Wealthy Affiliate Complaints 2021- Everything Wrong About Wealthy Affiliate!

Disclosure (full version here): Some of the links you’ll encounter are affiliate links. If you click and buy something, I may get a commission. Thank you! 

This Wealthy Affiliate complaints guide is divided in 2 distinct parts.

First you’ll learn about major problems about Wealthy Affiliate that can derail you from your path to success (you’ll also learn how to beat them).

Then you’ll learn about minor problems, irksome things that it’d be nice if they get fixed but that can’t really stop you from achieving success in affiliate marketing.

Let’s get started now!

Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
Wealthy Affiliate Complaints- Is Any of These a Dealbreaker?

5 Major Wealthy Affiliate Complaints- Avoid These At All Costs

Biggest Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
  • No link building lessons;
  • No email marketing training;
  • Occasionally lackluster support;
  • Pointless Ambassadorship feature;
  • Live chat is hit and miss.

#1- The Biggest Complaint of WA- Zero Lessons on Link Building

By far, this is the one major flaw that prevented me from giving Wealthy Affiliate a near-perfect score in my Wealthy Affiliate review.

You see, links are losing their grip on the algorithm and as time passes, this will accelerate. But they still have a good decade or so in them, so it isn’t wise to ignore them completely.

To truly scale your business  and outgrow your competition, you will need to learn at least basic link building.

And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate’s teachings fall flat on their face, because they don’t teach link building at all.

Their rational is all that you need is good content to rank in Google and that good content picks up links naturally.

GREAT content creation is the white hat approach to link building, and in some sense they are right.

Wealthy Affiliate university does teach you how to write awesome posts and articles, content that naturally ranks high in Google and is highly resistant to most Google updates.

And if you publish a decent number of articles, some of those are going to start attracting links naturally, which will then push that PageRank throughout your site giving you a slew of new keywords you’re suddenly ranking for.

It works, but it’s slow and that’s why I think it’s missed opportune for Wealthy Affiliate to become even better.

Note: I know how to build links. It’s my favorite part of SEO, and if you decide to join through my affiliate link I can help you personally to get to the top faster.

 #2- No Email Marketing Training

Besides not teaching you how to get links, they also miss the target with email marketing. It’s barely mentioned in the official training and Wealthy Affiliate is supposed to be THE marketing training center.


However, the saving grace here is that many members have created their own training modules/tutorials inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and you’re welcome to use those.


Since writing this post, WA has been ramping up with their teachings on email marketing and how to earn money with your list. They quickly banged out 6 webinars that cover pretty much the whole process of email marketing.

From signing up to an auto-responder and collecting emails; writing compelling copy; sending promotions and making sales with your emails.

I’m impressed and I highly suggest you watch those when you have the time.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches email marketing through their webinars#3- Support Can Be Lackluster at Times

This rarely happens and it has NEVER happened to me!

But some people have reported that when they had site issues, and after having reported it to customer service… they waited for hours, sometimes days even.

Admittedly, this rarely happens, but it sure is annoying when it does. We’re building an online business where- we need our sites functioning well!

#4- Being a “Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador” is Pointless

“Ambassador” is this lofty title you get by participating in the community and by being a helpful member.

Because when you intermingle:

  • you get shares;
  • likes;
  • and comments.

And those quickly propel you to the upper echelons of WA memberships.Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador

You keep it up and you’ll end up in the top 25 members rank, i.e., you’ll become an Ambassador.

But you don’t get anything out of it. And that’s my whole point. It’s just a vanity metric and nothing else.

Here, my rank is 240388, and that’s not an error on my part. Do you think I care (hint: I don’t)?

I only care about my business and about my referrals– only they can send me private messages and only they can have unrestricted access to me and my time.

#5- Rookies, Greenhorns, and Some Plain Bad Advice

I already mentioned the live chat feature, haven’t I?

It’s a great tool that helps you get quick feedback and never get stuck with your business development. When you have a problem, instead of turning to support or doing research on your own, you simply join the chat and ask.

And 9 out of 10 times you’ll get an answer in the first 2m or so.

And that’s awesome!

So, where’s the problem?

Oftentimes, the people giving advice are those in need of one themselves. 

There isn’t anything wrong with being a newbie since we all got to start somewhere. But ideally, you’d want an answer from experienced members who know what they’re talking about

Do you agree?

So this is something to keep in mind.

Try Out Wealthy Affiliate; it’s FREE!

6 Minor Wealthy Affiliate Complaints- These Make WA look like a Fake and Scammy Program

Minor Wealthy Affiliate Complaints
  • No refunds;
  • Mentor unavailable;
  • No free domain name;
  • Cannot downgrade membership;
  • SERPS full with biased Wealthy Affiliate reviews;
  • Outdated content;
  • English-only platform.

Above you read about some serious faults of Wealthy Affiliate. Things that can completely derail you and destroy your chances of success.

And below you will find some minor Wealthy Affiliate cons.

Things that are bothersome for sure, but that won’t and can’t hurt you as long as you’re aware they exist.

Let’s get started!

#1- No Refunds

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer membership refunds and it clearly says in their terms of services page (no one reads this, even though it’s crucial information).

Wealthy Affiliate terms of service

It’s unfortunate because you can get refunds almost anywhere else, but it is what it is.

The reasoning behind this somewhat controversial decision is that you have all the time in the world to get acquainted with WA with your free Starter Membership.

And when you decide to join, you know exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is, and whether it’s for you or not.

#-2- Referrer (Mentor) Isn’t Available

When you enter Wealthy Affiliate through my referral link, such as this one, I get you as my referral; but you get me as your referrer.

So in a way, since I introduced you to WA I become your mentor and it is my responsibility to guide you and help you the best way I can.

And that is what I do. I’m not perfect and some messages do slip through the crack (there so much to do when running an online business) but in general I try to be as helpful as I can.

However, not everyone is like that. I won’t dish on anyone here but do know that it can happen.

You enter Wealthy Affiliate through someone’s referral link and they:

  • Don’t respond to your messages;
  • Aren’t active inside WA;
  • Drop out from WA at some point.

It can happen, and it does happen every day.

But what should you do if it happens to you?

Well, you have plenty of options. Wealthy Affiliate has more that 2 000 000 members and you can reach each and every one of them through:

  • private messaging;
  • public messaging on their profile pages;
  • and even in the live chat.

Finally, since you’re here reading my Wealthy Affiliate review, I offer you my help too.

if you join through my link you get it guaranteed, but even if you don’t, feel free to contact me on my profile page and we can have a little chat.

#3- You Have to Pay for Your Domain Name


Now you do get ddomain name with your premium membership.

So, if you go Premium now you’ll get a free domain name added to your account.

And if you go Premium+ you’ll get 2 free domain names.

Wealthy Affiliate often gets pitched as all-in-one platform for making an online business; so I can see why some peeps would be upset that they have to pay $14 for their domain name.

However, the truth is that domains cost money and domains have nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate’s core service.

Yes, you can buy a domain name through them because Wealthy Affiliate are a certified domain registrar, but they’re not the ones selling them.

WA still has to pay, like everyone else.

#4- You Cannot Downgrade From Premium to Starter

It’s true;

Starter membership is free, comes with no time restrictions and you can join on your spare email account, without giving your credit card info.

But once you become a paying member you cannot revert to previous Starter membership account. You have to keep paying or you’ll be cut off once the time you payed for runs out.

Note: you do get two weeks grace period to re-subscribe. Also, Wealthy Affiliate membership is tied to email addresses you used to sign up.

So you can always get a new Starter account with a new email address. ????

#5- “Unbiased” and “Honest” Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Are Affiliate Marketers Looking for Commissions

What did you expect?

Marketers put in their time and effort and want to be compensated for it with affiliate commissions in their PayPal account. That’s quite normal and that, in essence, is affiliate marketing.

However, my tip for you is to look for reviews  affiliate pros , and not just from Wealthy Affiliate, but successful in general. Because you can learn a lot from them; and because they’re likely to give you the most honest, unbiased and legit take on Wealthy Affiliate.

If for nothing else, it’s because they’re expert marketers and they know that reviews that cover both good and bad of any product/service convert much better than those that seem overly enthusiastic and list out the positives only.

That’s why I promised you at the start to be real with my Wealthy Affiliate review.

and that’s why flowery reviews of Wealthy Affiliate are a total waste of time for you the reader; and for webmaster who writes such crap.


#6- Outdated Content

Take a look at this image:

Free access, but best avoided- Outdated tutorial at Wealthy Affiliate

This tutorial is clearly outdated, yet is still available to Wealthy Affiliate members.

This is a genuine complaint and of one the more legitimate reasons why folks call Wealthy Affiliate a scam and outdated program and bad environment to be in.

If It were up to me, I’d remove outdated guides like this and leave the only training that is a couple of years old at most.

But rest assured, official training at WA (run by Kyle Loudon, the co-founderis regularly updated.

Note: I put this in the “minor Wealthy Affiliate complaints” section because each training module has a clearly visible last-updated tag.

So you can’t miss spotting it and, when you see something that was published before dinosaurs went extinct;- keep searching for something more up-to-date.

#7- Wealthy Affiliate is an English-Only Platform

Wealthy Affiliate caters to folks who want to become affiliate marketers so they can market to audiences in:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Great Britain
  • New Zealand
  • etc…

And also to folks who’re not native speakers, but use English in their day-to-day work.

So, this is just to be clear, don’t expect to log in and find a Spanish, Chinese or Japanese version of the site.

Because they don’t exist.

Concluding My Wealthy Affiliate Complaints Guide for 2021…

As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a perfect platform and complaints are a dime and a dozen.
However, despite of it all WA is still the best pace for newbies and beginner to learn affiliate marketing.
You get training; you get the tools you need, you get the support you’re going to need on your arduous path to financial freedom.
Wealthy Affiliate e is the only platform in the world that has all three at one.
The best part?
It’s FREE to join.
Do it below…

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