Unbounce Review 2022- Is Unbounce Really the Best Landing Page Builder on the Market (+Coupon Code Info)

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Unbounce Review 2022

  • Product– Unbounce landing page builder;
  • Used for– Creating high converting landing pages quickly;
  • Pricing– 4 plans, cheapest one starts at $80/mo, or $72/mo when you purchase a yearly plan;
  • Free Trial– 14-day free trial available;
  • Coupon Code- Unbounce coupon code is attached to my link;
  • Good for- Bloggers and marketers looking to easily build landing pages that convert;
  • Rating– 4.7/5.


Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders on the market today. Their custom editor is easy to use and lets you build slick, high converting landing pages quickly. You don’t need to know any code to work with Unbounce, and the software is very intuitive.

Try Unbounce here!

What is Unbounce? Can it help you grow your online business?


Excellent questions!

Read my Unbounce review to find out.

Let’s go!

Unbounce review
Read my Unbounce review to what it is and how it can help you.

What is Unbounce Exactly?

Unbounce is a landing page builder and CRO platform that can help you convert more visitors, get more leads for your online business, and ultimately earn more money.

Company Profile

  • Name– Unbounce
  • Founded– 2009 in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Founders– Oli Gardner, Rick Perreault, Cark Schmidt, Justin Stacey, Carter Gilchrist, Jason Murphy.
  • Headquarters– Vancouver, Canada
  • Description– Unbounce is a Canadian software company with headquarters in Vancouver, BC. The company offers a premium landing page builder along with popups and sticky bars.  They host the annual Call to Action Conference.

Unbounce Plans Explained- Which One is Best for You?

Unbounce offers 4 plans for bloggers to buy, and which one you go for depends on your site’s need.

If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a ton of traffic, you certainly don’t need the most expensive Unbounce plan.

Most other landing page tools want to get you to upgrade to higher tiers by limiting features on cheaper plans.

Unbounce does no such thing and with them, everything is instantly available on all tiers.

No need to pay extra.

The basic features every Unbounce plan boasts are:

  • Unlimited landing pages;
  • Unlimited popups and sticky bars;
  • Abundant integrations (including everything that comes with a powerful Zapier integration).

Let’s quickly break down the four plans in detail.

#1- Launch

Launch is the basic Unbounce paid plan.

It’s an excellent choice for bloggers with brand new sites who want to start collecting lead right away; and for those marketers who have established sites but not a ton of traffic.

With the Launch plan you can connect 1 domain, get up to 500 conversions and the traffic limit is 20 000/mo.

Other features of Launch are:

  • Unlimited free hosting for your landing pages;
  • Unlimited access to Unsplash stock photo library;
  • Real-time conversion analytics;
  • Mobile responsive page builder;
  • Auto image optimizer;
  • Excellent security and GDPR compliance;

Try Launch today!

20% discouunt+ 14-day free trial available!

#2- Optimize

Optimize plan is an excellent pick for bloggers who want to use Unbounce on several sites. And also for webmasters who run just one website, but a very successful one with a ton of traffic.

Optimize can connect with up to 3 domains, supports 30 000 visitors/mo, and up to 1000 conversions.

As for the features, you get everything from the previous plan,+:

  • A/B testing– the power feature you need to really boost your conversions.
  • Unlimited users– share Unbounce with your team.
  • (DTR) Dynamic Text Replacement– another, unique way to convert more people.

Try Optimize today!

20% discouunt+ 14-day free trial available!

#3- Accelerate

Accelerate plan is for bloggers who have many sites and whose properties get a ton of relevant traffic eager to convert.

You can connect Accelerate with up to 7 domains, serve 40 000 visitors/mo and score 2 000 conversions.

Besides the feature-set from the previous 2 plans, you also get:

  • (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages– your landing pages will load under <1s on mobile.
  • Advanced scheduling and targeting– target subsets of your audience with campaigns tailored to them for even greater conversion success.

Get Accelerate today!

20% discouunt+ 14-day free trial available!

#4- Scale

Scale plan is best suited for webmasters who have many domains and want to connect them all with Unbounce.

Scale plan supports up to 15 domains, 50 000 visitors/mo and up to 3 000 conversions.

As for features, with Scale, you get everything you from the previous 3 plans and everything Unbounce has to offer.

The only difference is that usage volumes for all features are maxed out.

Get Scale today!

14-day free trial available.

1 domain3 domains7 domains15 domains
Up to 20,000 trafficUp to 30,000 trafficUp to 40,000 trafficUp to 50,000 traffic
Up to 500 conversionsUp to 1000 conversionsUp to 2 000 conversionsUp to 3 000 conversions
Unlimited pagesUnlimited pagesUnlimited pagesUnlimited pages
Unlimited popupsUnlimited popupsUnlimited popupsUnlimited popups
Unlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky barsUnlimited sticky bars

Note, all plans also come with the free Unbounce Smart Traffic feature.

Unbounce Features Explained

Here’s the power that lies beneath the clever name “Unbounce”.

#1- Landing Pages

Unbounce landing pages

Unbounce flagship product is their landing page builder.

To be able to build awesome Unbounce landing pages you:

  • Don’t need to know code;
  • Don’t need to be or hire a Javascript developer;
  • Don’t need more than 15m per page (even if you’re building an elaborate landing page meant to host your explainer video promoting your small business);

However, all is not milk and honey with Unbounce and there are some costs involved.

To build an Unbounce landing page you need:

  • ~10m of your time (as long as you have a clue on what kind of a page you’re building);
  • to be able to use the simple drag-and-drop editor;
  • Enthusiasm to beat the slight learning curve that comes with using Unbounce for the first time;

And that’s it.

Making a landing page with Unbounce is as intuitive and easy as it gets.

And unlike some pseudo-drag-and-drop landing page builders which curb your imagination by restricting the movements you can make within the editor, Unbounce gives you free rein and absolute flexibility.

In fact, the only constricting elements are your imagination and good taste. Just because you can build the most insane landing page the world has ever known, it doesn’t mean you should.

Model yours on what works, but also give it a touch of your personality.

You want your landing page to convert, right?

Note: here are some of the best landing page examples, curated by Unbounce.

#2- Templates

Unbounce templates

Not a pro at building landing pages?

Never built one in your life?

No problem.

Unbounce gives you hundreds of battle-tested, conversion-ready templates you can use as your own after minimal changes.

#3- Popups and Sticky Bars

Unbounce popups and sticky bars

Unbounce started as a pure landing page builder.

But over time, they’ve started to offer additional services to their clients.

These are popups and sticky bars.


96% of your site’s visitors are there to browse, and not to buy. Imagine if you could lower that percentage to 90% while simultaneously increasing the latter one to 10%.

You can!

A well-placed popup with just the right offer often does the trick.

Some ideas how you can use the popup opt-in builder are:

  • Offering coupon codes;
  • Lead gen;
  • limited-time deals;
  • product announcements;
  • etc

The good news is that you can use the popup builder with all Unbounce plans and this saves you from having to spend money on a dedicated optin builder like Optinmonster.

Sticky Bars

Sticky bars are those prominent horizontal and vertical bars that stick to the top or bottom of the page and scroll with the user as they scroll.

They carry an enticing offer, they’re ever-present on the screen and they convert like crazy.

No, you don’t need a dedicated tool like HelloBar do get those, instead use the Sticky Bar builder which comes with all Unbounce plans.

Pro tip: additional value from Unbounce.

No need to create popups and sticky bars from scratch. Instead, use one of 50+ templates they provide for free to get rolling as fast as possible.

Unbounce popups and sticky bars templates

#4- Mobile Friendliness

Unbounce mobile responsive landing pages

All landing pages you build with Unbounce will be 100% mobile-friendly.

This means that regardless of the device used, your landing pages will look great and your chancs of making conversions happen will be as high as possible.

#5- AMP

Unbounce AMP landing pages

AMP is Google’s project for making the web faster. AMP pages are those that have been stripped of all extra HTML and Javascript and are thus made to be 10x faster than normal.

As a result, AMP pages get preferential treatment in Google mobile search.

Unbounce lets you create AMP landing pages that are lighting fast. This feature is amazing if you know most of your traffic is coming from their mobile devices (pro tip: you can check Google Analytics to see your traffic sources and devices).

#6- Integrations

Unbounce integrations

Unbounce is one of those tools that integrate with everything.

You can directly integrate Unbounce with 60+ apps, and via webhooks and Zapier with every other app on the market.

Learn more here.

#7- A/B Testing

Unbounce A//B testing

A/B testing is an easy-to-use tool for your to see which landing page converts better.

It’s simple.

Create a landing page, and then build a variation of that page that’s somehow different (for example different button color).

Then set an A/B test so that Unbounce can divide the traffic in half and start measuring the performance of each page.

A/B testing tools abound on the market, but no need to spend your hard-earned money on then.

Because Unbounce does A/B testing very well and this feature is available to all plans except Launch, (that’s one Unbounce con I talk about below).

#8- Smart Traffic

Unbounce Smart Traffic

A/B tests are great, but they take months to work and for you to really see which landing page performs better.

The solution to that is to use SmartTraffic, a unique Unbounce feature that no other landing page maker boasts.

How does it work?

First of all, Smart Traffic only needs 50 visitors to start doing its magic,

Second, this AI-driven system learns from your visitors’ behavior, and also their attributes (geolocation, demographics, cookies, devices, and other tags) and sends them to the landing page it predicts they’re most likely to convert on.

Businesses using this unique service report ~30% increase in conversion on average, and all on autopilot without your direct input.

#9- Dynamic Text Replacement

Dynamic text replacement

This awesome feature can help you explode conversions and revenue from your paid campaigns.


Dynamic Text Replacements works by matching the keywords from the ads web users clicked to your landing page.

To explain it better, Unbounce can detect which ad (with what keyword) user on Google clicked and can serve them the landing page version that has the exact keywords present.

That way, the relevance of your landing page is increased, users know they’re on the right page and are more likely to stay and convert.

#10- Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, and the good news is that you don’t need a third-party analytics tool to know how your landing pages are doing.

Instead, use the inbuilt analytics feature and get all the data you need right then and there.

#11- Support

Support is equally available on all Unbounce plans and is done via:

  • phone worldwide: +1 604 484 1354; North America (toll-free): +1 888 515 9161
  • email and live chat from 1am-8pm PST on weekdays;
  • email from 9am- 9pm PST on weekends.

Unbounce extensive support (email, live chat, phone)




#12- Security

Unbounce Security

Unbounce takes the security of your work and account very seriously.

Here are the measures they’ve taken so that the security bubble is never breached.

  • Data privacy by design-Unbounce complies with worldwide security and data privacy standards. This includes PCI-DSS and CASL.
  • 2-factor login- extra security measures available on all Unbounce plans.
  • Single sign in- this feature makes it easier for you to manage passwords, username, and authorization, all from one place.
  • Password security- too many failed attempts at guessing your password and your account is locked with you notified of what happened.
  • Auto Session Timeout- You’re automatically logged out if you don’t use your account for a set amount of time. That way no one can use it in your absence.
  • Domain protection- Your domain is yours and Unbounce prevents others from registering it.
  • User Permissions- control what permissions other have in your account.
  • Version control- Restore previous versions of your landing pages with just a single click.
  • Audit logs- this helps you audit other user behavior on your account. This is an Unbounce Enterprise-exclusive feature.

In addition to all of this, you also get GDPR compliance and SSL security for every landing page you build.

Unbounce Landing Page Builder Cost- Pricing Plans Explained

Unbounce pricing plans explained

If you want a detailed breakdown of Unbounce pricing, click the link you just saw.

But here’s how much you can expect to pay for this excellent landing page builder.

For the four Unbounce plans, you can expect to pay:

  • Launch- $72/mo (billed annually); $80/mo (billed monthly);
  • Optimize- $108/mo (billed annually); $120/mo (billed monthly);
  • Accelerate- $180/mo (billed annually); $200/mo (billed monthly);
  • Scale- $270/mo (billed annually). $300/mo (billed monthly);


As you can see, there’s a regular 10% discount if you pick a yearly plan.

However, there’s also a way to get a maximum 20% discount on any Unbounce plan.


By using my coupon-attached link. My affiliate link gives you 20% discount, which is a promo offer that you cannot find if you visit the site directly

Unbounce 20% discount

Here’s how the numbers crunch.

Unbounce Coupon Code Monthly Savings


Remember, you get 20% off the first 3 months. That’s why I think getting a yearly plan is more advantageous because it’s 20% off for the whole year.

Unbounce Coupon Code Yearly Savings

Launch$72/mo (billed annually)$57.6/mo (billed annually)
Optimize$108/mo (billed annually)$87.4/mo (billed annually)
Accelerate$180/mo (billed annually)$144/mo (billed annually)
Scale$270/mo (billed annually)$216/mo (billed annually)

Try Unbounce today!

Unbounce Pros and Cons

My Unbonce review wouldn’t be complete without a pros and cons section.

Yes, my review is overwhelmingly positive, but there are some crucial chinks in Unbounce shiny armor.

Let’s investigate those below.


  • A superior solution for marketers with minimal coding experience and CRO newbies;
  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use;
  • Generous usage quotas for all plans;
  • Smart Traffic;
  • Solid A/B testing capabilities;
  • Integrations galore (+ Zapier);
  • Superb customer support;
  • Integrations galore;
  • AMP-enabled landing pages
  • Fully mobile responsive

Unbounce has 16k customers (some of them huge brands yuo know and love) and that trajectory is on the rist as more and more business learn about Unbounce and what it can offer to them.

Here’s what some of the happy customers had to say about it.

Unbounce positive testimonial 1

Unbounce positive testimonial 2

Unbounce positive testimonial 3

Unbounce CONS

I want my Unbounce review to be truly unbiased and honest.

That is why I’m willing to cover the not-so-great points about Unbounce.

  • No refund guarantee;
  • A/B testing gives you only 30 days worth of data (too short);
  • Dynamic Text Replacement not available on Launch plan;

Unbounce negative testimonial

Unbounce negative testimonial 2

Unbounce negative testimonial 3

Unbounce Pros and Cons Explained! Share on X

What is Unbounce and How Can it Help You Grow (FAQ)?

I know that people reading this Unbounce review have a ton of questions.

That is why I have a ton of answers, just below.

Enjoy, learn, and if I missed your question, tell me all about it in the comment section below.

#1- Does Unbounce Work With Shopify?

So, you have a Shopify store and want to use Unbounce on it.

But can you?

Yes, you can!

There isn’t room for it in my Unbounce review, but Unbounce seamlessly integrates with Shopify and if you want to learn how to use it with your store, click here to read the official guide.

#2- Is There an Unbounce WordPress Plugin?

Yes, there is.

Unbounce WordPress plugin is available and you can easily connect it with your site.

However, the plugin is free to download from your WordPress dashboard, but you will need a paid Unbounce plan to use it.

Unbounce WordPress plugin

#3- Who’re Unbounce Competitors/Alternatives

They are:

  • Leadpages;
  • Fastpages (read my Fastpages review here);
  • Clickfunnels;
  • Optimizely;
  • Instapage;
  • Hubspot Marketing Hub;
  • VWO Testing;
  • Landingi;
  • etc…

#4- Is There an Unbounce Coupon Code I Can Use?

There is no official Unbounce coupon code you have to enter at the checkout page. But there is a discount code that is attached to my special link.

Namely, my Unbounce coupon code is attached to my affiliate link and it givs you a 20% discount on both yearly and monthly plans. If you go directly to Unbounce.com, you will only find a 10% discount on yearly plans, but not on monthly.

#5- Is There a Free Trial? What About Refund Guarantee?

You get a 14-day free trial for any Unbounce plan.

During that time period, you have to add in your credit card, but you won’t be charged anything, and you can cancel anytime before the 14-day trial is over.

Unbounce will also send you a reminder email 4 days before your trial period expires.

Unbounce free trial email reminder

As for the second part of your question, Unbounce doesn’t offer refunds for their services.

Unbounce refund guarantee

Read about it in their terms of service document.

#6- Is There Unbounce Referral/Affiliate Program?

There’s isn’t a refer-a-friend program, but there is an Unbounce affiliate program.

It’s run on PartnerStack, cookie duration is 90 days, the commission rate is 20%, payments are made via PayPal and Stripe, and overall it’s a good affiliate program to join for those looking to partner up with Unbounce.

#7- What Happens If I Exceed Traffic/Conversion Limit on My Current Unbounce Plan?

Your plan will not stop working. Instead, you will be automatically upgraded to the next higher tier, and you will be billed accordingly when the next payment cycle rolls over.

Learn more about it here!

#8- Is There an Unbounce Black Friday Offer?

For several years now, Unbounce didn’t offer special deals during Black Friday. It might happen this year, or it might not. Aso of now, the most reliable way to save money on Unbounce is to use my Unbounce coupon code link.

Unbounce Review for 2022 Final Thoughts (Conclusion)

That’s all folks.

My Unbounce review is done.

You’ve learned what Unbounce is, what it does, and what it doesn’t do as well.

Now there’s only one thing left to do.

Let me conclude my Unbounce review by asking you a simple question:

Are you going to try Unbounce?

I mean, you’ve come so far, why not give it a whirl?

You have 14-day free trial to test it out, and you might discover an ideal landing page builder for your site.

Whatever your decision is, let me know in the comment section below;


Unbounce Review and Coupon Code 2022- Really the Best?

Unbounce lets you create high converting and beautiful landing pages even if you're a beginer with no experince in design and CRO. They also have a bunch of nifty AI tools built to draw out maximum conversions for any landing page you create. Try them out here!

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