Writesonic Review 2022- Best AI Writer on The Market?

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WriteSonic belongs to the new breed of AI writing tools that small business users, bloggers, or freelancers can use to create fresh new content for their sites without depending on anyone else.

In this review we’re going to compare how Writesonic stacks up against other similar tools.

Writesonic can create landing pages, write ads for you, pen down product descriptions and with a little nudge write entire blog posts. There’s good accuracy and great readability score for the content it produces.

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a software that lets you create text for your site or content for posting on social media. Think of the little writing tasks you may dish out to a virtual assistant except that this AI assistant can do it all. With none of the production delays.

To put things simply, with Writesonic you can add a few keywords to get entire product descriptions. You can input a few phrases to generate readable content that you can use as an article.

With the tool you will be able to write faster. You can create headlines, descriptions and short blurbs in seconds.

You may have trouble coming up with article headlines. I know I have trouble at times. With Writesonic you streamline the process of creating content smoothly.

The tool is extremely useful for generating site headers, for outlines, for generating summaries and for populating product descriptions for eCommerce sites.

Rephrase content you are creating, correct grammar of the sentences you’re writing, write press releases and meta descriptions.

How Does it Work?

When you start a project with Writesonic, first choose a template from the number of different templates available— for landing pages, for page copy, for articles, for ads and more.

The AI integration takes your ideas and descriptions as input and uses them to generate an outline for you.

Once the outline is ready the software works on a complete copy for you.

It’s AI generated content and the odds are, you won’t like the first copy. You can keep clicking on the regenerate button until you get something you like. Next, within the app, you can edit the copy and then download the article.

Features of the Software

You can pick from 50 different types of templates for your copy.

Generate website copy

With this feature you have the option to create landing pages, headers and meta descriptions.

Generate Digital ads copy

WIth this, create copy for LinkedIn ads, Google ads and Facebook ads.

Generate Articles for your blog

The AI powered article writer helps you create blog topic ideas, their intros and outlines. The content rephraser generates three different copies of a paragraph you paste into it. The tool comes with built-in readability score and grammar checking.

eCommerce Copy

The eCommerce copy feature is a handy tool to generate product titles, descriptions and features. You can write sales emails with it.

Copywriting Formulas

If you want to write copy for a page, the AI can create a copy with the help of copywriting formulas like AIDA or PAS.

You can even use this software to write press releases as well as company or personal bios.

Getting Started With WriteSonic

The AI inside creates Facebook ads, YouTube descriptions and articles. The software uses its in-house copywriting formula for its ads and other content.

To get started you need a project. Start with a template, add a title to it and add keywords.

You can add phrases or full product descriptions to test and see if it produces better outcomes for you.

Adding the right keywords can help you develop a much better result. For instance if you simply add “logo maker online”, the tool will generate a handy article on the subject in no time.

Once you’re ready with keywords and phrases you can access the tool and add a small introduction. This introduction is around 150 words. But remember this: the tool itself can generate the introduction for you with a few keywords as input. (That costs a credit though)

With the titles, the keywords and the introduction you can generate the output. It will only take a few seconds. Once you generate some text with the tool, you can see that the article is easy to read and has a good sentence structure.

The generated text’s tone isn’t still up to mark when compared to what a real human writer would produce. AI lacks emotions and the writing reflects the same. You need to do a few edits and there were some minor plagiarism issues as well.

Article Generation Feature

When considering how fast the text is generated, the pricing is a drop in the ocean. Plus the software comes with a free trial and you can test the tool during the trial period by creating articles, outlines and ad copies to see how it works for you.

Once you have the software you can get more credits through a subscription plan. There are options for free credits as well.

The content you get from Writesonic based on the keywords you added can be thought of as an editable first draft for you. That in itself solves a big problem. You save a lot of time in that you don’t need to create content from scratch for you to send to different sites.

The tool produces content in different languages other than English, say Spanish.

The content is exactly in the same range as produced by someone who you can hire for 2 cents word. Plus the topic should be easy to write about.

Ease Of Use

The tool has a bunch of user-friendly options and gives you writing prompts that you can start using. You can train anyone to create content off the tool. It requires only a minute to explain most of the features of the product.

Once you set up a project you can pick from the 45+ templates and generate AI content depending on the number of credits you have at hand.

Variety Of Content Types

The software is readily available for you to generate articles. But, it can simplify writing in different ways. You can generate an introduction, or create ads for Facebook.

These tools for generating ad copies and short blurbs run faster than the one used for article writing.

The software is best for handling short amounts of copy if you want lightning-fast results.

The idea generators are quick to send you writing prompts. The software has options for you to edit or choose the prompts as such. If you need a little motivation, the piece of software is perfect for that.

What to do with Writesonic

Writesonic is a great tool to generate a structure for your content. From the time I spent using the tool and testing its different features, the tool both met my expectations and exceeded the same.

You can use the tool to generate landing page headlines, for creating YouTube titles for your videos and for creating blog outlines. Why bother? A well-written title can result in more YouTube views which means more conversions for you.

There were only a few hiccups. The software has a free trial that you can begin using without a credit card.

Once you install it, you get free credits for creating your first piece of content.

I wanted to see the quality of the content for myself and also check the article for plagiarism.


  • The features are great for creating blog articles, social media content and content for websites.
  • Writesonic is cheaper compared to other tools
  • Has a lot of features.
  • As a blogger, you can use the tool to generate ideas and outlines for your new article.


  • The UI is clunky and needs work. Some more iteration will do the magic.
  • Customer support is slow. There are tutorials on the site though.
  • The quality of the content needs slight improvements. A few things like repetitive paragraphs are a bone to pick.
  • The tool stutters when creating long-form copy
  • There are some UI/UX issues which need attention.

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers five different plans for you to pick from. You can start with a free trial and then migrate to a plan or go for the pay as you go feature.

The free trial has all the features of a paid product. It is available in 10 languages.

Only a single user can use the free trial.

As a blogger, or as a freelance writer you can find the basic plan to be ideal.

With a professional plan you get unlimited credits.

With the startup plan access is granted to two users, with all features, unlimited credits and prioriot support. With the browser plan, comes access to browser extensions.

The agency plan allows four users.

How Does WriteSonic Compare to Jasper AI

While a lot of the features are similar between the tools, and the two target a similar audience there’s very little difference between the two. However WriteSonic is a lot cheaper.

With Jasper AI you get access to as many as 50 copywriting templates. WriteSonic uses only a few copywriting templates. Writesonic produces 50+ content types but it doesn’t have as many copywriting templates for you as Jarvis.

Both Jasper and WriteSonic provide you with mostly plagiarism free content.

The Boss Mode feature lets you generate content by autofilling most options on its own. There’s a similar feature with WriteSonic but it isn’t nearly as good.

WriteSonic has basic SEO optimization features. On the other hand, with Jasper AI there’s full integration with Surfer SEO. The tool tells you what you need to do to rank higher for the particular search term.

Jasper has support for 25 different languages including most major ones.

Read my Jasper AI review next!

WriteSonic Review Concluding Thoughts

The biggest highlight with WriteSonic is the tool does many of the same things that other AI writers do but for a fraction of what they charge. You can produce content as good as one a writer working at 2 cents/word would charge but with none of the expense.

Do let me know what you think in the comments below.

Author bio: George is a blogger and writer at Kamayobloggers, a site he started to share cutting-edge marketing advice.

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