Stromonic Managed WordPress Review: Is It Worth Considering? 

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Hosting is one of the major elements behind the flawless functioning of a website. No matter how good or fancy a website you have, or have great content, an unreliable hosting company can lead it to complete wastage. Nowadays, managed WordPress hosting is getting huge recognition for WordPress websites.

But, before coming to Stromonic managed WordPress hosting, let’s first take quick information on what exactly is managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting – A Quick Brief

Managed WordPress hosting is one the best-suited hosting for WordPress-based websites. Such hosting is specifically designed for an optimized WordPress website experience. The hosting provider handles every element and can bring various options like server storage space, loading time, updates, and security standards.

Stromonic – What Is It & How It Started?


Stromonic is a leading managed WordPress hosting provider serving a global clientele since 2017. Founder Natan Ray started this venture to deliver premium class WordPress hosting for uncompromising website performance. He saw the problems with low-cost hosting solutions and came up with the solution.

I must agree with the fact that Stromonic deals with a lot of common hosting problems like slow loading, pathetic Google Cloud, downtime, low-quality CDN, high load time, and various others. While the general hosting keeps struggling to deal with sudden traffic surges and tends to show adverse behavior, the Stromonic-hosted website doesn’t let the visitor face any problem with the website working.

Even being a new player in the WordPress hosting world, Stromonic has got some cool features and advantages. That’s why we can see a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients.



Stromonic: Key Features & Benefits

WordPress Optimized Servers

Stromonic brings the modern-day advanced hosting infrastructure precisely for the WordPress platform. The server provides a suitable cache to maintain the website loading speed. You won’t need the assistance of any third-party cache plugin anymore.

Stromonic CDN

It is one of the major highlights of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting that it has its unique CDN (content delivery network) service. You can experience a better response time for the website leading to several benefits.

Stromonic Cloud

Stromonic leads the race of managed WordPress hosting providers with the Stromonic Cloud platform. It is a better alternative to the Google Cloud but faces unreliable performance almost every time. With the usage of the latest CPUs and NVMe drives in Stromonic Cloud, you can experience a supersonic WordPress hosting service.

Free Website Migration

Along with setting up a new website from scratch, you can even migrate your active business website to a Stromonic-managed WordPress hosting platform. All you need to do is to connect with the WordPress expert support from Stromonic and they will take care of the same. My experience with Stromonic support was quite good as they helped with my queries in no time.

Awesome Support

Stromonic possesses a team of expert WordPress trainers that are always ready to help with any concerns. No matter whenever you face a problem with website hosting, do not hesitate to get in touch with the prompt support team.

Real-Time Cloud Scans

Stromonic provides real-time cloud website scanning to keep it safe from malware or hacking attempts. The hosting will handle the cloud scanning to avoid any serious attacks.

Uptime Monitoring

Stromonic managed WordPress hosting offers reliable uptime monitoring to ensure flawless working of the website. It typically examines the website every five minutes under certain scenarios. In the majority of the case, the Stromonic hosting offers 99.99% uptime.

Performance and Speed

Speed and response time play a vital role for any website. It can save a lot of time and money for the business. Visitors never prefer to wait for a long time to load the website, and they’re most likely to abandon it. It’ll be nice if the website has minimal loading time and provides an amazing user experience.

Stromonic managed WordPress hosting service keeps the lowest minimal loading time for an optimized website. I have too tested my test store on Stromonic managed WordPress hosting and here are the results.


In the above screenshot, you can check the A grade performance results for the Stromonic-hosted website. Google even prefers such a website that loads faster. One more thing that can be visualized from the test results is that Stromonic is a good choice to deal with the sudden boost in traffic. The excellent uptime, load time, and best-in-class architecture are capable to enhance the website performance.

Security Feature & Regular Backup

Stromonic offers a safe and reliable environment for users as well as businesses. Every plan of managed WordPress hosting provider comes with inbuilt free-of-cost SSL encryption per website. Google even prefers those websites in search engine ranking that have HTTPS layer encryption.

The visitors to remain concerned about the security of the website before opting for any purchase of contact. Stromonic possesses various other security practices like hardware firewall, uptime monitoring, DDoS protection, chat support (Email/Chat), etc. These are more than enough to deal with any potential attacks or hacking attempts. With Stromonic managed WordPress hosting, the owner can take daily automated website backups without any hassle. All you need to do is to access the Stromonic hosting dashboard and schedule automated regular backups with easy-to-use settings.

This feature holds a prominent value for any business as you get to restore the website to the previously saved version with a single click. No matter if you face a problem with website performance or accidentally made the wrong changes, the saved backup is there to save all your previous efforts and time.

Control Panel

Rather than providing the old cluttered cPanel interface, Stromonic has brought its own creative and intuitive interface. The self-designed WordPress dashboard has quick settings and one-click installations to make the managed WordPress hosting management simpler. All the major components of WordPress hosting are available in simple navigation and can be accessed in a single place.

You are allowed to update the plugins and WordPress platform with a single click. Enter a few details and create personalized email accounts in no time. The Stromonic managed WordPress hosting platform has options for analytics, staging, updates, etc.

Stromonic managed WordPress Hosting Pricing Plans

Commonly, managed WordPress hosting provider pricing plans tends to remain higher as compared to others. As far as Stromonic pricing is considered, I feel they are best against the value they can bring to the table.


StromBolt Plan 

  • Starts from $14.95/month
  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • 5 GB fast SSD Space
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit


StromBolt Plus Plan

  • Starts from $29.95/month
  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD storage
  • Suitable for multiple WordPress websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit


StromBolt Pro Plan

  • Starts at $59.95/per month
  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • Higher performance and storage capability
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit


StromBolt Extra 

  • Starts from $89.95/month
  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Ideal for high-end business websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

Visit the pricing page to know more details.

Stromonic Benefits Overview: In A Nutshell

To summarize what’s best with the Stromonic managed WordPress hosting, here is a comprehensive list of features.

  • Safe website functioning in a secure environment.
  • Quick website loading with enhanced user experience.
  • Automatic and manual backup/restoration.
  • Free-of-cost WordPress website migration to Stromonic.
  • Stromonic CDN with numerous data centers.
  • 45-days money-back guarantee.
  • 24/7 reliable customer support from WordPress experts.
  • One-click website staging functionality.
  • Safety from malware and hacking attempts.
  • Latest PHP and WordPress version support.
  • Free SSL encryption with advanced protection.
  • Dedicated inbuilt cache plugins,
  • Next-gen managed WordPress hosting attributes.
  • 99.99% uptime with frequent monitoring
  • Simple and easy-to-use managed WordPress hosting dashboard.

Final Verdict: Stromonic Review

Overall, I can say that Stromonic is bringing a great deal for WordPress hosting. You might be thinking the price is a bit high, but these are quite decent as compared with other managed WordPress hosting providers in the market. The extraordinary speed, customer service, 99.99% uptime, unique CDN, and Cloud are what outshines the Stromonic in the market.

So, if you’re searching for a hosting company providing value for money service, choose Stromonic without a second thought. On the safe side, you have a 45-days money-back guarantee to process the refund.

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