How Not to Fail With Affiliate Marketing (Working Smarter is the Answer)!

Hi there!
My name is Nikola Roza and here’s my story summed up in a few brief sentences.
After my mother passed away in 2015, I was broke, hungry and tired of living. I wanted to stop existing because all I had done and thought of doing turned into big fat NAUGHT.
Then, someway or another, somehow, I don’t remember anymore I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate. They promised to make me a rich affiliate marketer if I joined forces with them.

I did join, (by borrowing money from my friend and lying about why I needed it );


Affiliate marketing is hard work and I wasn’t ready for the grind it takes to make it work, neither mentally nor physically as my guts were constantly complaining of want of food and nourishment. I know this story so far sounds bleak and depressing as f…k, but trust me it ain’t like that so bear with me for a few lines more.

I was a failure at affiliate marketing but I did pick up a useful skill while at Wealthy Affiliate; the ability to write and especially- the ability to write for the web, for YOU.

The internet changes and evolves but the demand for content is evergreen and I knew i could find work if only I could have a portfolio website. Lucky for me, free website builders abound nowadays and I built a free website portfolio site and I marketed myself crazy but had no results to show for it. In the end, I did get work through sheer luck as the comment I left on some blog led to me being hired by that person to write for them.

(Thank you, Peter, you saved me)!

Over time and painfully slowly, I go more experience, more money and more clout and self-confidence; and I was ready to try my hand again at affiliate marketing.
And here I am doing just that.
My site’s full name is NIKOLA ROZA- SEO FOR THE POOR AND DETERMINED and the name, besides being cool, is chock-full with meaning as well.
Let me spell it out for you 😛

SEO FOR THE POOR– if you don’t have money to spend:

  • on links;
  • on tools;
  • and paid writers,

then my blog is for you. I teach you how to get the most bang for your measly buck. And hint: don’t feel bad if you don’t
have dough. You’ll just need to exercise your creativity muscle a bit more and yes CREATIVITY is the keyword here.

Determination means turning your noggin on and finding a way to make blogging/affiliate marketing work for you, even when others tell you you need money to succeed in this business.
They’re wrong-you don’t!

You do however need to be:

  • smart,
  • creative,
  • brave,
  • persistent,
  • industrious with what you have

and you need to be willing to take risks and leaps forward when chances arise for you, (and they will).

How My Blog Can Help You?

If you’re pro you will find new layers or usefulness and knowledge you can apply to push your biz even further because some of the stuff I teach is advanced, and if not, definitely out of the box
If you’re a newbie– I will show you how to get ranking in Google in ways that will stand the test of time

To conclude:

It is possible to start a blog in 2020 and to make affiliate marketing work with some clever Google SEO.

All you need are:

  • Vision
  • hard word
  • dedication
  • mission
  • patience
  • creativity

And I’m here to jump-start you on all those things
What now?
Now go read the blog or read about Wealthy Affiliate the program that helped me when I was a newbie, not knowing left from right, scam from legit.