Using Grammarly with other apps (Slack, Excel, Skype, PowerPoint, etc.)

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Grammarly has proved to be a great tool to write error-free content. But what if you have to use Grammarly with other applications?

Let’s find out!

Using Grammarly with other apps

Here is How to Use Grammarly With Other Apps

Currently, Grammarly is only integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook. For these two apps, you can install Grammarly for Microsoft Office.

If your preferred app has a web version, then you can take advantage of the Grammarly Browser Extension, which works pretty much anywhere within the Chrome browser.

That way, you can use Grammarly on any website as long as you’re accessing the website from supported browsers.

Last, but not least, if your hands are tied, you can always use the Online Grammarly Editor or the Grammarly Desktop app.

Using Grammarly with Other Apps FAQ

#1- Which Windows Desktop Applications are Supported by Grammarly?

Currently, the only supported Windows desktop applications are Microsoft Word and Outlook. But Grammarly might probably expand its app compatibility in the near future.

#2- How Do I Make Sure my PowerPoint Presentations are Checked by Grammarly

At the moment, Grammarly is not compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. The only way to check your text is to copy and paste your Powerpoint text either into the Online Grammarly Editor, or the Grammarly Desktop app.

#3- What Do I Do if Grammarly Doesn’t Support a Desktop App I Want to Use?

You have to be creative a bit.

If the app has a web version, use the Grammarly Browser Extension to check your text, otherwise, you can use the Online Grammarly Editor.

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but as long as you get your work done, it’s worth it.


Now you know exactly which applications are compatible with Grammarly, and which aren’t. You also know the workaround way to use Grammarly with other apps which aren’t seamlessly integrated with it.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section below.

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