5 Top reasons why people fail with affiliate marketing

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“Do people fail with affiliate marketing”?
You betcha!
“Do most fail”?
You guessed it!

Of the 1000 people starting today, only a few will make a comfortable living and full-time income from it.

The rest will see their affiliate marketing campaigns utterly fail.
“Does it have to happen to me? Will I fail too”?
That’s totally up to you.
Read my thoughts below and learn the top 5 reasons why people fail with affiliate marketing.
You will also learn how to destroy every reason and excuse to oblivion.

Let’s go!

#1- Do you REALLY believe it’s possible?

First of all- a mentality check
Do you believe it’s possible to be successful with affiliate marketing?
Because if you don’t- that’s a problem.

To have success with affiliate marketing, but really with anything in life, you need to believe it’s possible.

You need to believe it’s possible for you.

Trust me no amount of will control and pushing hard till you’re blue in the face can replace the belief that you’re doing the right thing for yourself and for the right reasons.
Here’s some inspiration for you. 3 newbie folks, all raging successes in affiliate marketing.

#2- You might not be serious enough about affiliate marketing as a career path

Do you want to try and dip your toes in this?

Happen what it may?
Or do you want to go all in!

No matter what!

If it’s the former- then you have a problem.

Again, if you don’t believe in something and try to do it regardless, you’re going to fail.

Affiliate marketing is not easy. It’s freaking hard at times and there’s a steep learning curve to master.
If you’re not ready to fully commit, then you’re better off finding something else you’re truly passionate about.
Hey, I’m being honest with you!

Read this: Start Promoting Fiverr- It’s Easy and the Money is Great!

#3- You don’t have the education- and you’re not getting it

To succeed with partnership marketing (synonym for affiliate marketing), you need to educate yourself.

Just like with any business, you need knowledge, lots of it to cut the number of mistakes to a minimum.
I mean, you’re going to make tons of mistake, make no mistake about it 😉

I did too and I read hundreds of blog posts before writing a single word on my blog.

So I still failed a tonne even though I was “prepared”

Failure is part of the learning process but you need to make sure you’re absorbing new info daily so you can speed up your success as much as possible and avoid common affiliate marketing pitfalls.

Where to start, is there a university for affiliate marketing?

Formal education there is none. You can’t and never will be able to get a degree in affiliate marketing

However, you can learn on the web for free.

To be successful you need knowledge, and specifically, you need these types of knowledge (and websites to get them from)

  • SEO- (Moz.com)
  • Link Building- (Backlinko.com)
  • Affiliate Marketing (SmartPassiveIncome.com)
  • WordPress (Kinsta.com)

It’s a lot I know and unstructured so you’ll have to very organized.

As an alternative let me recommend to you Wealthy Affiliate University.

I just said there’s no school and I stick to it, but WA is as close as it can get to a formal education because once you pass their Online Certification Course, you will be a full-fledged marketer ready to rock

I won’t talk about it here too much, but click the link above to read my review. It leaves no stone unturned.


#4- You’re  impatient

Affiliate Marketing is hard work and a large part of that toughness is that it simply takes a lot of time.
Even the best campaigns done by best marketing and SEO experts take 6 months to unfold, at least. And for you It’ll likely take double that.

So, are you ready to work 10h per day for a year before you start earning anything from your affiliate website?
Are you ready to wok another year to go full time and ditch your “normal” job for good?

Because that’s the most likely scenario and it’s the reality of performance marketing today.

Unless of course, you get real lucky and stumble upon a niche you’re passionate about; is currently hot AND has little competition.

It’s possible but unlikely.

#5- You’re chasing shiny objects

What’s that?
Shiny objects are expensive courses that promise you success and lot’s of it- as soon as you buy. Of course- they’re affiliate marketing scams, built for the newbie in mind.

You see, what happens is that a newbie marketer buys a course and then follow along religiously, only to go nowhere.

And why is that?

Because most courses, 99% of them are pure crap meant to get your money and in return you get recycled info you could’ve gotten for free in Google.

And because courses get dated real quick. Google is constantly evolving and it’s SERPS and SEO are changing rapidly.

You need the updated info to be realistic for you to compete and most courses fail miserably.

The only exception I can think of is, again,Wealthy Affiliate. They keep their courses up to date because it’s their duty and responsibility to over 1 300 000 WA members.

Wealthy Affiliate community has over 1.3 million members

Conclusion- folks fail with affiliate marketing all the time. Don’t become yet another casualty

Knowledge is power.

Now you know why folks fail with affiliate marketing- hence, now you’re powerful.

But now it’s time to stop reading about it and go and make affiliate marketing success a reality for yourself.
But before you go,  leave me a comment below or else I’ll be mighty disappointed.


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