My Review of Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program- Can You Make Money Promoting Wealthy Affiliate or What?

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Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Program Review
Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program Review

Does Wealthy Affiliate have an affiliate program?

Yes they do, and quite a lucrative one.

Read my review to learn the nuts and bolts of it, and whether it’s worth your time to join and promote Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate Exactly, And How Does Their Affiliate Program Work?

Wealthy Affiliate is the oldest course for teaching newbies the basics of affiliate marketing.

(Note: read my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more about them)

They started in 2005 and now they have more that a million members.

They’ve never been stronger and their lucrative affiliate program is a great chance for you to earn decent money.

Now I will cover what the program offers by taking you through it’s pros and cons.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program PROS

#1- Awesome Commission Structure.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Premium course so it costs some money to really take advantage of their lucrative referral program.

Wealthy Affiliate costs:

  • $49 (monthly);
  • $495 (yearly)

And here’s how that translates into affiliate commissions for you.

If you’re a premium member of WA then you get $8 for the first month of your referral’s $19 special offer, and then $23.50 thereafter.

If your referral decide to go with a yearly package right away, then you earn $235 in a single payment.

You can also promote Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member. But then you get half the commissions you’d usually get

Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $117.50 yearly commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate lucrative commission structure

#2- Reliable and Trustworthy Affiliate Program

In its 16 year of existence, Wealthy Affiliate have never missed a payment to their affiliates. That should tell you something important.

They’re legit.

#3- Lots of Training Available

Wealthy Affiliate offers a whole course on the right ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Their main shtick is to write honest reviews about other products and compare them fairly against Wealthy Affiliate.

This model works because WA, even though far from perfect, is usually leagues better than it’s immediate competition.

#4- Hands-Free Marketing

Hand-free in this case means you can set up autoresponder message sequences so that your messages to your referrals are largely automated.

This is ingenuous as it leaves your room to further grow you business.

Contact your referrals inside Wealthy Affiliate
Communicate with your referrals inside Wealthy Affiliate

#5- Deep Linking Available

Just like with the Fiverr Affiliate Program, Wealthy Affiliate also lets you create deep links (with your affiliate links embedded) to any other page on their site.

This feature boosts affiliate link CTR like crazy.

Deep link to any page inside Wealthy Affiliate
Deep link to any page inside Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program CONS

#1- Limited Training for Starter Members

I mentioned that you get awesome in-depth training on best ways to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

You do, it’s called Affiliate Bootcamp and it has 7 chapters.

However as a starter member you only get access to the first module.


booth-camp training Wealthy Affiliate

#2- Halved Commissions for Starter Members

I mentioned this before but it bear repeating

As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get half commissions of those you’d get were you to go premium.

#3- Time Suck if You Have Many Referrals

Having many referrals is a great thing because many of them will go premium and you’ll earn money. But keep in mind that each of them has the right to ask you questions.

They’re newbies and they joined through you, so you’re their mentor of sorts.

It’s all part of the job and you get used to it, and you get better and faster; but it is something worth knowing so you’re prepared and don’t get swamped with message requests.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Wealthy Affiliate’s Affiliate Program

#1- Is it Free to Join Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program?

Yes it is free.

You can get a Starter membership and you can keep it for as long as you want.

No one will demand you go premium and of course, you can promote WA as a starter member.

#2- Can I join Wealthy Affiliate From Anywhere in the World?

From almost everywhere. Some countries are banned because of widespread fraud.

(Examples of banned countries are Nigeria and The Philippines).

Visit my Wealthy Affiliate FAQ page to learn more.

#3- How Much Money Can I Make Promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

That depends on you. How hard-working, efficient and effective you are.

But there’s no upper limit.

The more; the better 😀

#4- Is Wealthy Affiliate’ Affiliate Program Legit and Reliable?

Yes they are.

They have never missed a payment to their affiliates and they’ve been in business for more than 15 years.

Note: They pay via PayPal at the beginning of every month.


Wealthy Affiliate is free to join.

And they have one of the best referral program in the industry.

So why not join and try them out?

You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot of money to earn.

What’s more, join with my link and you gain access to my guidance inside the platform.

And that alone is priceless stuff 😎