Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories- How to Find Success With Wealthy Affiliate?

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In this article I want to show you exactly three stories of successful Wealthy Affiliate members.

Why only three?

Because 3 is a lucky number:)

And because these particular stories were the testimonials I needed to read, and that inspired me to do what I do, full time.

I hope they’ll inspire you too.

All three were total beginners.

All three fought and succeeded where others failed.

Each of them had one dominant trait that helped them pass this ultimate challenge.


#1- Wealthy Affiliate Success Story- Saco and His Trial of Patience

Wealthy Affiliate Success

His helpful trait- perseverance

“7 months!
That’s the time I was working on my website without getting ANY results.

Visitor count at that time was a stubborn zero”.

These are the words of Saco, a fellow WA-er.

And this is his story.

He had to endure the fickleness of Google for quite some time. For 7 loooong months, he built and built content on his site and had nothing to show for it. Nothing as in 0 visitors.


In his eight-month, the dial finally moved. His pages started hitting the second page of Google and he started to get trickles of traffic.

One month later, in June, he made his first sale and earned 70$.

Then in July, he made the second sale earning 70$ again.

August was the month he broke through the 100$ barrier. He made 13 sales and earned 525 dollars.

At that point in time, his visitor’s count was 100 per day. Not bad for someone who thought he was forever destined to be the only visitor to his site.

What happened next?

10 months later (and 20 months overall) his site was getting on average 1000 visitor per day and was earning him consistently between $3 000 and $6 000 every month.

What is it that helped him overcome the Google ranking drought?

It was his limitless patience. He believed his work will pay off and showed up for work every day.

It wasn’t easy for him:

” It was very hard for me in the first few months because I was putting in decent work, yet had nothing to show for it.”.

Now his business is fully developed and he’s a full-time internet marketer.

Well done Saco and here is his SiteRubix website as an example for you.

  • https://truthofbuildingmuscle.com/

#2- Wealthy Affiliate Success Story- John And His Pile of Problems, the Ultimate Face-off!

Wealthy Affiliate success story

Personal trait that helped him- The drive to succeed and the will to reinvent himself.

“I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I don’t understand a thing”?

These were John’s words when he joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

  • He was a total newbie.
  • He had no experience with online marketing.
  • He didn’t fully understand how affiliate marketing (as a business model) works.
  • He didn’t know WordPress
  • And he couldn’t write well (with Swedish being his mother language)

What did he do? Gave up?


He read the success stories of other WA members realized they are real, and decided to learn from them.

  • He had a lot to do,
  • to test,
  • to fail
  • and improve.

But he didn’t feel daunted by it.

No, he threw himself at it. When he got stuck (and it happened a lot) he asked for help and received it from the helpful Wealthy Affiliate Community.

When it got too much to take in, he would get away from it all for a few days. Then he’d come back refreshed and continue to plug away.

For full three months of non-stop work- he didn’t earn a cent.

The breakthrough came in the fourth when he made his first sale with Amazon.

Two months later he earned 2000$ (yes, 2000$ in his sixth month), and quit his 9-5 job to focus solely on his business.

Now he earns anything from 200$ to 350$ DAILY and recently had a first 600$ day, a new record for him!

What worked for him?

He was resourceful to the bone. He realized that affiliate marketing is an equal opportunity for all. What is different is how we respond to the challenge.

Let’s finish with a quote from him:

“To all of you who just have started out and are in your first couple of months here in WA, DO NOT give up!!”

Congratulations John!

And here’s his Site, built with Wealthy Affiliate’sĀ  Rubix builder as an example for you:


John’s website is literally exploding. He recently had his first $2000 day. He earned that money from just one sale… while he was sleeping.

But why read my words here?

Read his update for yourself!

#3- Wealthy Affiliate Success Story- Rina Didn’t Enjoy Herself at all, But Held on For Her Family

Wealthy Affiliate success story

Personal trait that helped her push through- unconditional LOVE for her family!

Rina lives in Singapore.

She had a well-paying “normal” job.

The problem? It was taking away too much of her time. Time away from her children and family.

Here’s how she documented her progress with Wealthy Affiliate:

Two months in– First sale via Amazon. She was stunned because her other website from before joining WA had made her exactly 0$ for one year’s time.

Three months in– She is getting sales every week. Not earning much but they’re consistent- things are heating up!

Four months in– She is getting 70 visitors every day and earning 100$ per month.

Six months in– 200 visitors per day and 250$ per month.

Seven months in– She’s getting 300 visitors per day and earns more than 500$ per month

Ten months in– 600 visitors per month earning her 1000$ per month.

ONE YEAR with Wealthy Affiliate– 1000 visits per day and earning 1000$+

And here is the interesting part:

Since she had a full-time job she could only post two times per week. Had she more time to dedicate to her business, her numbers would have been off the chart.

She is now in her second year with WA and a full-time internet marketer.

Congratulations Rina! šŸ™‚

And here’s is her website for all breastfeeding mothers:

Update– Rina has long passed the 100 000 visitor mark and is racing towards 200 000 visitors per month. She recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and now she’s already shaping up to be the most successful Wealthy Affiliate member ever.

Oh, how will I ever catch up to her? šŸ™‚

Read her update here!

What Does it Take to Succeed With Wealthy Affiliate?

Success with Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t come easy and it does not come by accident. Rather it’s the result of lots of work, lots of time; lots of grit and lost of stubbornness to see this project through.

Here are 3 main characteristics of Successful Wealthy Affiliate members, and how it applies to you.

a) You Need Patience

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you white hat traffic generation methods. So, you’ll be writing content and posting it on your site, and Google will send you their traffic on your doorstep.

The PRO to this is that your site will be penalty-proof because Google seeks to reward content-rich sites and that is exactly what you’ll be doing.

The CON to this is that it’ll take a long time and a decent number of articles to make it work.

I’m talking AT LEAST a year of work before you see regular sales. And I’m taking AT LEAST 50 articles before you see regular traffic from Google.

Are you ready for the grind?

#2- You Need Persistence

Being persistent simply means doing something until it starts working, and then some more of it šŸ™‚ You see, oftentimes in SEO and affiliate marketing, you will make changes to your site and instead of traffic numbers rising, they will fall and stay down.Ā  It’ll genuinely look like your results are getting worse and that you should stop doing whatever it is you’ve been doing. But you also don’t know what next to try?

Well at that point you’ll face two simple choices:

  • either leave and all that you’ve done so far is left to rot;
  • or continue on trusting in the process.

The truth is that those who continue to to trudge on, as John did, ultimately succeed. It’s because affiliate marketing is a process and not an instant fix to all your financial woes.

Are you ready to not give up?

#3- You Need to be Open-Minded About Learning New Things

I said above that affiliate marketing is a process and I stand by it. But it is also a skill, or rather a collection of skills you need to have; to learn; to master to finds success with your website.

At the very least you need to learn to:

  • Use WordPress
  • Write for the average internet user
  • SEO articles
  • Build links
  • Use social media effectively
  • Convert people
  • etc.

The truth is that the list never ends and the more you learn- the more you earn.

Are you ready to keep learn and keep learning?

Conclusion- Are You the Next Wealth Affiliate Success Story?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a panacea for your struggles as a marketer. Joining them will not magically transform you into a super affiliate.

So, if you’re not ready to work today so you can have results tomorrow, or day after that; if you’re not ready to learn, to do; to fail and to learn from your failure so that next time you do better; then do yourself a favor and don’t join Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t waste your time!

However, if you are ready to put in the time and work needed, then come join us as you will get all the tools, knowledge and support inside this awesome platform.

It’s free to join and you have nothing to lose.

Alternatively, if you crave more info read my full WA review.

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