Where Are HostPapa Servers Located? And How To Pick One To Your Advantage?

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Here you will learn about HostPapa servers and datacenters.

Where they are; some cool specs, and most importantly- how to pick a server location that will enhance your site’s chances of success.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Where are HostPapa servers located?
HostPapa have servers everywhere. But which to pick for best performance?

What Is HostPapa?

HostPapa is the small business’s-friendly hosting solution coming from Ontario, Canada. They’re based in Burlington and started they journey all the way back in 2007.

As mentioned, HostPapa excell at hosting small to medium-sized businesses and the services they offer are:

  • Shared hosting;
  • Managed shared hosting;
  • Managed WordPress hosting;
  • Reseller hosting;
  • Domain name management;
  • Etc.

I know you’re here to learn about their servers and datacenter locations, so let’s get to it.

Where Are HostPapa Servers Located?

HostPapa have 102 servers distribution across the entire world:

Some of them are:

  • North America — Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Jose, Tampa, Ashburn…
  • South America — Buenos Aires (Argentina); Lima (Peru); Medellín (Colombia); São Paulo (Brazil)…
  • Europe — Amsterdam (Netherlands); Athens (Greece); Barcelona, Madrid (Spain); Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg (Germany)…
  • Africa — Cairo (Egypt); Johannesburg (South Africa); Luanda (Angola); Mombasa (Kenya)…
  • Asia Pacific — Bangkok (Thailand); Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi (India); Hong Kong (HK); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)…
  • China Mainland — Hengyang, Guangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shenyang…
  • Oceania — Auckland (New Zealand); Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney (Australia)…
  • Middle East — Doha (Qatar); Dubai (United Arab Emirates); Kuwait City (Kuwait); Muscat (Oman);

This is just a sample.

For a full list of HostPapa datacenter click on the image below (it opens in a new tab).

HostPapa datacenters and servers location
Source https://hostpapa.knoji.com/questions/where-are-hostpapas-data-centers-located/

3 Excellent Reasons Why You Need To Choose A Server Closest To You

#1-  Better UX

UX stands for “user experience” UX is a broad term and can mean a whole lot, but in this case it’s how fast your site loads.

Web users are in a hurry. They don’t have time to wait 15s for your page to load.

No, instead they’ll leave and visit your competitor’s website.

With HostPapa, you site will load under 2s in every corner of the world, and on any device.

#2- Better SEO

Site speed is a confirmed Google ranking factor. Google demotes slow websites in the SERPS, so yours must absolutely MUST load fast in order to compete.

With HostPapa that is no problem as most sits on they servers load in under 1s.

Pro tip: To see how fast your page really needs to be to compete in the SERPS, simply take top 5 pages of your competitors and for the SERPS you’re targeting, and plug them into GTMetrix and PageSpeed Insights.

The average of the five is where you need to be.

#3- Better Crawl Budget

This one if fairly simple

The faster your site loads, the more efficiently Google crawls it without overloading your servers.

HostPapa Servers and Data Centers- A Mini FAQ

#1- How Many Data Servers Do HostPapa Manage?

HostPapa have 102 data centers in 50 countries.

#2- Can I change Servers at Will?

Yes you can. But you need to contact customer support so they can change it for you.

Pro tip: it’s best not to ever have to change server location. So pick right the first time. 


When buying a HostPapa hosting plan, simply choose the one closest to your target audience.

For example if the bulk of your audience lives in mainland China, you’d choose a server that’s in China. But if your tribe is in US, then go for the one in Los Angeles.

HostPapa pick server location

#3- Will It Cost Extra To Move To a Different Server?

No, it’s free provided that you’re already a HostPapa customer.


You came here wishing to know where HostPapa servers are located.

I’m guessing you’re on the fence about buying and server location is a major factor that will help you decide?

So, now that you know HostPapa servers are strategically spread out across the globe, are you gonna buy?

Remember, you get a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you really don’t like what you’re getting, you can just ask for your money back.

You have nothing to lose and they’ve proven to be an excellent host for 500 000+ websites and blogs.

I predict you’ll be pleased with their services. 🙂

Please share if you’ve found it helpful, and leave me a comment if you have a question.


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