SiteRubix Review 2021- Wealthy Affiliate’s Free Website Builder Exposed for You!

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SiteRubix, Wealthy Affiliate’s free website builder. Is it any good?

Can you make a free website with it?

Read my SiteRubix review to find out.

Let’s go!

What is SiteRubix Exactly?

SiteRubix free website builder

SiteRubix is a free site creator built and maintained by the Wealthy Affiliate University (read my Wealthy Affiliate review to learn more about them).

WA members use SiteRubix to build their WordPress sites hosted on the platform, but the truth is, anyone can join, create a free website and manage a simple dashboard.

And you don’t need to be a premium Wealthy Affiliate member to access your site.

How To Create A free Website With SiteRubix (Tutorial) 

It’s a 3m “job” and here are the steps.

First, use their custom site builder plugin and choose your site’s domain name.

Click “Build it Now”.

choose domain name siterubix

Second, you’ll be transported to the SiteRubix homepage.

There just click on “Build My Free Website”

Create a free website with SiteRubix

Third, pick a free domain name.

Pick a free domain name

Fourth, retype the domain name of your website and choose a website title.

Click on “Build My Website”

Create free website

Fifth, create a free Wealthy Affiliate account. Your SiteRubix website will be free but you need to have a Starter WA account to access it.

Don’t worry, that’s free too and you will never be asked to upgrade just so that you can use your site.

So your free site will be permanently yours as long as you have a Starter (free membership) at Wealthy Affiliate.

Create Starter account Wealthy Affiliate

Sixth, once you’re a member your site will automatically be created and you’ll be presented with this pretty picture.

Click on “Login Now” to enter your site’s dashboard.

Site Finished SiteRubix

Seven (bonus step), enable SiteSpeed, which is a server-side super caching available within Wealthy Affiliate hosting. It’ll push your site’s page loading speed to 90+ for both mobile and desktop users.

SiteSpeed enable it

And that’s it.

Enjoy your new free site 🙂

Try it out now!

SiteRubix Hosting- A Quick Features Breakdown

SiteRubix hosting features
Click on the image to enlarge (opens in new tab)

There’s too much to cover and I know you don’t have all day to read my SiteRubix review. That’s why I’ll cover only the essentials below.

#1- Site Builder and Staging Area

SiteRubx websites are built on the WordPress framework. It means that if you ever had a self-hosted WP site, you will have no problems navigating your dashboard.

Also, there’s a staging area where you can test changes before you push them out in the open.

#2- Super Speed

With SiteRubix website hosted on Amazon c3. large and with SiteSpeed module enabled, your site is going to be super fast on all devices.

SiteRubix websites are very fast

#3- Bandwidth and Disk Space

With a free SiteRubix blog you can get up to 500 000 visitors/mo, for free.

I’m sure you’d agree that’s more than enough.

Also, you get 5GM disk space which is plenty. For example, with that much space you can store 5 000+ 100kb images.

#4- Full Redundancy and BotNet Security

Full redundancy means 100% uptime. So your site will always be live on the internet no matter what.

BotNet security means you won’t get spam to bother your and take you away from building your blog.

#5- Enterprise Security and Daily Backups

With Wealthy Affiliate hosting your site will be super protected against hackers and malware that come from the web.

As an added security you also get daily backups, so your site will always be safe and if anything bad were to happen, you can just revert to the previous day’s version.

SiteRubix Pricing- What Does it Cost? Is It Really Free?

Yes it is.

SiteRubix is totally free and you can build a free website on that platform.

To access your site you have to become a free Wealthy Affiliate member.

Wealthy Affiliate, besides having a free tier, also has 2 paid plans.

Premium Plus$99$995

With Paid plans you get access to:

  • Wealthy Affiliate community (1.2 million members);
  • Jaaxy keyword research tool;
  • Weekly webinars on all that is internet marketing;
  • Unrestricted Access to Online Certification Course;
  • Unrestricted Access to Boot Camp Training (for people who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate);
  • Full access to Live Chat feature;
  • etc.

Once again, you don’t need to become a premium member to reap the benefits of your free website.

I suggest you build your site first, and then get used to WA as a Starter member.

Then take it from there.

SiteRubix Website Builder Pros and Cons


  • Free website;
  • Excellent free hosting;
  •  Built on WordPress;
  • (Limited) access to Wealthy Affiliate community;
  • (Limited) access to training modules;
  • Unlimited access to member-generated training;
  • 30 searches with Jaaxy keyword tool;
  • etc.


  • Website on subdomain;
  • Limited access to customer support;
  • No 1on1 mentorship (this is what Wealthy Affiliate is best known for. It’s a feature reserved for premium members).

SiteRubix FAQ- All Your Questions Answered

#1- Can You Put Your Own Affiliate Links In SiteRubix?

Yes you can. You are not restricted in how you want to monetize your website.

So, my suggestion is to install Pretty Links plugin and start cloaking your affiliate links.

#2- Do People Recognize SiteRubix Websites?

Not really.

Only people who are web savvy know the difference between a subdomain and domain.

Your site will be on a SiteRubix subdomain, and it’ll show in the address bar; but honestly, I doubt that even a 1% of your audience will know what that means.

And of that 1%, 99% won’t care 🙂

#3- How To Create Active Links on SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is built on the WordPress framework. So adding links there is just like adding links inside WordPress. You can do it from your editor.

Add active links in Siterubix

#4- How To Transfer SiteRubix Site To WordPress

Please watch the video below.

It’ll show you how to move SiteRubix website to WordPress.

Move SiteRubix website to WordPress

#6- Is SiteRubix Hosting Better Than Bluehost?

It depends. Bluehost is a low budget hosting provider. Great for newbies and those who want to host their sites super affordably.

While SiteRubix hosting is not a product you can buy on your own. Instead you have to become a free Wealthy Affiliate member to use it.

And also, the hosting you get with free SiteRubx website blows out the water Bluehost. It’s the same hosting that Premium WA members get, albeit with some additional perks disabled of course.

Bottom line, if you’re just looking for an affordable host, go with Bluehost because even though they can’t compare to SiteRubux, they ARE a decent host, especially for new sites.

However, if you want an all-in-one solution, something to help you solve all your marketing problems at once, then SiteRubux is the answer because with it you also get access to Wealthy Affiliate and their premium keyword research tool (Jaaxy).

#7- Is SiteRubix Hosting Better Than SiteGround?

Everything that I said above about Bluehost also applies to SiteGround. And I just want to add that SiteGround are a very expensive host compared to Bluehost and even SiteRubix.

If you’re just looking for a decent host, then avoid SiteGround and go for Bluehost or even free SiteRubix hosting.

#8- Can I Promote SiteRubix As An Affiliate?

Yes you can.

SiteRubix is part of Wealthy Affiliate and by joining Wealthy Affiliate (with a free account) you can start to promote both Wealthy Affiliate and SiteRubix.

Concluding My SiteRubix Review…

Here’s the bottom line of my SiteRubix review.

SiteRubix is an excellent website builder.

With it you get:

  • Free websites built on WordPress framework;
  • Free premium-level hosting;
  • Access to Wealthy Affiliate and its throve of free information;
  • Access to community;
  • Access to help 24/7;
  • etc.

If you’re just starting out with your first site, then SiteRubix is a no brainer choice for you. I know it was for me and I still have some niche sites hosted with them.

And I never had serious problems to speak off 🙂


If you create a site below, you will become my referral, and I will become your source of help inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Build a site now, and you will hear from me once inside Wealthy Affiliate.


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