SEMrush Account Usage- a Simple Overview

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This article will teach you how to add other users to your SEMrush account.

Types of roles, how to share projects with them, and limits of each plan.

Let’s get started!

SEMrush account usage
SEMrush account usage- a simple overview!

Types of Roles in Your SEMrush Account

SEMrush offer 3 roles in account management:

  1. Owner
  2. User
  3. Admin

#1- Owner Role

The owner of the SEMrush account is you, with the email address you use to create an account and with the credit card you used to pay for your subscription.

There can only be one account owner per subscription.

You as the owner can add and remove users, see every other user’s projects, and manage them at will.

#2- User Role

User role within a SEMrush subscription is added by the owner with an additional email address login to their account.

This allows another person to use the SEMrush account at the same time.

#3- Admin Role

Admin role i SEMrush is a user with more abilities such as:

  • Changing the project owner;
  • Editing allocated units;
  • Editing, deleting, and sharing all projects by other users;
  • Seeing a list of questions made by users;
  • Adding and removing users;
  • Seeing a list of changes made to the account;
  • Choosing the way of distributing subscription units.

How to Invite Users to Your SEMrish Account?

Here’s how you can invite other users to your SEMrush account.

First, go and select user management, and there you’ll see options to invite more users and manage the limits of each user or buy more units for them.

When you select “invite user” you’ll need to enter the email address of a new team member. Invitations will be sent to the new user email addresses and they need to accept the invitation to be added as a user.

It’s similar to other tools.

How to Share Projects With the SEMruh Users?

You need to share your projects with new users, so they can see them. You can do this from the project’s SEMrush dashboard.

Select “share project”, then enter the email address of a new team member and select the projects you want to share with them.

You can also share all projects by selecting “select all”.

What are the Limits When Adding Users to the SEMrush Account?

First, you need to consider which SEMrush subscription plan you need.

Because every plan has a limited number of users. For example, on the pro plan, you can add only 5 users to run their own projects. Guru plan 15 projects at the same time, and business 40.

SEMrush Account Usage (Conclusion)

This was my simple guide to SEMrush account usage.

Now you know you can always delete a project to free space for a new one, but you will lose all of the previous data. You need to choose wisely which SEMrush plan you need and how many users you will have in your team.

If you have any comments let me know down below in the comment section.

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