4 Best Web Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card Providers for 2024- Cloud, WordPress, and Shared Hosting Providers Included!

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Looking for a new host?

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Because my article lists 4 best free trial web hosting no credit card providers for 2024.

In a hurry?

Here’s the TLDR version.

More details about these free trial hosts are right below.

Best web hosting free trial no credit card guide for 2024
Best web hosting free trial no credit card guide for 2024

Web Hosting Free Trial no Credit Card at a Glance (WordPress, Shared, and Cloud)!

Note: use the jump links below to quickly go to either the web hosting free trial section or cloud hosting free trial section.

You can also use the table of content I provide.

InterserverWordPress hosting free trial30 days
CloudwaysCloud hosting free trial3 days
NamecheapWordPress hosting free trial30 days
HostGatorFree trial web hosting (shared)30 days

#1- Interserver (WordPress Hosting Free Trial)

Interserver VPS hosting free trial
Interserver VPS hosting free trial

  • Name- Interserver;
  • Type of free trial hosting-  Managed WordPress hosting
  • Free Trial Available? 30 days;
  • Refund Available?  30 days;

Interserver are an old host.

They started in 1999 (they’re 23 years old and counting) and are still going strong and healthy.

Besides shared hosting, which is what most bloggers look for, they also offer VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and enterprise-level solutions for really big websites.

Below you’ll see a list of features all their hosting plans come equipped with, but here I’d like to quickly single out their price lock guarantee.

This unique feature means you pay a fee for the first year, and then every subsequent year you pay the same renewal fee without any price increase.

As mentioned, this is unique to Interserver and I don’t know of any host that offers something similar.

Interserver Hosting Features:

  • Unlimited Domains;
  • Managed WordPress hosting free trial available;
  • Free Site Migration;
  • One-Click Install of 450+ Cloud Apps;
  • Easy to Use cPanel;
  • Server-Side Content Caching;
  • Unlimited Email Accounts Available;
  • Unlimited SSD Storage and Transfer;
  • Price Lock Guarantee (you always pay the same price, no sudden increases);
  • Custom SitePad Website Builder;
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee;
  • 24/7 Support Team;
  • Inter-Insurance;
  • Intershield Protection;
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee;

How to Get InterServer 30-Day Hosting Free Trial?

First, click this link and go and open an account with Interserver.

Before you take advantage of their free trial, you need to open a free account.

Once you do, you’ll be inside their dashboard. In the left sidebar click on the “Webhosting” tab.

Next, pick the Web Hosting Direct Access option (this is WordPress hosting) and apply my coupon code NIKOLAROZA.

This will give you first first month of Interserver WordPress hosting for just 1c.

This offer acts as your 30-day free trial.

Interserver WordPress hosting free trial- 30 days of free usage
Interserver WordPress hosting free trial- 30 days of free usage

Finally, confirm your order and buy one month hosting for just 1c.

Interserver 1 cent 30 day free trial

And that’s it!

Enjoy your free trial!

Interserver Free Trial Hosting Period: 30 Days

Note: due to lots of spamming and bots creating fake accounts, Interserver charge 0.01c for a one-month hosting free trial. That is so they deter spammers and verify you’re real a person.

But you can use PayPal to pay that 1c, hence no credit card is required.

Try Interserver for free here!

#2- Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card

Cloudways cloud hosting free trial no credit card
Cloudways cloud hosting free trial- My pick as the best cloud hosting free trial on this list!

  • Name- Cloudways;
  • Type of free trial hosting-  cloud hosting;
  • Free Trial Available? 3 days;
  • Refund Available? 90 days;

Cloudways are a unique web hosting provider on this list.

In fact, they aren’t a typical hosting service provider. Instead, they rent managed cloud hosting built on top of public cloud hosting platforms like:

  • Linode;
  • Google Cloud;
  • Vultr;
  • Digital Ocean;
  • AWS (Amazon S3).

Note: Digital Ocean is best for starting out. It’s both cheap and fast, extremely fast.

Cloudways Features:

  • Cloud hosting free trial offer available with all above-mentioned cloud platforms;
  • High-Speed Performance;
  • Free Migration;
  • Around the clock Server Monitoring;
  • Intuitive interface and dashboard;
  • Proactive Cloudways Security Practices;
  • Smooth team collaboration and workflow;
  • Multiple Integrations & Add-ons;
  • And more.

How to Get Cloudways Cloud Hosting Free Trial?

First, click this link and go to Cloudways homepage.

Then click “Start Free”.

Cloudways start free trial
Cloudways cloud hosting free trial no credit card- 3-day free trial available.

Next, fill in some basic details (no credit card required), and open a new account.

Cloudways open a new account

Once you’re inside the dashboard, click on add server and start your 3 day free trial.

I can tell you, I’m on Cloudways Vultr high frequency and my site has never seen faster load times than this. You’re on my site now, have you noticed how blazing fast it is?

Cloudways, create new server, start 3 day free trial

And that’s it!

Cloudways’s cloud hosting free trial is 3 days. 

Get a Cloudways cloud hosting free trial here!

#3- Namecheap Shared Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card

Namecheap free WordPress hosting without credit card
Namecheap free WordPress hosting without credit card

  • Name- Namecheap;
  • Type of free trial hosting-  WordPress managed hosting;
  • Free Trial Available? 30 days;
  • Refund Available? 5 days;

Namecheap are one of the oldest (founded in 2000) and most renowned domain registrars operating in the US and across the world.

They manage more than 10 million domains by this point and that number is growing year over year. Besides being a domain name management service, Namecheap are also an excellent hosting provider as well.

They offer all kinds of hosting, from basic shared hosting to advanced dedicated servers But for the purpose of this free trial hosting guide I’ll focus on their EasyWP managed WordPress hosting.

Here are some species of this hosting plan, and right below is a simple tutorial that’ll show you how to get this trial for yourself to test it out.

Namecheap Managed WordPress Hosting Features

  • Easy installation under 90 seconds
  • 1X WordPress website
  • 3X faster than traditional hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Namecheap Cloud
  • Seamless scalability
  • Easy-to-use customized dashboard
  • SFTP and database access

How to Get Namecheap’s 30 Days of WordPress Hosting Free Trial?

First, click this link to go to Namecheap’s managed WordPress hosting landing page.

Hit the “Try for Free” button.

create free WordPress managed hosting with Namecheap (30 days)
create free WordPress managed hosting with Namecheap (30 days)

Second, create your free Namecheap account or log into an existing one.

Third, select the payment method. If you don’t have a credit card you can use your PayPal account.

Namecheap- activate 30 day free trial
Namecheap- activate 30 day free trial

Finally, choose a domain, review details, launch your WordPress dashboard and start building your website.

Namecheap’s free trial hosting duration- 30 days.

Get a Namecheap WordPress hosting free trial here!

#4– HostGator Free Trial Hosting No Credit Card

HostGator free trial hosting
HostGator free trial hosting

  • Name- HostGator;
  • Type of Hosting  shared hosting;
  • Free Trial Available? yes;
  • Refund Available?  45 days;

HostGator is your next host if you’re looking for shared hosting free trial without giving your credit card’s  details.

HostGator are a staple of the hosting industry.

Started in a dorm room in 2002, they’re now a global company with more than 850 employees and 8 million+ sites hosted on their servers.

HostGator are famous for their affordable, high quality shared hosting, but they also offer cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting…

Whether you’re looking to host your small personal blog or portfolio website; or whether you want to host your business’s site, HostGator can accommodate you comfortably.

HostGator hosting features are:

  • Free Domain Name on Annual Plans;
  • Shared hosting free trial available;
  • Free website transfer;
  • Unlimited Sub Domains;
  • Free SSL Certificate (HostGator offer SSL certificates on all plans);
  • Easy to Use cPanel;
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee;
  • No-Question-Asked 45-Day Refund Guarantee;
  • One-Click Installation for Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and hundreds of other apps;
  • Free Website Builder;
  • 24/7/365 Phone, Email, and LiveChat Support;
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts;
  • Unmetered Bandwidth;
  • Unlimited Email Accounts.

How to Activate HostGator’s Free Trial Offer ( HostGator 1 Cent offer)?

Here’s how to activate HostGator’s free trial offer in 2024.

First, click this link and go to HostGator.com and click on the “Get Started” button.

free web hosting without credit card- courtesy of HostGator in 2024
free web hosting without credit card- courtesy of HostGator in 2024

Next, choose the hosting plan you need for your website.

I’ll go with the Hatchling plan, which is best suited for newbies.

HostGator Hatchling plan
HostGator Hatchling plan

Third, fill out the page and when you reach the coupon code section, just add in 1Cent as shown in the picture below.

Pro tip: make sure you remove the addons that are preselected. (SiteLock, Premium SSL and CodeGuard backups).

You don’t need those on your 30-day hosting free trial.

HostGator 1 cent promo offer

And that’s it!

Enjoy your free trial hosting for a whole month!

45-day refund available, so you have nothing to lose.

Note: you can pay the 1c mentioned with PayPal, hence no credit card is needed.

Get a HostGator free trial here!

Does Bluehost Offer Free Trial?

Bluehost doesn’t offer free trial.

Bluehost are an excellent host and I wanted to include them in this list of free trial hosts. However, Bluehost have recently retired their free trial and it’s no longer available.

4 Excellent Reasons Why You Need to Get a Hosting Free Trial Without Credit Card

#1- Starting a Blog

Are you looking to start a new blog?

Great decision!

Blogging has never been more popular and the opportunity to earn money in almost any niche is endless.

And it’s easy too. All you need is a WordPress site hosted on a good host an AI writing tool to help you write content faster, and Grammarly to help you proofread that content and you’re good to go.

And it’s an amateur blogging mistake to pay for hosting right off the bat.

The best way to begin blogging is to NOT PAY for hosting right of the bat, but instead to take advantage of a hosting free trial offer and host a dummy site to see how it’ll behave in that specific hosting environment (check for speed, average response time, average uptime…).

That’s why your next host needs to offer a free trial, and without asking for your credit card.

#2- Exploring Your Options

All hosts are similar in the features they offer. But they all have their differences too, sometimes major ones which can affect either your site’s performance and your wallet.

By taking a free trial you get to explore each host in detail without paying for anything, and without any commitment on your part.

#3- Upgrading Your Host

If your site is exploding with traffic and you know that you’ll soon need to migrate to a better host, then it makes sense to start exploring sooner rather than later.

Explore your potential new host with the peace of mind in knowing you won’t have to pay for anything during the allotted time of a free trial.

That’s how I first started with Cloudways. My shared hosting plan couldn’t handle the traffic increase and I switched to cloud hosting instead. But I made sure to test Cloudways via their free trial offer.

#4- Avoiding the Money Back Guarantee “Scam”

I put “scam” in quotation marks because it’s actually not a real scam. All reputable hosts offer some kind of refund guarantee.

The problem, and they never tell you this upfront, is that when you request your money back, you get it, minus the hosting setup fee which is permanently deducted from your wallet.

With free trial hosting that can never happen as they can’t charge your credit card.

Free Web Hosting Without Credit Card guide for 2024 (FAQ)

Which of These Free Trial Hosts is the Fastest?

The fastest free trial host on this list is Cloudways. Other hosts on this list can’t really compare with Cloudways given that they’re a premium cloud hosting provider.

Which of These Free Trial Hosts Lets You Buy a Domain Name Through Them?

You can buy a domain name through Namecheap. They’re super affordable and reliable domain registrar.

Another option is HostGator, who’re also an excellent domain registrar.

Other two free trial hosts on this list don’t sell domain names.

Which of These Free Trial Hosts has the Best Refund Policy?

Cloudways have the best refund policy among all of these posts that offer free trial hosting. It’s a whopping 90 days.

Web Hosting ProviderRefund Policy
Interserver30 days
Cloudways90 days
Namecheap5 days
HostGator45 days

Which of These Free Trial Hosts is Best Suited for Me?

The best free trial host for you depends on what you need. If you’re just starting a new blog with zero traffic then by all means go with either Namecheap’s free trial or HostGator’s free trial.

These managed WordPress and shared hosting providers are more than enough to get your blog started and once your traffic picks up you’ll be able to move to something more advanced, like Cloudways.

Concluding My Web Hosting Free Trial No Credit Card Guide for 2024…

Here are the best free trial hosting providers for 2024.

Which one will you pick?

LMK in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi Nikola, this is an outstanding post worth reading. I recently tried Cloudways and found it very useful as their support team was very cooperative and helpful, even though the database issue was at my end still they resolved it without any extra charges. Also want to mention here, they offered me the promo code “TST20” to test the service and free $25 hosting credits.

    • Hi Waseem,
      thank you for your comment. Yes, Cloudways are excellent host. My site is hosted with them too. They hooked me up with their free trial and I’ve been a customer ever since:)

  2. I believe that HG is not good choice, I had unpleasant experience with them, I decided to leave them and move to Asphostportal.com. I often heard Cloudways, but never use them, maybe I will try it in the future. For dedicated hosting option, Liquid is also good consideration.

  3. Hello,
    I heard many times about Cloudways managed hosting. After that, when I visited cloudways and checked Pricing found it little bit higher than others but great thing is you can host your website per day basis amazingly. Also you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time according to your need.

  4. Taking a trial on hosting has always confused me. Can you really get a backend set up, site produced and optimized and indexed in time to see if the hosting is to blame for poor performance all before the trial ends? Seems it’s a bit of a trap. I’d suggest doing your research first and then giving it 6-12 months before deciding.
    But if you are looking for something quick and free maybe a trial is a good idea.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Deanna,
      it’s fairly easy to see if a host is causing your site to load slowly. Most free trial hosts let you try them out for 30 days, and that is more than enough time for testing purposes.

  5. HostGator has been around for more than a decade and is well-respected for its large number of servers and consistent reliability.

    • Ye,
      HostGator is excellent, especially for beginners. Take their free trial and find out. I started my first blog with HostGator and it was a good choice at a time.

  6. Hi Nikola,

    This is really an excellent article on trial web hosting providers. Everyone loves to go for a trial hosting before switching for a long run as it helps them to get familiar with their interface as well as their performance.

    Even I find it more useful. Trial hosting accounts are much needed for anyone who does not want to take any risk.

    Thanks anyway! Loved this article. 🙂

    • Hi Subodh,
      you’re right.
      Free trial hosting is the chance for a blogger to try before paying for anything. It’s a no brainer.

  7. Hey nikola,

    This is awesome post that worth reading. I appreciate your hard work. Because I need hosting with a free trial so I have read it completely and give you 10/10 marks. Cloudways is my choice at my budget, Is it good & trusted?

    Eventually thank you for sharing this post with us. Keep writing keep sharing!

    Romio roxx

    • Hi Romio,
      yeah, Cloudways is a trusted host. They’re also a beast when it comes to speed. My site is hosted on Cloudways Vultr High Frequency and the speed at which it loads is amazing.
      Way less than 1s, even for meaty and heavy posts such as this one.
      If you can afford them, go with them and you won’t be disappointed.

  8. Hey Nikola,

    You have shared very helpful information in this post, As it talks about Webhosting companies with free trials from 7 to 30 days, Thanks for creating worth reading content.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nand Kishore

  9. Hi Nik,

    It’s always good to have trial accounts before investing. Above suggested companies are doing great on that part. Including myself and my clients websites I have used at most 95% of the hosting above. Definitely great suggestions there.

    What would stop people a free hosting trial accounts, moreover when no credit card required at all. Thanks Nik

    • Hi Navin,
      thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right. Free trials hosting is a no risk opportunity to try the host out for free.

  10. Nikola,
    my blog has grown quite a bit and I’m looking for something more powerful.
    Do any of these hosts offer VPS hosting free trials?
    Thank you!

    • Mila,
      yes, Accuweb hosting offers VPS hosting free trial. You can test-drive them for 1 month free of charge. No credit card required:)

  11. It can be so difficult to sort through all the different hosting options out there. Thanks for this info! I LOVE the idea of being able to try a host before committing to anything.
    I definitely see me trying out HostGator in the near future:)

    Question, when they say “no credit card required” does that mean you don’t need to have a credit card at all, or simply that you won’t be charged, but you still need to have it?

    • Marysa,
      HostGator is an excellent pick. You’ll be very pleased with their service:)
      And “no credit card needed” means just that, you don’t need to have a credit card in order to open an account and start testing.
      Hope this helps!


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