Rocket.Net Review 2022- Managed WordPress Hosting at its Peak?

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In my review you’ll learn why I consider it to be one the best (not perfect) managed WordPress hosting on the market today.

Without wasting a second of your precious time, let’s go!

What is review review for 2021- is it any good? is a specialized managed WordPress hosting provider that offer a fast and reliable platform for you to build and run your website. is a new player in the hosting arena, but its founders and developers are hardcore pros with decades of experience in hosting and working with industry giants like GoDaddy, HostGator, cPanel StackPath…

That’s all fine and dandy, but is any good? How much does it cost? What are its defining features?

This and much more right below! Plans and Pricing Explained Plans and have 4 managed WordPress plans on the menu.

#1- Starter ($30/mo; $25 when billed annually)

  • 1 WordPress Install;
  • 250,000 Visits;
  • 10GB Storage;
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF.

The starter plan is secure, ultra-fast and comes with all necessities needed in running a successful WordPress site.

Starter is best suited for newbies starting their first site and for affiliate marketers who want top performance for their niche website built on WordPress.

#2- Pro ($60/mo; $50 when billed annually)

  • 3 WordPress Install;
  • 1 Million Visits;
  • 20GB Storage;
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF.

Pro is best suited for marketers who have a highly trafficked website with ~80 000 visits/mo; and for those who have several money makers and wish to host them all under one host.

#3- Pro ($100/mo; $83 when billed annually)

  • 10 WordPress Install;
  • 2.5 Million Visits;
  • 40GB Storage;
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF.

Business is all about the large numbers and excellent performance.

With it you can easily host a site that gets more that 200 000 visitors/mo, and your site will still be blazingly fast, even when besieged with hordes of traffic.

#4- Agency ($200/mo; $166 when billed annually)

  • 25 WordPress Install;
  • 5 Million Visits;
  • 50GB Storage;
  • Free SSL, CDN, & WAF.

Agency is the ultimate plan has to offer.

It’s a perfect choice for huge publications and gargantuan sites that’re bustling with traffic and require huge resource to stay online and thrive.

An agency plan can give them the support they need to scale further.

Starter$30/mo$25/mo billed annually
Pro$60/mo$50/mo billed annually
Business$100/mo$83/mo billed annually
Agency$200/mo$166/mo billed annually

Related: get my coupon code here! Hosting Features Explained is a feature-rich host. There are so many cool things to cover that if I did that you’d be reading my review for ages 🙂

But I want to be respectful of your time and below are only the essentials you need to know about.

#1- Free Website Transfer

If you already have a WordPress site and want to transfer it to a different host, then you don’t need to do it manually. Instead, do it with with whom you get unlimited free website transfers.

All you have to to is submit a ticket to their support with details about sites that you wish migrated for free.

This is a service many hosts charge extra for, but with you get if for free and for unlimited sites.

#2- 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

99.99% uptime guarantee is just about as high as it can possibly go.

No host can reliably promise 100% uptime because of the unforeseen events that can and will happen.

#3- Free SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that encrypts data sent from your site and it’s an absolute must in 2021 and beyond.

Having SSL is good for your site as it builds trust in your brand; excellent for your visitors as it protects their sensitive data; and beneficial for your rankings as SSL is a Google ranking factor.

#4- Free CDN operates a CDN with over 200 locations across the globe. And it’s available for all plans, even the cheapest ones.

No doubt CDN contributes a ton to fantastic page load speed of sites hosted with

For example, I built a quick and dirty staging site for testing speed for this review

Here’s how my HostGator Black Friday (an image-heavy page) fares in Google Page Speed Insights, GTMetrix and Sucuri.

Page Speed Insights Google page speed test

GTMetrix GTMetrix speed test

Sucuri Page Load Tester

Sucuri page speed test

Now that’s fast!

#5- Ample Choice of Datacenters offer 16 datacenter locations which you can choose to host your site.

Datacenters are evenly spread out across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and my advice for you is to pick the one closest to your target audience. datacenter locations

#7- Automatic and On-Demand Backups

With all plans you get both automatic daily backups and manual backups which you can create with a push of a button.

These backups are there for disaster recovery and to give you peace of mind knowing that your site is copied to a secure location at all times 24/7.

#8- Professional Anti-Hacker and Malware Protection (+Free Virus Removal) have smart systems in place to prevent malware and viruses from infecting any of the sites hosted on their servers.

In fact, they claim their defense is impenetrable and that the only weak point is when webmasters transfer sites from other hosts and then those sites already have malware injected in them.

In that case firewalls will find that hack and remove it automatically for you without you even lifting a finger.

#9- Complete Customer Support

By “complete” I mean that you can contact support via:

  • Phone;
  • Email;
  • Live chat;

Email is best for complicated problems where you feel you have to give detailed description on what’s wrong;

while live chat is best suited for small fixes and passing on instructions to do something.

How Responsive is Support?

Very fast and super responsive.

I’ve never been left hanging for more than a minute, and these guys are so responsive in giving replies that you don’t even have time to finish asking the question and the answer is already waiting for you 🙂

fast live chat support
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#10- Refund Guarantee

Rocket net gives regular 30-day money-back guarantee to all of its customers. So if you aren’t satisfied with their service and want to cancel, do it in the first 30 days and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

#11- Awesome Customer Reviews boast a 4.5 score on Trustpilot, with most customer reviews being genuinely positive.

However, to date of me writing this review, there are only 16 independent reviews so we can’t draw conclusions yet. Trustpilot score

How to Get Hosting Plan For Your Website Today (Tutorial)

It’s simple and here are the steps.

First, go to and click on “Pricing” button in the menu.

Rocketnet pricing

Second, pick the plan you want and need for you blog.

Click on “Get Started” button.

pick a hosting plan

Third. now go through the page filling in personal and billing details.

Once you’re done click “complete order” and you’re done.

Rocketnet checkout page

Fourth, now log inside your dashboard and click on “Create Site”

Click create site

Fifth, name your site and pick a datacenter closest to your audience.

Name website

Sixth, enter some crucial WordPress information, and once you’re done click “Continue”

Enter WordPress information

Seventh (final step), now your site is live but on Rocket’s subdomain. To make it truly yours you need to connect a domain name you own with Rocket hosting.

So click on “Get Started” button and add in your domain name with the correct prefix (https://).

Get started rocketnet

And that’s it.

Your site is ready to rock.

Congratulations! 😛

Concluding My Review for 2021… is the best managed WordPress Hosting I’ve ever tested.

That doesn’t mean they’re the best in the world, but they are top-notch host that won’t leave your site hanging when it needs strong performance the most.

And is pretty affordable to boot when you compare the price you pay to the service you get.

It’s a steal!

Bottom line- if you have a need for a powerful managed WP host go with and you won’t regret it.

Don’t forget that with every plan you get a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you change your mind you can get your money back no problem.

Rocketnet money back guarantee

Try now!

Or try one of these hosts that let you take their hosting for a spin with free trial. You don’t even need a credit card.


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