The Best Free Remote Access Software For Windows 10 & 11

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Have you ever needed to access your work computer from home, but you just didn’t know how? You just need the best free remote access software for Windows.

Remote desktop software, more accurately known as remote access software or remote control software, allows you to connect, access and take over two or more devices from a single computer.

This is true remote control because you can control the mouse and keyboard and use the connected computer as if it were your own. Breaks down space constraints, reduces time on the road, and becomes an integral part of telecommuting. This article introduces the best free remote access software for Windows and covers their overview, pros and cons, and operation.

AnyViewer: The best free remote access software for Windows

AnyViewer is fast, secure, and comprehensive remote access, remote control, and remote support software that allows you to remotely assist clients, collaborate with coworkers, help your friends and family, or easily connect your own devices.

As long as the device is well connected to the network, you can control the PC from any location. You should choose it as free remote desktop connection software for Windows.


Benefits of AnyViewer

Here are some of the benefits of AnyViewer:

  • Free. AnyViewer offers a free version, which enjoys enough features and permissions to satisfy users’ needs. Some of the other software on the market does not have a free version, and some of the free versions have very few features and are extremely limited.
  • Compatible. AnyViewer works on most systems, something no other software on the market can do. AnyViewer enables you to remotely control computers running Windows 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ Windows Server 2022/ 2019/ 2016/ 2012 R2. In addition to that, it also supports iOS and Android.
  • Simple. It offers flexible connectivity and is very simple to use with a clean interface. You can quickly get started with AnyViewer with only a few steps.
  • High-speed. AnyViewer provides high-speed remote connectivity, support, and control. It allows you to connect remotely faster and smoother, and solve the problems you face in a more timely manner.

Features of AnyViewer

Let’s take a look at the features of AnyViewer Free Edition:

  • AnyViewer has two connection channels. Two computers can initiate control of one computer at the same time. For example, if you have a problem with your computer, two repairmen can connect to your computer remotely at the same time and help you to fix computer problems. This is a good way to avoid wasting time by coming in one after the other to have your computer repaired.
  • Two computers can be controlled by one computer simultaneously. You can use your computer to control two devices at the same time, view the screens of two devices at the same time, and solve problems on different devices at the same time without having to keep switching back and forth between devices. This can be a good way to avoid trouble.
  • AnyViewer supports file transfer. You can have file transfer function along with remote access. And you can transfer up to 100 files at a time, which greatly saves your time.
  • Real-time text chat during remote sessions. AnyViewer also supports real-time text chat chats, allowing users to collaborate and help one another in real-time. You can communicate in a timely dialog to get your work done faster and more accurately.
  • AnyViewer supports one-click access to unattended computers. If you need to work from home, you can use the one-click connection to access your unattended office computer. With one-click connection, you can remotely control your work computer to view and transfer files, as well as flexibly and conveniently shut down and reboot your remote computer with a local device.

How to use AnyViewer

Next, I will introduce detailed steps to teach you how to use AnyViewer for one-click control:

Step 1. Download and launch AnyViewer on both of your computers. Go to “Login” on both computers and click “Sign up“.


Step 2. Fill out the sign-up form and click “Sign up” to create an AnyViewer account.


Step 3. Once logged in, your device will be automatically assigned to the account you logged into.


Step 4. On both devices, sign in to the same AnyViewer account. Then navigate to “Devices” and choose the computer to which you want to connect. To gain unattended remote access to the computer, click on it and select “One-Click Control.”


Tips: It is suggested that you upgrade your account to a professional or enterprise plan. Then you’ll have the following rights:

  • More devices can be added to the same account for unattended access.
  • Multiple devices can be connected to the same device at the same time.
  • At the same time, you can transfer an unlimited number of huge files (1TB per file).
  • Enjoy numerous handy features, such as Privacy Mode, which lets you deactivate the keyboard and mouse on the remote PC and black out the remote screen.
  • Enjoy high-image quality.


AnyViewer is the best free remote access software for Windows. If you are looking for free remote access software, AnyViewer is highly recommended. It will provide you with a comprehensive, efficient, fast, and secure service and experience. Don’t hesitate to download and use it!


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