SiteRubix: Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Website Builder Review (Pros and Cons Revealed to You)

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

Welcome to my SiteRubix review.SiteRubix review- build your website here

It’s a free site builder developed by the Wealthy Affiliate University that lets you build two free websites through it (you also get free hosting).

Suggested resource:

And now you’re thinking:


Websites for free? And hosting to boot. Great!

I want it! Where?


Ah, so it’s a freebie you can’t afford to miss?

You are probably right.

I say probably because this site maker is NOT PERFECT and one of its flaws might turn you off.

Note: nothing in life is perfect even Wealthy Affiliate.


But we’ll see… Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see you build your first website right here, right now 🙂

This article will give you the skinny, the pros, the cons, the everything.

Let’s go!

This Site Builder is Unique- 4 Awesome Features (The Good)

1. Fast and Easy

SiteRubix was built with the newbie in mind, so their sites are likewise built similarly- they’re dead simple to make.

It’s a four click job and here’s how to do it:

1. Choose a domain name. It can be whatever makes sense for your business. If it isn’t taken, it’s yours.

2. Name your website. Once again whatever you want. It’s wise though to pick a name that describes you and/or your business.

3. Choose a theme. Themes are the skin of your website. The way it’ll look when it’s live. At this stage pick whatever you want because, unlike your skin, you can peel off a theme easily. (I hope you didn’t cringe right now – I did) 😀

4. Click “build it now”.- wait for 10s, wait for 20s, wait for 30s…

“Uff, for how many seconds am I supposed to…”

Hey! Sorry to interrupt, but your site is done. 🙂

Stop and read this! It’s important

See how easy it is? Want to try it yourself?

I’ll give you an option to build a website in a minute, but first, you need to know something crucial.

You can build and and you can own a fully functional Wealthy Affiliate site, ready to rock.

It takes less than a minute to make it, but to access it you’ll have to join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member.

They are the folks who built and power the this website/hosting platform.

SiteRubix website platform was built by Wealthy Affiliate

Now- don’t sweat this!

Their starter membership is free (no trick, gimmicks or up-sells); and you don’t need to give sensitive data.


  • your name,
  • best email
  • and password.

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You need to become a member to access your free website.

This is a rule meant to keep away people who’d want to abuse their free websites, and do shady things with them (like send automated bots who would spam other people)

Don’t let it worry you:

Bots can’t pass the name/email/password barrier 😎

Why Do I Need to Join Wealthy Affiliate to Access My Site?

SiteRubix is a premium website builder and hosting platform that offers a free package to anyone.

But you need to register with them so they can keep tabs on your website, give you support, fix things when needed etc.

What do you mean: keep tabs on my site?

I say they have their reputation to keep. That means that not everyone can build and host sites with Wealthy Affiliate.

However, you’re safe here.

The only people who can’t build websites with SiteRubix are those that would use them to spam people, sell pornography, or hack other sites.

You know, the things you’d expect to be forbidden anywhere, especially as some of them are illegal.

Other than those things, you can use your site with no restrictions, as long as you’re a free Wealthy Affiliate member. 😉

Have other questions about Wealthy Affiliate?

2. SiteRubix Uses WordPress

WordPress is by far the easiest CMS (Content Management System), and it makes sense that SiteRubix would use it (Both the best of their respective classes, they’re perfect for each other) 😉

WordPress sites are:

  • lightweight,
  • newbie-friendly (with a slight learning curve),
  • and can be upgraded with thousands upon thousands of free plugins (and themes).

And this abundance of add-ons is their biggest advantage over other CMS’s, like Drupal and Joomla.

Plugins transform the “feel” of your website, and the only limit to them is what YOU can imagine.

3. No Banner Ads, Ever

If you ever tried building websites through some other website creator, you might’ve been put off by them pre-loading you site with ads.

Yes, your site is free but you’ll have to “pay” for it by turning it into a commercial.

Really unprofessional.

This is something I don’t approve of.

It takes the future of your site away- before you did a single thing with it.

You see:

By having it promote the site builder, they try to recover the cost of your free website;

It’s a good business decision- for them.

But what about your business?

Nothing really; you won’t have one.

Having those ads will make you look non-professional.

I’ll be blunt:

With a website like that- you can’t earn anything!

In comparison:

Take a look below at what I just built as a demonstration:

SiteRubix Builder gives websites that look completely normal. No foreign ads, no distracting banners, no nothing. But you can still place your own ads and earn money from them. 🙂

Before We Go any Further… Let’s Build a Website Right Now!

The rest of this post will take you through all the benefits you get with free Wealthy Affiliate membership. But before we go to that, it’s time to fulfill my promise from the beginning of this post.

I will build a free website from scratch and then you’ll have a chance to do the same.

Let’s go!  😀

Step 1: Choose your new domain name.

Build your website with siterubix here

Step 2: Confirm it.

Build a website on SiteRubix's home page

Step 3: Pick the “free domain” option. Name your website.

It can be anything you want.

Build a free website with SiteRubix

Step 4: Select a theme. Don’t overthink it. Just choose and you can change later.

pick a theme for your free website

Step 5: Build it

And here’s my new website:

I built it as an example, just to show you what’s possible. So it’s obviously far from finished, but still, I was able to post some content, upload images. add widgets… the works.

Next I could place some affiliate links or Google AdSense.

Yeah, unlike with some other free site creators- you aren’t aren’t forbidden to earn with SiteRubix websites.

Real WordPress with your free website

And it’s very hard to tell it’s a free site. The only clue is the little “siterubix” in my domain name

Here’s the simple truth:

Most people are clueless about this stuff, so they won’t even notice; And those that do notice- won’t care 🙂

You saw how easy that was? 

Now see how fast it is:

Build your first website here:

4. Wealthy Affiliate University- Free Training for all

This is the best of the bundle that comes with your free site. Wealthy Affiliate’s nickname is “The University” and this isn’t some fancy labeling. There’s substance to it.

As a starter member, you’ll have exclusive access to an absolute tonne of free resources made by other WA members.

This means that you will be able to build a website, and then learn how to monetize it.

Trust me:

It isn’t that hard to make them profitable, (especially if you love and know what you’re doing 🙂 ).

Here is an example training made by Veronica I (she’s been with WA for 11 years and runs several successful niche websites):

Wealthy affiliate offers free training

There’re hundreds of tutorials like this inside Wealthy Affiliate, on any topic you can imagine. and all available to you, free of charge.

Note. Wealthy Affiliate also has a premium membership.

This is not a must (you will NEVER be asked to upgrade, at any time).

However, most people who get starter membership eventually become premium members. This happens when someone realizes the vast potential of the internet, and stops being a total newbie to the idea of making money online.

They “get” that a huge opportunity is staring at them- so they decide to stare back at it. 🙂

As a premium member you have:

a) Access to all levels of Online Certification Course(a 5-part, 50-lesson course)

This is “the training” for affiliate marketing, anywhere in the world.

It has already turned thousands of regular people into successful affiliate marketers operating within all niches on the internet.

And it can help you to develop your dream.

You get free internet marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate

Do you have some huge passion in your life? Something that keeps you up at night?

You know, “Passion” is another word for niche. And “niche” is another word for a group of people looking for stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to drive these highly targeted people to your site, through SEO and social media marketing (Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter- the three giants of SM).

Since they are already interested and looking to buy, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t buy from you. As a starter member you have access to the first stage of the course, which is an excellent start.

Note– hers’s a free video you can watch. It’s from Kyle, the co/owner of Wealthy Affiliate (opens in new window)

SiteRubix websites are perfect for small niche websites

b) Weekly Live Webinars

These are the 1h weekly webinars hosted by Jay Neil. He’s a senior member at Wealthy Affiliate, and one of the world’s leading experts in SEO and internet marketing.

His advice is internet marketing gold for any newbie (and pro) alike.

At the end of every live webinar, there is a QNA session where you can ask a question and get the answers right away from the expert himself.

QNA’s are the reason why these 1h webinars often extend past the 90m mark. Everyone wants their question answered. 😀


This is exclusive video training unique to Wealthy Affiliate and reserved for premium members (free members can’t watch them).

But I can give you exclusive access.

Here is a sneak peak into one of his classrooms (out of roughly four hundred webinars)

Note– Click on the image to watch

Free webinar example for Premium WA members

c) Classrooms

Wealthy Affiliate has thirteen classrooms(SEO, WordPress, Video marketing, Social media Local Marketing…).

A classroom is a place where you can ask questions on any topic(that is related to the overall subject).

Click to take a look (opens in new window):


Site Rubix site builder gives access to free training too.

Classrooms are meant to be a way for you not to get stuck, but quickly move forward with building a business.

I say quickly because the average response time is less than 5m!

Yeah, I know.  WA members are really helpful and knowledgeable and are WILLING to help the newbie.

That’s is because most of them have been helped before when they were in a jam. That is the beauty of this pay it forward system within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Keep in mind:

All this treasure chest of knowledge is in one place. This means you will never have to waste time hunting down information you need. Instead use the search bar here at WA.

Look for help in Wealthy Affiliate

d) Free Keyword Research Tool- Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a premium keyword research tool- that comes free with your Wealthy Affiliate membership. 

With it you can:

  • Mine long tail, no-competition keywords
  • Discover easy, untapped niches (yes, those still exist)
  • Follow how your site ranks in Google/Bing/Yahoo, and (keep tabs on competitors)
  • And much, much more

I don’t want to talk about it here, because this is my Site Rubix review, but if you’re interested:

Jaaxy keyword tool review


e) Superb Hosting

Now, don’t let this confuse you.

Free SiteRubix sites have amazing hosting already, comparable to the best paid options out there. However premium members get additional features, exclusive to them.

To show you the difference- here’s free hosting (that came with my example website) compared with premium:

superb hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

I could write a whole article breaking these down one by one, but here I’ll just briefly mention these three:

 1. Full Redundancy

This feature is unique to WA. You can’t get it anywhere else in the world.

What is it?

It is a way for your website to be online at all times. You see, even the best hosting platforms in the world can’t predict that there won’t be periods of downtime (time when your site is offline), and the length of it when it happens.

Depending on the traffic you get you can lose a lot of money.

But not with SiteRubix premium hosting.

Full redundancy means that there’re always two identical versions of your site running at all times.

If one goes down for whatever reason, the other goes up in an instant, like nothing happened.

It’s brilliant!

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting reins supreme

2. Free SSL

This is a new feature that recently got included. SSL is all about protecting your visitor’s sensitive data.

All the info they enter when on your site( credit card numbers especially) is encrypted and impossible to get hacked.

You see that green lock on my website’s domain name? You know what it means? Security and trust.

Free SSL with SiteRubix websites

SSL at other places comes at 100+$ per year(not counting instalation costs) and at WA you get it with your premium membership, free of charge.

Note– Starting with July 2018. Google Chrome will label all http sites as insecure. And will display HUGE warning to visitors NOT to enter.

In my mind this seals it- you need SSL or you’ll be forever left behind.

3. Site Protect- Anti-Spam Shield

I’m sure you know what spam is. What blogger doesn’t?

It’s trash that’s what it is!
Unwanted messages that clutter our inboxes, unwanted comments that clog our websites, not to mention- our time.

Raise your hands whoever has the time and patience to sift through hundreds of potential spam messages just to get a few legit comments.

What’s the solution?

Well for the rest of the world it’s anti-spam plugins(mainly Akismet). It intercepts all comments and filters them by comparing with the world’s largest spam index.

Since all spam has a pattern to it- Akismet prevents 99% of it.

Plugins work well, but come with problems:

They work  from your WordPress dashboard– This means your WordPress site has to work harder and spend valuable resources on it (hint: it’ll run slower).

Your time- Even though you don’t get spammed, you still have to manually check every message just to make sure a few legit comment have not been “falsely accused”. 😉

Premium plugins cost money- Granted, not a lot, but when you remember how many useful tools every webmaster has to use then it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to.

In fact SiteProtect was invented when Akismet became a premium plugin.

Update: 4. SiteSpeedSite speed gives insane speed grades for Wealthy Affiliate websites

Wealthy Affiliate is growing fast. They recently added a new feature to their native Site builder/hosting.

It’s called SiteSpeed.

What is it?

I’m not an engineer or a technical kind of guy but here’s the gist of it:

SiteSpeed is a unique and superb site caching platform that speeds up your website by handling all speed matters on the server side of things; while letting your WordPress software work at an optimal level. 

I imagine it like a special suit your site “wears”. It reduces friction and allows for effortless gliding.

Sorry for my inept metaphor but hopefully- you got it. 

Just in case though, here are Carson’s words of wisdom (he is the owner and the main tech guy over at Wealthy Affiliate University):

SiteSpeed feature at SiteRubix website Builder

SiteRubix site Builder is not perfect- 3 downsides to it (the bad)

1. Can’t install New Plugins

Remember how I said that plugins make WordPress awesome?

Well with your free site you don’t have an option to install them. This is done to cut the cost (they make the site heavier and the server has to work harder to support it).

But also:

It is assumed that SiteRubix websites will be used by beginners who only want to test the waters with website creation. They don’t need too many plugins that can only confuse/scare them.

Note. Your free website comes with all the necessary plugins pre-installed (for example All in One SEO).

2. Domain Name Will Carry the SiteRubix Extension

You can choose a domain name but you are stuck with the extension.

This isn’t really the fault of SiteRubix; It’s the same with all builders that offer free websites. If you used it would be: Here it’s:

However, there’s a workaround!

Wealthy Affiliate allows for an easy switch.

Since they have experience with people building free websites and then upgrading, they’ve made it possible to buy a domain name through them, and then redirect your free site to your new domain.

It is complicated, technical stuff- that is done by the website support team at Wealthy Affiliate.  😀

So don’t ever worry about it.

The end result is»

And all your hard work will be preserved.

redirect SiteRubix website to premium hosting

3. Your Choice of Themes is Limited

WordPress has a myriad of themes to pick from.

But you only 12 to choose from. These are all hand-picked to be:

  • Updated
  • Simple (on the backend and frontend)
  • Mobile friendly

This isn’t a big flaw in my opinion.

In the beginning, any theme will do. They are secondary to your content.

Take a look around at my website.

I chose the free Iconic One theme (you can too). My site is clean, simple and puts emphasis on my content. It’s a simple design, just the way I feel it should be.

You don’t want a fancy theme.

They come with all the bells and whistles and usually bring along an unexpected and unwanted dowry- distracting people and driving conversions away.


As a premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll have access to all the themes WordPress can give you. There’s a small tonne of them out there, so that’ll never be an issue.

You’ll even be able to import a premium theme you bought elsewhere. 🙂

Conclusion- Is Site Rubix Website Builder A Good Pick For You?

You tell me.

Are you someone with lots of experience online?

Are you looking to build a full-time business in your niche?

Then free SiteRubix website is not the way to go. The lack of choice of themes and especially plugins can really slow you down


You do have the option to start for free and then upgrade to premium at a later date. Your work will be saved and you won’t have to start from zero 🙂

On the other hand:

If you’re a complete newbie, someone who’s interested in building their first website, but isn’t quite sure if online business is the right career path to take, then,

YES, Site Rubix website builder is made just for you.

And affter you’ve read this far, I trust you know these sites are FFF.

What is FFF?

That’s obvious:

  • Free,
  • Forever,
  • Fabulous.

Ok, I am exaggerating a bit. The third F stands for Flawed 😛

But they really are free and you get to keep them forever. If you were to build one now, leave, and then come back after 5 years, it would still be online and waiting.

So, no worries that it’ll disappear if YOU have to disappear for a while.


One minute from now you could have your own part of the web. Your new storefront open to the entire world.

If your interest just went into overdrive (I know it did), why don’t you test drive it yourself?

It’s risk-free and you have nothing to lose…

This is the end of my SiteRubix review.

If you aren’t ready to build your first website, at least leave me a comment so I know whether all your questions have been answered.

My review is a bit on the long side but I wanted to make sure you come out of it well informed.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Nikola Roza is a freelance writer, SEO and affiliate marketer. Uff hat’s a lot! Yes it is is but he earned it. He’s come a lot since his humble beginnings with Wealthy Affiliate and now he’s living the laptop lifestyle, and enjoying it too. If YOU to want start online then there’s no better place than Wealthy Affiliate. Newbie-friendly and affordable to everyone.[/author_info] [/author]


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