off the bat.

It’ll be worth it long term.

#3- Add Affiliate Links Into Older Articles

Your blog archive is a potential goldmine of new affiliate sales.

What you need to do is examine your old posts and see where you can add affiliate links to them.

Sometimes, it’ll be very easy. For example, you mentioned ConvertKit somewhere, but didn’t link to your merchant?
Do it then and there.

Repeat across all posts and pages and suddenly your site is much better optimized for conversions.

Note: sometimes, you’ll notice that affiliate links don’t really fit in with the piece, no matter how creative you get.
But if you were to expand that article with relevant information, they would fit in quite nicely.

Do it. Yes, it’s more work than just placing a link, but it’ll be worth it.

You get to add your affiliate links naturally, but you also get to add new content which will refresh your page, and also get it to index and potentially rank for new queries.

#4- Write Case Studies

If you used product X to a great effect, if you can attribute great success to it, then make sure to write a case study where you show what you did and how product X held you achieve success.

For example, Spencer Haws used Link Whisper to gain a massive ranking boost just from internal linking he did.
He talks about it in his case study, and of course, he plugs Link Whisper heavily.

#5- Resource Pages

Resource pages are those where you show off all resources, tools and services you use to run your blog successfully.

The beauty of those pages is that they’re built for promotion. The drawback is that they don’t’ target any keyword so they won’t rank for anything in Google and Bing.

#6- Use Email Marketing

The goal of email marketing is to get people on your list and into your funnel. The goal of your funnel is to convert them.

Conversion can be anything that’s useful to your business. It can be them checking out your new post, signing up for your course. But it can also be them clicking on affiliate links and going to buy.

#7- Engage in Coupon Marketing

Coupons work. They turn a hesitant buyer into a convinced and converted one.

And you need to use them to your advantage.

Whenever you sign up to some affiliate program, make sure you immediately ask them to give you a custom coupon code to offer to your audience.

Then, as you write content about that product, you can always plug your coupon as a way to get it cheaper.

Some good examples of coupon code articles are my Unbounce coupon code article, Link Whisper coupon code article and Interact quiz coupon code article.

21 Affiliate Program With Recurring Revenue Revealed- All You’ll Ever Need to Be Successful Marketer

If you typed into Google queries like “best WordPress affiliate program”, or “affiliate programs with recurring revenue”; or “affiliate commission recurring programs list” you probably saw that certain sites boast a lot of programs on their lists.

And by a lot, I don’t mean just a few dozens.


One blog has 90 programs listed, and others are not that far behind.

Well, here’s the truth for you- they’re doing that for the SEO benefit.

They really want to rank in Google, and are prepared to list a 1000 programs if it helps them.

But that doesn’t help YOU.

There are no 1000 superb affiliate programs with recurring revenue.

There aren’t even 90 of them.

There are 90 good ones, 90 decent ones, but the purpose of this list is to single out the best ones among them, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That’s what my list will do, so let’s dive right in!


  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- Yes;
  • Cookie duration- 60 days;
  • Commission rate- 30% per referral

Jotform is a feature-packed automation platform that allows users to create dynamic forms, surveys, apps and e-signature documents.

Their affiliate program is one of the easiest for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike as the platform itself offers the tools to track your progress. Affiliate partners earn a one-year 30% commission for every qualifying subscription made within 60 days of clicking on an affiliate link. Jotform equips marketers with all the tools they’d need to reach more subscribers, such as a training package and marketing materials like brand assets.

You would also have access to a dedicated account manager and a handy dashboard that allows you to manage and analyze your earnings, links and referrals.

Join the Jotform affiliate program today!

#1- Dorik

Dorik is the most affordable and hottest no-code website builder in the market. With Dorik, you can easily drag and drop elements to build a stunning website without any code! There are 140+ UI blocks and 55+ templates to choose from, so you can easily find the perfect look for your website. And that is not all!

  • Dorik comes with:
  • Unlimited storage and Bandwidth (For Free!)
  • Blog posts, built-in image optimization,
  • Native SEO,
  • Membership,
  • Global CDN – included in all our plans!

#1- Strive

Strive affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Freemius;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 60 days;
  • Commission rate- 30% per referral;

Strive is an editorial calendar plugin for WordPress that makes it easy to plan your content marketing schedule. If you’ve got bloggers and marketers reading your articles, it will be easy to recommend this plugin to them since it makes content creation much easier. You can also write about the other features included, such as the post checklists, post revisions, and post statuses.

Strive is offering all affiliates 30% recurring commissions on all sales. If you refer a customer and they purchase a monthly subscription, you’ll get paid every month. If they buy an annual subscription, you’ll get a bigger payout upfront and then additional commissions every time they renew.

Plus, Strive’s affiliate program is brand new, so you won’t have to worry about competing with affiliates just ye


#2- Moosend

Moosend affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link
  • Affiliate Network – Partnerstack
  • Offer recurring commissions – yes;
  • Cookie duration – 90 days;
  • Commission rate – 30% lifetime recurring;

Moosend is an email marketing automation platform that offers all-in-solutions for eCommerce, SaaS, Publishers, Agencies, Nonprofits, and more. The tool is advanced and easy-to-use, which will make your affiliate marketing efforts less complicated.

As an affiliate, Moosend will provide you with a user-friendly affiliate interface, ready-made creatives, and material to start earning as quickly as possible.

The dedicated team will also be with you every step of the way, giving you information and advice on how to market the tool more effectively.
For every sale, you will receive a 30% recurring lifetime commission. Not only that, but Moosend’s monthly challenges will give you the opportunity to earn additional rewards and power up your income like a pro.

#3- ConvertKit

ConvertKit affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Link Mink
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 90 days;
  • Commission rate- 30% per referral;

ConvertKit is one of the easiest affiliate programs for newbie affiliates to get started with. Their Link Mink affiliate platform is a joy to behold. That’s how simple and elegantly designed it is.

What’s more, ConvertKit is one of the easiest ESP’s to use on the market. This means it has special appeal to email marketing newbies who’re typically mighty confused with all that talk about sequences, automation, list segmenting, templates…

Plus, ConvertKit pricing is straightforward and easy to understand…

ConvertKit holds a decent market share in the ESP arena, and you need to tap into that source of recurring affiliate revenue today!

#4- ActiveCampaign

Active Campaign affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- In-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 30 days;
  • Commission rate- starting from 20% per referral;

In contrast to ConvertKit stands ActiveCampaign. This platform is not easy to use. It’s very feature rich and can do pretty much anything some advanced email marketing professional wants to accomplish.

As such, your audience pool when promoting Active Campaign will be much smaller and you’ll need to be more targeted with your promotions.

On the upside, their affiliate program is great.

It’s recurring revenue of course, but it’s also a tiered payout system.

This means that the more you sell, the higher commission per referral you get.

For example, everyone starts at the bottom, which in ActiveCampaign case means Silver tier (20% per referral).
And if you’re good and refer a lot of paying referrals you can rise to the Platinum tier where payouts are much higher.

Join ActiveCampaign affiliate program today!

#5- MailerLite

  • MailerLite affiliate programAffiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 90 days;
  • Commission rate- 30% per referral;

MailerLite is another simple ESP to use. As such, it’s a perfect choice to promote to newbies as their first email marketing service provider and a good entry into email marketing.
They also have a generous free plan, which is always a plus.

Of course, as an affiliate, you’re looking to get paid, and when your referrals upgrade from free to paid, you get rewarded 30% recurring revenue.

Join MailerLite affiliate program today!

Note: The team behind MailerLite also developed MailerCheck.

MailerCheck is a service that keeps your email list clean and campaign deliverability high by scanning your emails for common spam signals and warning you about them before you hit that “send” button.

This is an indispensable service for serious email list builders and they’re the perfect targets to promote MailerCheck to.

#6- Aweber

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Commission Junction;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 12 months;
  • Commission rate- 30% per referral;

Aweber is a popular ESP that brand themselves as a “perfect choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners”.

And those will be your ideal target audience if you decide to promote Aweber.

Their affiliate program is top notch.

They’re fair, exact and punctual in payments; you get 30% recurring commissions per referral; and there’s a whole team of experts on their side you can contact to help you develop a custom strategy just for your brand.

Join Aweber affiliate program today!

#7- GetResponse

Get Response affiliate program


  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 120 days;
  • Commission rate- 33% per referral;

GetResponse offer an excellent affiliate program which you need to join ASAP.

They have a big team of affiliate managers ready to help you out, payouts are every month on the dot; there’s a whole library of free conversion-tested material available, and finally, their affiliate program is actually two programs molded into one .

First, there’s an Affiliate Bounty Program where you get a one-time $100 commission per referral (warning, not recurring affiliate marketing program).

Second, their Affiliate Recurring Program where you get 33% commission for the lifetime of the customer.

Join the GetResponse affiliate program now!

#8- Ninja Outreach

Ninja outreach affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Lasso Analytics;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 120 days;
  • Commission rate- 33% per referral;

Ninja Outreach is a beginner friendly platform for mass email outreach.
It has a bunch of cool features and pre-saved templates that help a total noob put up their first ever outreach campaign in 15m or less.
It’s a very useful tool and extremely popular with newbies who’re typically intimidated by email outreach and who don’t know where to turn and where to start.

For them, Ninja Outreach is a great start, and for you, it can be another source of recurring affiliate revenue.

The good news is that there are no monthly plans with Ninja Outreach. So every paying customer will have chosen a yearly plan, which means bigger commissions for you upfront.

But, the downside to this is that you’ll get paid only once per year for each referral.

Join Ninja Outreach affiliate program today!

#9- ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 30 days;
  • Commission rate- starting from 20% per referral, maximum is 40% per referral;

ClickFunnels have an amazing affiliate product that you should join as fast as possible.

Not only is it a high quality product that sells really well with people looking to build landing pages and convert more users with funnels, but conversion rate is abnormally high.

That’s because, once a referral signs up under your link, they enter the ClickFunnels funnel designed by Russel Brunson personally, and since he’s no average marketer, his funnel converts at an exceptional percentage, meaning a lot of work is being done for you.

And it’s so easy to get people to sign up with a low entry info product (for example, his DotCom Secrets is free, just pay for shipping), and once they’re there, the journey begins for them.

Join ClickFunnels affiliate program today!

#10- LeadPages Affiliate Program

LeadPages affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Impact Radius;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 30 days;
  • Commission rate- starting from 10% per referral, maximum is 50% per referral;

LeadPages are a classic landing page builder that caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their app is also very beginner friendly and one of the easiest to use in the industry.

LeadPages is an established brand whose affiliate program is several years old and of high quality (that‘s why it is on this list of best recurring affiliate programs).

Join LeadPages affiliate program today!

#11- Instapage

Instapage affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 120 days;
  • Commission rate- starting from 50% per referral for the first year, and 30% for subsequent years.

Instapage is a landing page builder that specializes in converting leads that come to your site from PPC ads, Facebook , Pinterest Twitter ads…

Because of this very specific use, the potential audience pool is pretty small as most marketers don’t dabble at all in paid advertising.
However, those that do have plenty of money, are excellent targets and warm traffic just waiting to convert.

Instapage affiliate program offers a ton of promotional materials and guides on how to promote them effectively.
They also have an affiliate manager who’ll onboard you once you join, and who’ll later be there to help you out when needed.

Join Instapage affiliate program today!

#12- Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 2 years;
  • Commission rate- 35% per referral purchase; 25% recurring commissions.

Despite what the name says, ThriveThemes are not all about premium WordPress themes.

Instead, they also offer a landing page builder (Thrive Architect) and lead generation tool (Thrive Leads).

Customers can buy each tool individually, or they can purchase them all in a bundle.
Whatever they decide, you get paid 35% commission immediately, and then 25% recurring revenue for customer lifetime.

Join Thrive affiliate program today!

#13- Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 180 days;
  • Commission rate- 50% per sale;

Elegant Themes are a premium WordPress theme shop that offers some of the best and most popular themes on the market.

After all, Divi is their theme and Divi already has millions of installs on WordPress sites.

The appeal of Elegant Themes is the simple and slick design along with a simplistic back-end that any newbie can grasp in ~10m.

Any and all newbies looking for affordable and popular themes will be your audience to target when promoting Elegant Themes products.

Join Elegant Themes affiliate program today!

#14- Teachable

Teachable affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 90 days;
  • Commission rate- up to 50% per sale;

Teachable is an online business platform through which creators can create, host and sell their courses on any topic imaginable.

Teachable affiliate program is top notch. They have a manager to onboard you, a ton of promotional materials to help you sell, and they even supply you with fully split-tested sales funnels that all target unique demographics.

Join Teachable affiliate program today!

#15- Thinkific Affiliate Program

  • Thinkific affiliate programAffiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- PartnerStack;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 30 days;
  • Commission rate- 30% per sale.

Similar to Teachable, Thinkific is an online platform where users can create, host and sell their online courses.

They give you 30% commission for every sale on both monthly and yearly plans. Unfortunately, their recurring revenue model covers only the first year, so you can get recurring commissions only on monthly plans your referrals buy.
Otherwise it’s a one-time payment for yearly plans.

Join Thinkific affiliate program now!

#16- Memberium

Memberium affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- PartnerStack;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 30 days;
  • Commission rate- 10% per sale.

Memberium is a premium WordPress membership plugin that webmasters can use to convert their common WordPress sites into membership sites.
It works with both Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign.

Though commissions are not something to brag about(only 10%) it’s still recurring revenue and when you sign up you get access to the affiliate dashboard where you can get free promotional material, + contact your affiliate manager for clarifications and help.

Join Memberium affiliate program today!

#17- MemberPress

  • MemberPress affiliate programAffiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Affiliate Royal;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 60 days;
  • Commission rate- 25% per sale.

MemberPress WordPress plugin is similar to Memberium in that you can use it to convert your WordPress installation into a membership site.

The difference between 2 affiliate programs is that MemberPress has a 25% affiliate commission, compared to just 10% of Memberium. Cookie duration is also twice as long..

It’s definitely worth joining, and you can do it here!

Join MemberPress affiliate program today!

#18- SEMrush Affiliate Program

  • SEMrush affiliate programAffiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- ShareASale;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 120 days;
  • Commission rate- $10 per trial signup, $200 per sale;

Just like SEMrush is an excellent, feature-rich, all-in-one SEO toolset on the market, so is their affiliate program top notch.

I mean, you get an absolute ton of promotional material that’s proven to convert. You also get a whole team of affiliate marketers behind your back helping you anyway they can.

Plus, SEMrush pricing structure is top notch and optimized for conversions.

Finally, you get reliable tracking and reporting via Impact affiliate platform.

Join the SEMrush affiliate program now, and I promise you won’t regret your decision.

#19- SERPStat

SERPstat affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Lasso Analytics;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 14 days;
  • Commission rate-25% per referral;

SERPstat is another excellent all-on-one SEO tool that you can promote to get recurring revenue flowing your way.

SERPstat are a new player on the field and they’re doing everything in their power to gain momentum and take some of the market share from SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz.

This includes having a super helpful affiliate manager whose sole purpose is to help you, their affiliate, make more money.

Join the SERPstat affiliate program now!

#20- HostGator

HostGator affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- Impact Radius;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 60 days;
  • Commission rate-25% per referral;
  • HostGator Black Friday- very easy to promote and make good money.

HostGator is a newbie friendly host you better promote if you know what’s good for you.. It’s because they’ve been in this business for 20+ years and for most people terms “hosting” and “ HostGator” are interchangeable.

The market to tap into is huge.
And you can promote HostGator with a peace of mind in knowing their services are solid stuff, and pushing them won’t tarnish your reputation with your tribe.

HostGator also offer tiered affiliate payout system which hugely benefits successful affiliates.

Everyone starts at the bottom tier where payouts are $65 per referral, and those who’re very successful at promoting HostGator can rise up to $125 per referral.

Join HostGator affiliate program now!

#21- WPX Hosting

WPX hosting affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 60 days;
  • Commission rate-2 $70 per referral, maximum $100 per referral

WPX Hosting is the world’s fastest managed WordPress host.

They’re also pretty expensive with their basic plan starting at $30/mo

This means that WPX Hosting is not newbie friendly when it comes to price, and people looking to buy this hosting will already be successful webmasters who can afford to pay $360/yr for a superbly fast host.

WPX Hosting also offer a tiered commission payout systems.

If you refer <25 customers, you get paid $70 per sale.
If you refer 25-100 people you get paid $85 per sale.

Finally, if you can manage 100+ referral in a given month, you’ll be paid $100 per referral won.

Join WPX Hosting affiliate program today!

#22- Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost affiliate program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 90 days;
  • Commission rate-$65 per referral

Honestly, Bluehost affiliate program is not that great. It’s good, yes, but not awesome like others on this list.

So why did I include it here?

Because Bluehost is the most popular hosting provider in the world. Everyone knows about them and what’s more, every newbie planning to start their first website is planning to do it with Bluehost.

Potential market to tap into is huge, and though the space is crowded now, there’s definitely room for you to cut a small piece of that market share pie.

Join the Bluehost affiliate program today!

#23- FastComet Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network- in-house;
  • Offer recurring commissions- yes;
  • Cookie duration- 180 days;
  • Commission rate- up to $200 per referral

FastComet are an excellent hosting provider with various services to offer.

They sell shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers etc.

You as their affiliate can promote anything they offer, and there’s a tiered payout system in place that ensures you get paid more if you sell more.

Look below!
Image 26

Join the FastComet affiliate program today!

#24- Xara Affiliate Program

Zara affiliate program

Xara do not offer recurring commissions with their affiliate program.

But I include them here because they’re awesome regardless.

  • Affiliate signup link;
  • Affiliate network – in house;
  • Offer recurring commissions – no;
  • Cookie duration – 30 days;
  • Commission rate – 20% on new customers.

Xara is a design tool great for anyone that wants to create visually appealing business and marketing material easy, and with no design experience.

It has helpful features that allow users to generate color schemes, import logos, fonts, and styles that match their brand identity. Moreover, Xara provides beautifully designed templates for anything from social media graphics to flyers and ebooks, and much more.

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Recurring Affiliate Programs FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

People have questions about recurring affiliate programs, and I have answers.

#1- What is A Recurring Affiliate Program Exactly?

Recurring affiliate commission programs are those that pay you your initial commision for referrals you send them, plus additional commission fees for everything else they buy.

Recurring affiliate programs can be time limited or unlimited, and the latter model is obviously more advantageous to you as you get paid for the lifetime of your referrals.

#2- Do I Need to Buy Product X Before Joining their Network?

Usually no. In fact I’d say 99% of the time, you don’t have to buy before joining a network and promoting a product.

The remaining 1% are rare exceptions.

For example, Accuranker asks that you’re a customer of their premium and expensive rank tracker before you’re allowed to join their affiliate program.

So do IONOS 1&1 hosting who require you to pay $5 to join their affiliate program served via AWIN affiliate network (but that money will be reimbursed to you on your first payment from that platform).

As mentioned, these are exceptions rather than rules.

#3- What is The Best Paying Affiliate Program?

I can’t tell you. It solely depends on your niche.

For example, program A can pay $1000 per sale, but what does it matter if you’re not operating in the same space?

My best tip is to do your research, compile a list of 20 affiliate programs, put them in a spreadsheet and then order them each based on commission size.

#4- How Much Do Affiliate Links Pay?

Affiliate links pay you predetermined commissions per referral. If your merchant pays $50 per sale, then that’s how much you’ll get. If it’s $100, then it’s $100 for every successful sale.

Concluding My Recurring Affiliate Program Guide for 2021…


You’re here reading this guide, so I don’t have to tell you that recurring affiliate programs are the best.
But what you didn’t know is, which ones of the whole bunch are truly the best.

Well now you know. I gave you 21 platforms you need to join as soon as you finish reading and as soon as you close this page.

But before you do, leave me a comment, let me know what you think, cheers!

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