Viglink Review 2022 – Make Money With Non-Monetized Links (Pros and Cons of the Platform Included)

Disclosure (full version- Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

In my Viglink review you’ll learn whether you should join this platform or not.

Will it help your affiliate marketing efforts? Will it hurt you? Will you or not earn more money?

I’ll also touch on pros and cons and features that make Viglink stand out among its competitors

Let’s start right away!

What is Viglink Exactly?

Viglink review
Viglink review and analysis- should you join this platform?

Viglink is a hybrid network that’s somewhere between the traditional CPS networks and specialized CPA platforms.

It’s a platform where once you sign up you start monetizing every outbound link that leads to one of the merchants partnered with Viglink.

So, for Viglink publishers the hassle of joining affiliate program and networks manually and adding links is removed and their job is to only produce more content and get more traffic.

And monetization is handled on Viglink’s side.

Pretty attractive, no doubt?

But is it lucrative for us affiliate marketers?

Keep reading my Viglink review to find out.

Who Should Use Viglink on Their Site? And Who Should Avoid it? 

Viglink is best suited for 2 types of bloggers.

#1- Those Who Don’t Want to Join Dozens of Different Affiliate Programs

When I say dozens I actually mean 100+ because as you blog grows you’ll find more and more products to promote and you’ll join more and more networks and programs.

After a while it becomes an ungodly mess and Viglink is an elegant way out of that.

As a Viglink publisher they’ll become your middle man and through them you’ll be partnered with thousands of affiliate programs without actually joining directly and wasting time signing up online forms.

Huge timesaver, but also good for your nerves because joining some affiliate programs will makes you want to throw your laptop out of a window) .

#2- Those Who Don’t Want to Add Affiliate Links Manually

Don’t know about you, but one of the most tedious parts of blog post publishing process is adding affiliate links.

I usually do that in the end after I have reviewed and revised my content a bunch of times and after I’ve become thoroughly sick of it.

And yet, I have to go through it again and add affiliate links or my review will be under monetized.

It’s a pain, but with Viglink that problem disappears. They will add your links automatically after you’ve set it up correctly (shown in a tutorial below).

Note: letting Viglink add affiliate links will NOT interfere with your existing affiliate links.

Viglink Features Explained- What Is it That Makes This Platform Stand Out?

#1- Easy To Use Dashboard

Viglink dashboard

The Viglink dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. And as you can see from the image above, everything is accessible from the menu header, that’s is divided into 6 sections.

  1. Dashboard : This is your default view.
  1. Install: This is where you’ll find VigLink JavaScript snippet to add to your website so you start monetizing.
  1. Settings: Reconfigure affiliate link behavior so as to maximize profits (shown in tutorial further down this Viglink review).
  1. Anywhere: Here’s where you can monetize your email or social media posts.
  1. Merchants: This is where you can find all of VigLink’s 70,000+ advertisers.
  1. Trends: In this area you can see products are hot/trending right now globally.

Note: this is actually an awesome niche research tool in disguise. Use it to find hot, exploding and untapped niches, all at the same time 😀

#2- Finding Affiliate Programs Couldn’t Be Easier

It’s extremely easy to find lucrative affiliate programs inside the Viglink dashboard.

Simply go to the “Merchants” tab and use the search feature there.

For example, I’ll use these filters:

  • Country;
  • Category;
  • Payment method;

And Viglink spit out hundreds of potential merchants whose product I can promote for a fat commission.

Viglink affiliate program search function

As you’ll notice from the image, some of merchants come labeled with red X. That simply means at this time my site can not work with these brands, either because my blog needs to be manually whitelisted (very rarely a requirement);

or because my site is in a totally different niche. 

Viglink categorizes sites based on their theme so my site which is in the online marketing space will certainly not be able to work with health and fitness brands.

And that’s ok. With more than 70 000 merchants available at the time of me writing this Viglink review,  I know I’ll get by just fine:-)  

#3- Creating Affiliate Links

As already mentioned several times throughout my review, Viglink automatically turns your outbound links into money makers, so you don’t have to do anything except get people to click those affiliate links.

However, if you do want to make an affiliate link manually, all you need to do is click on the name of the merchant and generate it.

Make affiliate links manually

#4- Payment Methods and Timeline

With Viglink you can opt to get your affiliate income by direct deposit check, wire transfer or PayPal.

What’s more, Viglink will cover all money transfer fees, which can save you a fortune, especially when using PayPal.

Viglink payment methods

What is the Payment Threshold With Viglink?

You only need $10 in order to start receiving your money via PayPal.

That sum rises for $50 for all other money transfer methods.

#5- Publisher Help and Support

Viglink Support

Viglink have an excellent knowledge base where publishers can learn pretty much anything they need to know to be successful with this platform.

And if there’s anything you don’t understand or can’t find an answer for, you can contact their support for assistance.

Viglink phone customer support

They also publish contact telephone numbers for their UK and US offices right underneath the contact form.

Offering phone support puts them light years in front of their main competitor in this space.

Viglink Pros and Cons- This Network Ain’t Perfect You Know!


  • Easy application process- sign up in minute;
  • Both CPA and CPC offers available;
  • 30 000+ of advertisers to promote;
  • A super passive way to earn $$$ from your blog;
  • No messing around manually placing affiliate links from different merchants;
  • APIs for developers
  • “Instant Pay” feature lets you get paid immediately, though obviously for a fee.


  • The Net-90 payment terms are annoying- it’s hard to wait full 3 months for a payment to go through.
  • Commission rates are considerably lower than when working directly with an affiliate program (Viglink takes a 35% cut).
  • Occasionally slow customer support.

Overall, the pros of Viglink significantly outweigh the cons.


Concluding My Viglink Review for 2022…

I hope my Viglink review has helped you find one more network to join and make more money as affiliate marketer.

Remember, joining Viglink is free and you have nothing to lose.

So, do it now, and let me know if you need any help in the comment section below.

Thank you!

Nikola Roza

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