Why Grammarly needs full access on iOS

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For Grammarly to work well on your device, it needs full access on your iOS.

Wondering why?

Keep reading.

Here's why Grammarly needs full access on iOS

Here is Why Grammarly Needs Full Access on iOS

The reason why the Grammarly keyboard needs full access on iOS is to connect to the internet. For Grammarly to analyze text and provide correction suggestions, it needs an internet connection to reach the powerful servers.

Without an internet connection, the keyboard can still type, but Grammarly will not be able to provide suggestions.

Keep in mind that the Grammarly keyboard can not check the text from other keyboards.

Not even iOS’ default keyboard. The idea is to put in place several measures to maintain users’ privacy.

Additionally, all Grammarly products are blocked from accessing sensitive information in form fields that contain data like credit card information, passwords, URL, and email address.

Grammarly values the trust that customers put in them and they try to keep customers’ information safe and secure.

FAQ about Grammarly Access on iOS

#1- Can Grammarly work on iOS when my device is offline?

Unfortunately, Grammarly is an online application so it can only work on iOS when the device is connected to the internet.

#2- Is it secure to use Grammarly on iOS?

Grammarly takes security seriously and that is why it only has access to text that is typed through the Grammarly keyboard.

#3- Does Grammarly need full access to save my suggestions?

Grammarly does not save suggestions on devices. The full access on your iOS is to connect the Grammarly keyboard to the internet.


Now you know exactly why Grammarly needs full access on your iOS. If you have other questions about using Grammarly on iOS, please post in the comments section below.

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