What PHP Version Does HostGator Use? Can I Upgrade To Benefit My Site?

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Get ready to learn about HostGator PHP management and solutions they give.

  • Which versions do they use?
  • Are they WordPress compatible or not?
  • Should you hurry with updating or not?

This and much more in my guide here and now.

Let’s go!

What Versions of PHP Does HostGator Offer

What Is PHP? And Which Version Does HostGator Use?

PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web.

Over 78% of websites on the web use it, and to give you a full picture, if you’ve visited 10 random different sites today, 8 of them were built with PHP.

As for HostGator, the default version of PHP on your server depends on the type of hosting you purchased.

Here’s a quick breakdown below

Linux Hosting

  • Shared- Configuration plugin (note- click on the image below to see what it means);
  • Cloud hosting- configuration plugin;
  • Managed WordPress- PHP 7.2.x;
  • VPS Hosting with cPanel- 7.3.x;
  • Reseller hosting- configuration plugin;
  • VPS with VZ only- install any version you want;
  • Linux dedicated servers- 7.2.x.
PHP versions HostGator
Click on the image (opens in new tab)
Linux hosting PHP HostGator
Click on the image (opens in new tab)

Windows Hosting

  • Windows shared hosting- PHP 7.0.x;
  • Windows dedicated servers- 7.0.x;

HostGator Windows hosting PHP

2 Quick Ways To See Which Version Of PHP You Use?

The easiest way is to use  MultiPHP Manager inside your cPanel. This tool will let you see which version of PHP your site is running on.

MultiPHP Manager

The second way is to create a phpinfo file in your site’s file manager and use that to show you the PHP version your site is running on.

Sounds complicated, but it’s really easy. Learn more about it here.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Regularly Update Your PHP 

#1- Security

The latest versions of PHP are secure against hackers. The earlier versions are not. And the longer a PHP version is out of date, the more “holes” and weak points it has.

For example, running on PHP 5.5 would get your site hacked in no time, though I doubt that modern WordPress would even work with it.

#2- Performance/Speed

Newer versions of PHP make for a faster website with higher performance grades.

For example, PHP 7 allows the system to execute twice as many requests per second in comparison with the PHP 5.6, and at half of the latency.

php 5 vs php 7
Source- http://talks.php.net/fluent15#/wpbench

#3- Support

As PHP advances, so do the plugins and themes. And if you don’t update your PHP there will come a point when your theme will brake, or the plugin will stop working.

Because PHP advances so fast theme and plugin providers don’t have the time and resources to keep their products compatible with the older versions.

Don’t let your site break under you.

Update accordingly.


HostGator PHP Versions- A Mini FAQ

#1- How Do I Check Which PHP Version My Site Is Running? I’m On HostGator.

2 ways.

First, check using the MultiPHP Manager tool inside your cPanel.

Second, create a phpinfo file in your site’s file manager and use it to see the PHP version your site is running on.

More info on how to do that here!

#2- Why Do I Need To Update My PHP?

Here’s why (graded in importance to your site’s well-being).

  1. Security;
  2. Speed and performance;
  3. Support.

#3- Will Updating PHP Break My Site?

It won’t if you plan things out. It’s important to update, but you also need to check whether your theme and the plugins you’re using are compatible with newer PHP version.

No reason to update if you know it’ll immediately break your site.

#4- Where Can I Get Help If I Decide To Update My PHP?

First, watch the video below. It’ll show you how to update PHP without breaking your site.

Second, if you feel like you need extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact their support.

They can help you out.


Which PHP version your site runs on depends on the type of hosing you bought.

So they’re different, but the main two thing to know is that you can update to newer versions whenever you want;

and second, your site will be safe on HostGator servers until you update.

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