SEMrush Features for Bloggers an Marketers- Which Feature is the Best One for You?

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In this article, you’ll learn why SEMrush is the best SEO tool for beginners, bloggers, and marketers and why companies like Apple, Amazon, and Samsung use SEMrush to grow their search traffic.

The best SEMrush features are explained in great detail below,

Let’s go!

Best SEMrush Features for bloggers and marketers
These are the best SEMrush features for bloggers

Top 4 SEMrush Features for Bloggers and Marketers

Although SEMrush offers over 55+ useful tools you can use to maximize your reach, I’ve curated a list of the 4 crucial SEMrush SEO tools/features that can enhance your marketing.

After reading, you’ll find that SEMrush is worth the price even without the SEMrush lifetime deal.

Let’s analyze the best SEMrush features below.

#1- Do a Technical SEO Audit with the SEMrush Site Audit Tool

Many bloggers neglect technical SEO, likely because of how complicated it seems. However, it’s essential that all the technical aspects of your domain are functioning correctly.

Otherwise, your search rankings will be negatively affected.

SEMrush Site Audit helps you conduct a thorough technical SEO audit to uncover all SEO mistakes currently plaguing your website.

To start a Site Audit with SEMrush go to On Page and Tech SEO section within the SEMrush dashboard and click on “Site Audit”.

Once there add your site to be audited (note: select either the whole site to be crawled with SEMrush bot or XML sitemap to be crawled).

Then wait.

It’ll take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the size of your website.

Start site audit with SEMrush

SEMrush will crawl your website and flag errors (significant issues like broken links and duplicate content), give warnings (problems like duplicate H1 tags or missing meta descriptions), and share notices (minor issues like external links with no-follow attributes or orphaned pages in sitemaps).

Technical SEO audit is a must if you want to grow your organic traffic quickly, and SEMrush helps you get the job done thoroughly.

Here are my results. Not bad at all, but there’s room for improvement.

I can click o each of these three and delve deeper into things I can improve.

Nikola Roza site audit with SEMrush

#2- Find and Analyze Long Tail Keywords with Keyword Magic Tool

One of the most popular SEMrush features for bloggers is the Keyword Analytics tool. It’s super simple. All you have to do is enter your seed keyword into the search box.

It only takes a few seconds for SEMrush to produce useful information, including the number of searches, the number of search results, phrase matches, related keywords, and your competition.

For example, I have my SEMrush pricing post on this site.

I wrote that post after SEMrush told me that the search volume is great, that it’s a money keyword with high conversion potential, and that the competition is not as stiff as I thought.

SEMrush pricing keyword overview in SEMrush
“SEMrush pricing” keyword metrics as reported by the SEMrush KW tool

Note: make sure you always check the SERPs manually just in case. No tool is perfect (including SEMrush,) and common sense often helps the most when picking keywords to go after.

As great as the Keyword Analytics tool is, the Keyword Magic tool is the SEMRush feature you need to maximize the benefit of keyword research.

The Keyword Magic tool can show you the long tail variations and questions related to your seed query.

All you have to do is enter your seed query in the search box (in our example “SEMrush free trial”, search for it, and then proceed to Keyword Magic.

Here you will see the total number of variations with a bunch of filters you can use (questions, broad match, phrase match, exact match, related).

Note: this data helped me create the most helpful post on the web about the free trial SEMrush offers.

"SEMrush free trial" keyword in SEMrush Keyword Magic tool

The biggest value of the Keyword Magic feature is the valuable data about the keywords.

For each keyword you learn:

  • Search intent– whether you can make money quickly with it or not;
  • Search volume– how many people per month search for the target phrase in Google Bing and Yahoo (also on desktop and mobile);
  • Trend– is the keyword demand steady, climbing or falling off the cliff? You need to know this to make an informed decision;
  • Keyword difficulty– keyword difficulty as measured by SEMrush;
  • Cost Per Click in Adwords- This is also a good indicator of keyword profitability;
  • SERP features– SEMrush’s report on SERP features for a given keyword;
  • Results– the total number of results (competing sites) shown in the SERPS;
  • Last Update– the last time the keyword was updated.

Keyword Magi additional keyword data

You can then export these long-tail keywords to a spreadsheet where you can sort them manually.

#3- Keyword Gap to Spot the Difference Between You and Your Competitors

SEMrush Keyword Gap

The point of SEMrush’s Keyword Gap feature is to compare you with your competitors. This tool identifies steps you can take to assume a competitive advantage.

Enter your domain name into the tool and add up to 5 competitor domains.

Click on “compare” and SEMrush will show you graphs and widgets displaying site differences.

But what you should focus on is the information in the keyword detail table.

You can use a filter to highlight specific comparisons like weak keywords to find out what keywords you’re ranking lower for than your competitors or missing keywords to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for that you aren’t yet.

SEMrush keyword gap analysis


#4- Find New Link Building Opportunities with Link Building Tool

Link building is vital to getting the right eye on your content. Backlinks from high domain authority sites can give you the uplift you need to start seeing serious organic traffic from Google.

So, you’ll want to ensure you’re optimizing every opportunity to include high-quality external links. SEMrush’s link building tool can help you with this.

Here’s how:

First, pick a target page whose link profile you want to examine.

Next, put that into the SEMrush search bar at the top of the SEMrush dashboard.

For example, I want to rank for the phrase “SEMrush discount“. So I took the high ranking page for the phrases:

  • SEMrush coupon;
  • SEMrush coupon code;
  • SEMrush discount;
  • SEMrush discount code;
  • SEMrush promo code;
  • etc.

and I run it through the SEMrush Backlink Analytics tool.

SEMrush showed me all the links that a particular page has, along with follow/nofollow ratio, anchor text, number o links and unique referring domains…

Now I can go and pluck the best links from the rest and go replicate them for my target page.

SEMrush Backlink Analytics tool

For convenience, SEMrush allows you to connect your Gmail account and send pitches right from their site, so this saves you money on getting an email outreach tool.

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Best SEMrush Features for Bloggers and Marketers (Conclusion)

There were the 4 best SEMrush features for beginner bloggers, marketers and SEO agencies alike.

There are many more features that didn’t include here as I didn’t want to make this guide 10 000 words long.

That’d be counterproductive as my aim was to show you how SEMrush can help you build your online presence.

Have I succeeded?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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