Unbounce Pricing, Plans and Cost+ How To Get it Cheaper (Tutorial)

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Unbounce pricing… What does Unbounce landing page builder REALLY cost?

And can you both get it and save money?

If this is what you want to know, you’re in the right place.

Continue reading to get the full scope.

Unbounce pricing
Unbounce pricing- what does it cost?


What is Unbounce? And What Does it Cost?

What is Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page builder and conversion optimization platform bloggers and marketers use to monetize their traffic better.

Started in 2009 as a mere fledgling in the land of giants, it has now grown to stand at the forefront of the landing page builder industry, and one of the best tool there is, (in my humble opinion).

Unbounce Pricing Tiers Explained

Unbounce pricing and plans

Unbounce offer four different plans (Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, Scale) and which one you choose depends on your site’s needs and your budget.

The main thing to know is that each plan comes with this basic feature-set:

  • Unlimited landing pages;
  • Unlimited sticky bars;
  • Unlimited popups.
  • Abundant integrations (including the powerful Zapier integration).

Lets quickly breakdown each plan in detail.

#1- Launch

Unbounce is the first Unbounce pricing plan.

This plan is best for beginner bloggers and site’s with not a whole lot of traffic.

I say it because this plan supports 1 domain, up to 20 000 visitors and up to 500 conversions. Perfect for small time blogger who’re just getting started with optimizing their sites for conversions.

Other features of Launch are:

  • Free hosting;
  • Unsplash free stock photo library;
  • Auto image optimizer;
  • Security and compliance;
  • Real-time conversion analytics;
  • Mobile-responsive builder.

Get Launch today!

14-day free trial available!

#2- Optimize

Unbounce Optimize plan is best suited for stronger website with bigger traffic numbers, and also for bloggers who want to use Unbounce on multiple websites they own.

Optimize can support up to 3 domains, 30 000 visitors and up to 1000 conversions.

Besides all the feature form the previous, Launch plan, you also get:

  • A/b testing;
  • Unlimited users;
  • (DTR) Dynamic text replacement;

Note: A/B testing is THE feature of this plan. You can earn so much more money once you start A/B testing what’s working and what’s not.

Get Optimize today!

14-day free trial available!

#3- Accelerate

Unbounce Accelerate plan is for bloggers whose marketing efforts are starting to pay off and they’re now besieged by horde oft traffic eager to convert.

This plan can support up to 7 domains, 40 000 visitors and 2 000 conversions.

Beside all the features from the previous 2 plans, you also get:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP pages).
  • Advanced targeting and scheduling.

I especially li the second feature here. Advanced targeting lets you segment your site’s traffic into buckets and then create campaigns to show specifically to them.

This is such a power feature.

As for AMP landing page, they’re a blessing on mobile phones and will be the fastest landing page your site’s visitor has ever seen.

Try Accelerate today!

14-day free trial available!

#4- Scale 

Unbounce Scale plan is best for big websites with lots of traffic and for webmasters who own many domains and want to optimize all of them with Unbounce.

This plan can support 15 domains, up to 50 000 visitors and up to 3 000 conversions.

With this plan you get everything from the previous 3. The only difference is the volume of traffic you can get, and how many conversions you can have.

Try Scale today!

14-day free trial available.

1 domain3 domains7 domains15 domains
Up to 20,000 trafficUp to 30,000 trafficUp to 40,000 trafficUp to 50,000 traffic
Up to 500 conversionsUp to 1000 conversionsUp to 2 000 conversionsUp to 3 000 conversions
Unlimited pagesUnlimited pagesUnlimited pagesUnlimited pages
Unlimited popupsUnlimited popupsUnlimited popupsUnlimited popups
Unlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky bars
Get Launch!Get Optimize!Get Accelerate!Get Scale!

Note, all plans also come with free Unbounce Smart Traffic feature.

How To Get Unbounce With a Discount (Tutorial)

There are 2 ways to save money when buying Unbounce.

  1. Get an annual plan and save 10%;
  2. Use my affiliate link and get 20% off on both monthly and annual plans.

Unbounce landing page builder offer four pricing plans. Each can be bought on a monthly or yearly basis. When you buy for the whole year, you get a 10% discount.

Plans are:

  • Launch- $72/mo (billed annually); $80/mo (billed monthly);
  • Optimize- $108/mo (billed annually); $120/mo (billed monthly);
  • Accelerate- $180/mo (billed annually); $200/mo (billed monthly);
  • Scale- $270/mo (billed annually). $300/mo (billed monthly);

Here’s how much money you can save if you pick a yearly plan, laid out in a handy table.


Try Unbounce today!

You get 14-day free trial so you have nothing to lose!

The second way to get Unbounce cheaper is to use my affiliate link.

My paid link gives you an exclusive 20% discount on both monthly and yearly plans, and it’s an offer you can’t get by going to the site directly.

Unbounce 20 discount

Here are the saving you can get.

Unbounce Coupon Code Monthly Savings


Unbounce Coupon Code Yearly Savings

Launch$72/mo (billed annually)$57.6/mo (billed annually)
Optimize$108/mo (billed annually)$87.4/mo (billed annually)
Accelerate$180/mo (billed annually)$144/mo (billed annually)
Scale$270/mo (billed annually)$216/mo (billed annually)

Try Unbounce today!

Unbounce Pricing and Cost FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

If you go to Quora now, you’ll see a bunch of questions about Unbounce landing page builder. And at least a third of those are pricing related questions.

  • How much is Unbounce?
  • What does Unbounce cost?
  • Is there Unbounce coupon code?
  • Is there Unbounce Black Friday deal this year?
  • etc

Quora is an unorganized mess and no need for you to waste your time there.

I got the best questions answered here!

#1- What Does Unbounce Cost?

Unbounce offer 4 pricing tiers/plans:

They are:

  • Launch- $72/mo (billed annually); $80/mo (billed monthly);
  • Optimize- $108/mo (billed annually); $120/mo (billed monthly);
  • Accelerate- $180/mo (billed annually); $200/mo (billed monthly);
  • Scale- $270/mo (billed annually). $300/mo (billed monthly);

#2- Is There Unbounce Coupon Code?

No there’s not.

Unbounce coupon codes don’t exist and sites advertising them are lying, clean and simple.

The only way to get a discount is to use my affiliate link, which gives you 20% off price on both monthly and yearly plans.

#3- Is There a Free Trial With Unbounce?

Yes there is.

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. No credit card needed.

#4- What is Unbounce Refund Guarantee?

You get a 30-day, no question asked money back guarantee.

Concluding My Unbounce Pricing Guide…

Unbounce pricing… no longer a mystery, eh? 🙂

You came here wondering what does Unbounce cost, and now after you’ve read my guide, you have your answer.

What’s more, you also learned you can save 20% of both monthly and yearly plans if you take advantage of my affiliate link.

It’s an affiliate-exclusive offer and you can’t find it on the site on your own.

So, what’s it going to be, are you going to take Unbounce for a 14-day free trial spin? Or are you going to close this page and leave?

Either way, let me know in the comment section below, thank you!

Try Unbounce today!

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