HostGator Servers- Where Are They Located And How To Increase The Speed of a Site Hosted With HostGator?

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Want to know where HostGator servers are located?

Good news! I have the answer+ helpful tips to make your site blazingly fast.

Without further ado, let’s go!

Where Are HostGator Servers Located?

Where Are HostGator Servers Located?

HostGator have two data centers and they’re in:

  • Provo, Utah (via Ace Data Centers);
  • Houston Texas (via CyrusOne);

Because of security reasons customers are not allowed to visit these server storage facilities, and HostGator customers cannot choose which datacenter will host their site’s files.

Note: having only 2 data centers, and both in US is bad for your site’s performance. It means that if your visitor is in India, for example, then for your site to load its files have to flow all the way from US.

This causes a lot of unnecessary latency.

The good news is that HostGator has partnered with Cloudflare and your site on HostGator servers has access to free Cloudflare service which you can enable with a click of a button.

Cloudflare operate hundreds of datacenters across the globe and your site’s files will be hosted on each of those individually.

So that wherever your user happens to live, your site is always close by ready to be served up 🙂

Note: Cloudflare is the world’s most extensive CDN.

CDN’s store your site’s static files (images, Javascript, CSS, and fonts) in their servers across the world so that they are served up based on the geographic location of your visitor.

This means that your site is simultaneously everywhere at once and always fast to load.

You get this feature with ANY HostGator hosting plan.

Cloudflare data centers

HostGator Data Centers Mini FAQ

#1- How Many Data Centers Does HostGator Have?

They have two data centers.

They are in:

  • Provo, Utah (via Ace Data Centers);
  • Houston Texas (via CyrusOne);

#2- Can I Choose The Server To Host My Site?

No you can’t. Some hosts let you choose, but HostGator don’t.

#3- Will My Site Load Slow Because My Audience is So Far Away From Their Data Center?

No it’ll not. It’s because with every HostGator plan you get access to a free Cloudflare account.

Just activate it with one click and your site’s will be distributed across the globe in hundreds of datacenters Cloudflare manage.

#4- What Else Can I Do To Increase My Site’s Speed

HostGator is a fast host. Cloudflare makes it even faster.

The extra things you should be doing is optimizing images (I recommend ShortPixel) and using a caching plugin (I recommend WP Rocket)


HostGator servers are located in Provo (Utah) and Houston (Texas).

And no, you can’t choose where exactly your site will be hosted.

But you can enable free Cloudflare service that comes with every HostGator plan. That way your site will benefit from Cloudflare global data center network.

And because Cloudflare comes free with hosting you don’t lose money while your site still loads blazingly fast.
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