Unbounce Affiliate Program Review- How to Join and Effectively Promote Unbounce Landing Page Builder?

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Looking for an honest Unbounce affiliate program review?

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Quick Summary- Unbounce landing page builder is ridiculously easy to promote.

It’s the best and most affordable tool for creating awesome landing pages, and it’s getting better with the passage of time. (like wine 😛 )

The time to join the Unbounce affiliate program is now, and my review will tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s go!

Unbounce affiliate program review
Unbounce partner program review- worth joining or not?

Unbounce Affiliate Program Review- How Does it Work (+Features Explained)

Unbounce referral program how it works

Unbounce affiliate program works pretty much like any other referral program.

You first get your unique affiliate link, which you then post on your website and social media. When people click, cookies (containing your unique affiliate id) get stored in their browser and you’re attributed that sale.

How much can you earn?

Unbounce pricing is pretty straightforward.

The least expensive Unbounce plan costs $80/mo, while the most expensive is $300/mo.

And you get 20% of any purchase that came through your link. A

also, that’s recurring income which means it’ll build up over time.

Unbounce referral program earning potentiial

Unbounce partner program is run through PartnerStack platform.

Below you will see what it’ looks like, and now let’s quickly cover the awesome Unbounce referral program features.

Unbounce Partner Program- Important Features Explained (+Dashboard Walkthrough)

Unbounce affiliate dashboard via PartnerStack

Note: for the purpose of this review I opened a brand new account with PartnerStack. That’s why you’ll see barely any activity there. No matter, because that’s exactly what you’ll see when you sign up.

#1- Home

PartnerStack home dashboard

Here at a glance you can see metrics like:

  • clicks;
  • sales;
  • how much you earned;
  • pending payments;
  • your affiliate links;
  • referrals;
  • etc.

It’s a nice little overview of how you’re progressing with promoting Unbounce.

#2- Reporting

PartnerStack Reporting

Here you can see how the numbers crunch and how much money you made on each month, and even on individual days (you can switch between the two reports).

#3- Links+ Deep Linking

Here you can see your raw affiliate link. That’s the main link that you’ll use to advertise Unbounce.

However, you can also create deep affiliate links. These are links that point to any page on Unbounce domain, but with your affiliate id embedded inside the link.

How to create a deep link?

Simply name your link and then in the “redirects to” field add the page you want to link to.

And then just copy that link and use it in your campaign.

PartnerStack links dashboard

#4- Referrals

Here you can see listed out all your referrals.

Because my account is brand new, there’s nothing to see here.


#5- Resources

Here you can learn how to promote Unbounce effectively.

And also you get access to free training and promotional material that the Unbounce affiliate team prepared.

Free promotional resources

#6- Messages

Here you can contact directly with the affiliate manager over at Unbounce affiliate headquarters.

You can tell them about any problem you have and they’ll help you solve it and guide you.

PartnerStack messages

For example, I recently used the messaging feature to ask them to furnish me with a coupon code I can offer to my readers.

They did, so read my Unbounce coupon article to get the skinny.

#7- Stats

Here you can see your stats from all programs that you signed up to with PartnerStack.

In my case those are Unbounce and Interact premium quiz maker (read my Interact quiz coupon article if you want to get a discount).

PartneStack stats dashboard

#8- Rewards and Withdrawals

Here you can see how much money you can withdraw with either PayPal or Stripe.

Rewards and Withdrawals dashboard

How to Join Unbounce Affiliate Program (Tutorial)?

Unbounce affiliate program runs via PartnerStack, so to promote Unbounce you need to join that affiliate platform.

Here’s how:

First, visit the Unbounce affiliate program page and click on the “Sign Up Now” button

Join Unbounce affiliate program

Second, Unbounce chat bot will appear and ask you to confirm you want to join Unbounce affiliate program. Simply click on “Let’s do this!”

  • Then it’s going to ask you to confirm that you want to subscribe to their email list and get marking offers. Confirm it.
  • Then it’s going to ask you for your email address to use when signing up.
  • Then you’ll need to explain where you’ll be promoting Unbounce. Just tell them your website and social media
  • Then (last step) they’ll ask you whom you’re going to invite to try Unbounce. Select all that apply.

Unbounce bot sign up

Finally, you’ll be invited to create your account with PartnerStack.

Create partner stack account

And that’s it.

Now that you know how to join Unbounce affiliate program, it’s time to join and start promoting them for real.


4 Best Practices When Promoting Unbounce 

It’s one thing to promote Unbounce haphazardly, hoping to get a sale here and there.

It’s another story to promote the product strategically so as to maximize earrings.


#1- Have a Website Or Active Social Media Profile

Even though you’re automatically approved for Unbounce affiliate program, you still need to have a website with at least 3-5 articles already posted.

Or you can at least have an active Twitter account (for example) with a few hundred followers.

This will give you legitimacy so as not to get kicked out of the program.

#2- Be Mindful of the FTC Guidelines

FTC guidelines require you fully disclosure that you get materially compensated when someone purchases something through your affiliate link.

Don’t play with this because it’s very important that you disclose any material interest that you have. And it’s against the law not to have an affiliate disclosure on your money page.

Here’s what it look looks like on my Fusebox Podcast Player Review page:

Fusebox review affiliate disclaimer

#3- Buy The Product Before Using It

Yes, that’s right. Buy it and use it.

Take advantage of Unbounce free trial and play with it for 14 days, free of charge. Then you’ll be able to promote Unbounce much more fruitfully because you will actually know what you’re talking about.

And you’ll have made a bunch of screenshots to prove it.

Remember, most affiliates won’t bother to try it, so it’s an easy way for you to stand out.

Note: take advantage of my coupon code which gives you 20% discount on Unbounce landing builder.

Coupon code is attached to this link.

#4- Be Honest

Nothing puts off people more than a 5-star review where everything about the product is pitch perfect and they need to buy it as soon as possible.

Nothing’s perfect in this world and your visitors know it.

So make sure you at least mention Unbounce flaws.

Pro tip- little bit of negativity helps you sell better.

Chew on that for a while, as it’s a powerful tactic to boost your sales almost effortlessly.

Unbounce Affiliate Program FAQ- All Your Questions Answered

I did my best to answer all questions you might have.

If I missed some tell me about it in the comment section below.

#1- Do Unbounce Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes they do.

And you can join here, free of charge.

#2- What Are The Unbounce Affiliate Terms and Conditions?

It’s too long of a topic to cover here. And quite a bit dry. So do forgive me for pointing you to the official document. 🙂

Makes sure you read it from top to bottom because you will have to abide by the rules when you join Unbounce and start promoting Unbounce.

#3- What is The Commission Rate?

You get 20% revenue for every new customer that buys from one of your affiliate links.

And that is recurring revenue, which means you’ll earn for as long as they stay a paying customer.

#4- What is The Cookie Duration? When And How Will I Get Payed?

Cookie duration is 90 days from the moment they click.

If they leave and don’t buy right away, but later return and click on another one of your links, the 90-days time frame resets in your favor.

You get paid 60 days after your referral purchases Unbounce.

You can choose to get paid via:

  • PayPal;
  • Stripe.

PayPal is great for smaller payments but as your income grows you’ll start to lose out on higher transaction fees.

So Stripe is better for $1000+ payments.

PartnerStack Stripe payment method

#5- What Does it Cost To Join Unbounce Affiliate Program?

it costs exactly $0 🙂

Think about it. Unbounce want you to join them. So you promote them for free and any referral you send to them are people that otherwise probably wouldn’t have become Unbounce customers.

#6- Do I Get Some Training To Promote Unbounce Properly?

Yes you do.

When you log into your affiliate dashboard, you can find the training material on the left sidebar by clicking on “Resources”

Unbounce resources area in PartnerStack

#7- Can I Promote Unbounce Without a Website?

Yes you can.

Feel free to post your paid links on Twitter and other social media channels, in a non-spammy way of course.

#8- Can I Promote Unbounce With Shopify?

Yes you can.

Platform doesn’t matter as much, as long as you can get traffic and promote Unbounce ethically.

#9- What is The Payout Limit With Unbounce Affiliate Program?

There is no limit 🙂

Earn as much as you can.

#10- What is the Payout Threshold?

Payout threshold is $25 after PayPal processing fees have been deducted.

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Concluding My Unbounce Affiliate Program Review, Guide and Tutorial…


If you’re an affiliate marketer who wants to earn serous money promoting Unbounce, then the time to join is now.

Not only is Unbounce the best landing page builder in the world, but the number of Unbounce affiliates is surprisingly low.

So there isn’t a ton of competition out there, and if you know a bit of SEO, you can rank for some money terms pretty quickly.

It’s up to you, so leave me a comment below, let me know what you decided.


Join Unbounce Partner Program NOW!

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