Unbounce Smart Traffic-This A.I.-Powered A/B Testing Tool is AWESOME!

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Have you heard about Unbounce Smart Traffic feature?

You have?

But you have no clue what it is, and would like an explanation, right?


My post can help you.

Let’s go!

Unbounce Smart Traffic
Unbounce Smart Traffic is AWESOME! Learn about it below!

What is Unbounce Smart Traffic?

I could give you my definition of Unbounce Smart Traffic, but it’ll inevitably be worse than the one from the creators themselves:

“Smart Traffic is an AI-powered algorithm that matches visitors to the variant they’re most likely to convert on. Using  contextual multi-armed bandit theory, Smart Traffic eliminates a “one-page-fits-all” approach to conversion optimization by delivering the most relevant content to each visitor”.

Got that?

Unbounce Smart Traffic is an AI-driven algorithm that learns from your site’s user behavior and does it best to match it with the landing page variant most likely to convert.

This is like A/B testing on steroids, and here’s why you need to start using this Unbounce feature today.

3 Unbounce Smart Traffic Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

#1- Automation

This is a big one. With Unbounce Smart Traffic, conversion rate optimization suddenly gets a whole lot easier.

The system works on autopilot and it improves over time as AI learns and implements improvements faster and better than humans.

This means you won’t have to manually specify a landing page winner and push it to update your landing pages, as you would with classic A/B tests.

Sound fantastic?

It gets even better. This feature works with al little as 50 visitors per day.

If you have a small-scale business and you get <5 000 visitors/mo, you’ll still be able to use the Unbounce Smart Traffic feature.

 #2- Intelligent Targeting

With Smart Traffic, Unbounce targets your audience and shows them the most relevant landing page without your manual inputs.

It’s automatic and intelligent.

In normal A/B testing, you’d first need to create a landing page and a couple of variations, and then you’d run extensive A/B testing to see which landing page variant performs the best.

However, with Smart Traffic, the system works and learns on autopilot.

The AI analyses your audience (It examines cookies, demographics, their devices and other tags to identify what type of audience they are.) and shows the most relevant landing page variants without you doing anything.

Again, that’s completely different from A/B testing where A/B testing software first runs tests over the predetermined time period and afterward chooses a winner which is then pushed to your entire audience.

Unbounce Smart Traffic vs A/B testing

#3- Guesswork Elimination and Increased Effectiveness

CRO pros might not need Unbounce Smart Traffic.

To them, it’s enough to look at a landing page and they can pretty much guess how it’ll perform.

But most people are not CRO experts. I’m guessing you’re not too.

Then you need Smart Traffic to guide you.

You also can’t just rely on A/B testing. You must know how to make a landing page, and then you need to know what elements to test, and how to test them.

If you’re a newbie running A/B test, it’ll take you forever to learn and you’ll waste a ton of time.

It’s better to let Unbounce optimize for your site, because their AI is doing a superb job right from the start, and improves over time as the algorithm learns.

Unbounce Smart Traffic FAQ- All Your Questions Answered!

#1- Is Smart Traffic Available for All Unbounce Plans?


Smart Traffic is available for all Unbounce plans. You can even use it on your 14-day free trial.

#2- How Much Traffic Do I Need to See Benefits?

Smart Traffic works with as little as 50 visitors per day. If you decide to add new landing page variants, per each variant requirement is 30 additional visitors per day.

#3- Is Unbounce Smart Traffic Available With AMP Pages?


You cannot use this feature with AMP pages.

You also can’t use it with Popups and Sticky Bars.

#4- When Creating Page Variants so I Can Enable Smart Traffic- What Can I Change Exactly?

You can be as creative as you want.

As long as all variants have the same conversion goal you can change headlines, CTA’s forms, buttons, fonts and typefaces…

So there really are no limits.

#5- I Want Smart Traffic. Is There an Unbounce Coupon Code I Can Use so I Pay Less?

Excellent decision.

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Concluding My Unbounce Smart Traffic Guide…


Unbounce Smart traffic is an innovative feature that’s unique to Unbounce and also available to all plans for free.

If you’re an Unbounce user already, then it pays to use it even if you’re an experienced CRO expert.

But especially if you’re not, then this feature can make your every landing page a winner in progress.

Try Unbounce Smart Traffic today!

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