WP Rocket Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and Deals 2020- Get The 35% Discount This Cyber Monday!

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Quick Summary: here’s the truth: If you want to rank in Google in 2020 and beyond, you need a caching plugin. There no way around it.

Even the best and fastest host in the world can be made even faster with excellent caching abilities.

Quality caching plugins cost money, but the good news is that you can save a lot if you buy during Black Friday and Cyber Monday exclusive sale time.

This week WP Rocket ogger 35% OFF price deals for their yearly plans,

Get the deal today!

WP Rocket Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals and Sale 2020
WP Rocket Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Happen But Once a Year! What Are You Waiting For?

WP Rocket Cyber Week Deals and Sale 2020

  • Offer Validity: Blacj Friday and Cyber Monday Events 2020 (from 29-11-2020 to 02-12-2020)
  • My Rating: 5/5
  • Deal: 35% Discount
  • Coupon Code: Not Required
  • Description: WP Rocket is on FIRE. If you want to fire up your website so it zooms to the top of Google, you better avail these exclusive deals available only from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Activate Special Sale!

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is the world’s best premium WordPress caching plugin. More than a million webmasters use it and its glowing reviews on review aggregator sites speak volumes of the plugin’s quality.

If you need a superb caching plugin for your site and you want to save big- now’s your chance. Take advantage of 2020 Black Friday promo prices.

WP Rocket offer 3 different plans to bloggers and webmasters.

  • Single- $49/mo;
  • Plus- $99/mo;
  • Infinite- $249/mo

All plans give you the plugin with full functionality. But with “Single” you can install it on 1 website. With “Plus” you can install it on 3 websites. And with “Infinite” you can install it on unlimited number of sites.

What are WP Rocket Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals in 2020?

Note: WP Rocket deals in 2020 are EXCLUSIVE. This means they’re only valid during Cyber Monday and Black Friday, So if you’re going to buy the best caching plugin for your WordPress site you need to do it during this Cyber Week.

Learn how much $$$ you stand to save.

Single1 Website$49/yearTBAActivate Deal!
Plus3 Websites$99/yearTBAActivate Deal!
InfiniteUnlimited Websites$249/yearTBAActivate Deal!

WP Rocket Features- A Quick Breakdown!

Wp Rocket Pro features

a) Most powerful WordPress caching plugin- WP Rocket is recognized as the Most Powerful Caching Plugin by the majority of WordPress experts and over 1,051,000+ websites use it for speed and convenience.

 b) Minimal Configuration, Fast Results- WP Rocket is different from other caching plugins in a way that you don’t need a degree to set it up.

Setting up WP Rocket is a breeze and in less than 10m you’ll have it running smoothly on your site.

c) Page Caching- Once you turn on WP Rocket it’ll automatically start caching your site’s content. So you can quickly start enjoying improved SEO and better conversion rates.

d) Cache Pre-loading

This is another feature that is not available with other cache plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache.

Cache pre-loading lets you pre-load the cache, and this improves the indexation rate of your site in the SERPS.

 e) Sitemap Preloading- WP Rocket will pre-load all your URLs in the XML sitemap to ensure every page is available as quickly as possible.

f) Static Files Compression- WP Rocket lets you reduce the weight of different files like HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. This helps your site load much faster for your the web users.

 g) Browser Caching- Browser caching prevents that static contents such as JS, CSS and images are loaded again and again as the page is requested.

This gain help your site gain more wind.

 h) Automatic Lazy Loading– With lazy load feature enabled, images will load only as they come up on the screen. This is huge for site speed as images are known to bog down site performance the most.

A bonus for you is that you won’t need to install a separate lazy loading plugin. Less plugins=faster website.

 i) CloudFlare Compatibility- You can hook up WP Rocket and Cloudflare CDN for even faster site performance.

 j) Mobile Friendly– WP Rocket makes your site super optimized on mobile. Very important now in the age of mobile first Google index.

 k) eCommerce Friendly-  WP Rocket will automatically exclude the cart and checkout pages from the cache process..

 l)  14-day money back guarantee. WP Rocket offer a 14-day money back guarantee. So if you’re not satisfied you can ask for refund and get your money back.

WP Rocket refund policy

Finally, WP Rocket sports some of the best support you can find anywhere. So if you run into any problems along the way, you can contact them and they’ll resolve the issue for you ASAP.

How to Get WP Rocket Black Friday/Cyber Monday Discount in 2020 (Tutorial)

Note: for demonstration purposes I’ll show you how to get a WP Rocket “Single” plan. Moreover, the process is identical for any other plan you buy.

First, go and visit WPRocket.com

Click on the “Speed Up Your Website” button.

WP Rocket homepage

Second, go and pick the plan you need.

Remember, each plan gives you access to all features. The difference between plans in the number of individual licenses you get (Single=1; Plus=3; Infinite=unlimited).

Buy WP Rocket plan

Third, plow through adding in your personal and credit card details. Once finished, click on the “Place Order” button.

Note: no need to enter any coupon code anywhere, because the discount is automatically applied on checkout.

Buy WP Rocket one year license with a Black Friday discount

Then go and celebrate because you just got the best WordPress plugin extra cheap.

WP Rocket 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale FAQ

Even with these awesome deals available only during Black Friday and Cyber Monday time, folks want and need to know more about WP Rocket.

Quire understandable, as you want the best for your site and online business.

So, I compiled those questions and answered them below.


What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is the best premium WordPress caching plugin. More than a million webmaster trust it with their WordPress websites and that number is increasing by the day.

Why Should I Pick WP Rocket Over Any Other Caching Plugin?

Because they're the best. And they're also user friendly and it's a cinch to set up the plugin. Even a newbie can do it in a few minutes.

What Are WP Rocket Black Friday Discounts in 2020?

You get 35% flat discount on all plans.

Do I Need WP Rocket Coupon Code to Avail the Black Friday offers

No you don't need to enter any coupon. Simply click on one of the links from this article and the discount will be applied automatically.

Do WP Rocket Offer a Free Trial?

No they don't. But you do get a 14-day refund guarantee, so you can buy to test out the plugin with ease.

What Are Some Alternatives to WP Rocket?

Hyper Cache WP Super Cache W3 Total Cache These plugins are also good choices, but they can't compete with WP Rocket.

Is WP Rocket Worth it?

Yes it is. It'll boost your site maximally and this will translate into better SEO and more sales for you.

To Conclude My WP Rocket Black Friday 2020 Sales Guide…

Getting WP Rocket any time of the year is a great move for your website. Your blog could benefit so much from increase in loading speeds and decrease in average load times.

But now’s not “any time” but Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Now’s the time to act fast, save big, and Get WP Rocket with a fat discount.

What’s the offer in 2020?

35% OFF Price

Get WP Rocket Today! Before the holidays are over.

Remember, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with your site’s new speed (very unlikely) you can return the plugin and get your money back.

It’s a no risk offer for you.

WP Rocket Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals And Sale 2020
  • Name: WP Rocket
  • Description: WP Rocket caching plugin Black Friday deals are your best chance to get this awesome plugin with a steep discount. However, the offer ends by the time Cyber Monday is through, so act quickly.
  • Black Friday Event Offer- TBA

Get Deal!

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