ShortlyAI Free Trial: Get Your Free Account in 2022!

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Looking for a ShortlyAI Free Trial?


You’re in the right place.

Because here I’m going to share with you a special link that will help you try ShortlyAI for free.

My ShortlyAI free trial will help you learn whether this copywriting and content writing/editing tool is worth it for you.

When your free Shortly AI trial ends you’ll be taken to a pricing page where you can choose to either buy a subscription or just leave.

Because no credit card is required, you won’t be suddenly charged without your approval.

Sounds good?

Let’s go!

ShortlyAI free trial
Learn here how to take advantage of ShortlyAI free trial offer in 2022

How to Avail ShortlyAI Free Trial?

Note: ShortlyAI lasts for 3 days and during that trial period you don’t need to add your credit card details and you can produce as much content as you want.

It’s very easy to get a trial of ShortlyAI.

Here’s exactly how.

First, go to ShortlyAI homepage and enter your email address.

ShortlyAI homepage

Second, open your free account by giving your full name and by creating a password.

Signup to ShortlyAI

Third, ShortlyAI will now onboard you. This simply means you’ll get a short intro tutorial showing you how ShortlyAI works.

Simply click on the “Next” button at the bottom to skip it.

ShortlyAI onboarding

Fourth, pick the type of content you want to start writing, and officially start your free trial.

For the next 3 days you are free to test out ShortlyAI as much as you want:)

Start writing with ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI Free Trial+ Pricing Details

Shortlyai pricing and free trial details

ShortlyAI has 2 plans:

  • Monthly- $;
  • Yearly- $780/yr, which turn out to $65/mo (you get 2 months free);
Shortly AI Monthly PlanShortly AI Yearly PlanDISCOUNT
$79/mo (948/yr)$65/mo ($780)$168

Again, you can start a 3-day ShortlyaI free trial on both plans, and you’re free to write as much as you want during that period.

No credit card required.

6 Excellent Reasons to Grab the ShortlyAI Free Trial in 2022

Here are 6 good reasons why you need to take advantage of ShortlyAI’s trial offer.

#1- Write Blog Posts Quicker

Do you wish to become a more productive blogger but don’t have the time to create your own material? What if there was an AI tool that assisted you in producing unique content without requiring almost any of your time?

Yes, ShortlyAI is the tool for the job. It can write whole articles from scratch for you, with just a tiny bit of your assistance.

So, if you want to save hours of your time writing articles, let Shortly AI do it for you. It can seamlessly produce at least three times as many pieces as a human writer can. And we’re talking about very productive humans here.

Get a ShortlyAI free trial here!

#2- Command Based Approach to Write Anything You Want

The finest part about is that it lets you use certain commands within your document to seamlessly create anything you want.

For example, if you use the “Instruct” command, ShortlyAI will function in the same way as Google Assistant. It’ll carry out your instructions if you ask it to make anything.

Commands Available in ShortlyAI:

  • /Instruct[Your Text Here]
  • /Rewrite[Your Text Here]
  • /Expand[Your Text Here]
  • /Shorten[Your Text Here]

#3- Write Sales Copy Using Copywriting Frameworks

Wish to write converting sales copy more easily?

Why don’t you use the “Instruct” command from ShortlyAI to write any sort of copy? It’s easy.

You can create any type of famous copywriting framework like:

  • AIDA;
  • PAS;;
  • Before-After-Bridge;
  • etc…

#4- Write YouTube Video Scripts

Are you tired of spending hours on a YouTube video script that still comes out crappy at the end?


Now imagine being able to quickly free your most innovative ideas from your head and onto paper fast.

Using ShortlyAI reduces the time needed to produce a video script from hours to mere 5-6 minutes. Simply use the “instruct” command to have ShortlyAI write the script for you.

Example: /instruct[Write a video script for “how to make money blogging”].

#5- Write Entire Books using ShortlyAI

You can even use ShortlyAI to create a complete book. To do this, you must first create a new document.

When you choose “New Document,” ShortlyAI will ask you if you want to write an article or a story.

Simply click the “Write a Story” button in the left sidebar, then choose “write for me” from the drop-down menu.

This way,  ShortlyAI will write an entire book for you from scratch.

write a book with ShortlyAI

#6- Things You Can Write With the “Instruct” Command

You can write pretty much anything you want with the aid of the ShortlyAI’s “Instruct” command.

Here’s what it can create for you:

  • AIDA copy;
  • Before-After-Bridge copy;
  • PAS copy;
  • Sales or Ads copy using any copywriting framework;
  • Blog post introduction paragraph;
  • Blog post conclusion paragraph;
  • YouTube video script;
  • YouTube video hook and introduction;
  • Article brief;
  • Blog post outline;
  • Explain anything (Ex. explain why….)
  • Marketing copy;
  • Letters;
  • Headlines;
  • Emails;
  • Write Features & Benefits;
  • Persuasive bullets points;
  • Topic Ideas for Blog & YouTube Channel;
  • Question ideas;
  • Story & books;
  • Poems;
  • Product descriptions;
  • and anything else you want.

Get a ShortlyAI free trial here. No credit card required.

ShortlyAi Free Trial FAQ- Your Questions Answered

People have plenty of questions about AI content generation, including about ShortlyAI and their free trial offer.

I’ve gathered them below with their respective answers.

#1- How to Get ShortlyAI Free Trial?

Just follow the instructions in my tutorial at the beginning of this guide.

#2- How to Cancel ShortlyAI Free Trial?

ShortlyAI never asks you for your credit card information when you first set up a free trial with them.

So you don’t need to be concerned about canceling your ShortlyAI free trial.

You won’t be charged!

#3- Are ShortlyAI Coupons or Discounts Available?

No, there are no special offers or coupons available for ShortlyAI at the moment. However, you may use my unique link to test this software for free for the next three days without paying a dime.

#4- Is There a ShortlyAI Lifetime Deal?

No, there is no ShortlyAI lifetime deal.

Final Words About ShortlyAI Free Trial 


If you want to experiment with an AI writing assistant tool, I highly suggest you give ShortlyAI a whirl. It can write amazing content, generate any type of copywriting framework and even create an entire book for you. And you don’t need to worry about quality or plagiarism because it’ll 100% unique content for you.

This is a great tool overall and luckily ShortlyAI free trial is a legit thing and you can get it via this link.

No credit card required so nothing to worry about.


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