ContentShake AI Review 2023- Is This AI Writing Tool Worth it?

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ContentShake AI is the new hot generative AI tool brought to market by SEMrush.

In my review below I’ll show you how to use this AI writing tool to the fullest.

Let’s get started!

ContentShake review
ContentShake review 2023

What is ContentShake?


ContentShake AI is Semrush’s answer to the surge of AI writing tools hitting the market.

It’s an AI-powered content creation tool available in the Semrush App Center. It can help you generate and optimize content ideas, article outlines, introductions, headers, images, and conclusions. You can also generate entire articles with ContenShake with the push of a button.

Let’s see below what ContentShake AI can do and how it holds up against its major market competitors.

ContentShake AI Pricing and Free Version vs Paid

ContenShake AI comes in free and paid versions.

The free version includes:

  • 3 articles per month
  • 3 topic ideas per week
  • 3 ideas for each weekly topic
  • Custom ideas
  • 3 “AI Rewrite” and “Compose with AI” features per article

The paid version costs $60 per month and includes:

  • 25 new content ideas per week (5 topics with 5 ideas for each)
  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited “Compose with AI” and rewrite features
  • One-click WordPress publishing

So, the main differences are that the paid version provides unlimited AI article generation and publishing capabilities, while the free version has limits on the number of articles, ideas, and AI uses per month.

And the best part is that you can use ContentShake AI without having an active SEMrush subscription. Simply go to ContentShake AI and immediately start using the free version of this AI writer.

Who is ContentShake Best for?

I recommend ContentShake AI to bloggers, marketers and SMB’s who want to ramp up their content production velocity. Content Shake is the tool for the job because it uses the latest in generative AI technology and plugs into SEMrushes’s databases to mine for keywords to include in articles.

I don’t recommend ContentShake AI for anyone who needs to create content they don’t intend to post on their blogs to rank on Google; and those who need types of content that can be gotten via simple chatbot prompting.

To them, I recommend they use either ChatGPT, Google Bard or Anthropic Claude.

How to use ContentShake AI (Step by Step Guide)

To get started with ContentShake AI go to your SEMrush account and in the left sidebar go to Content Marketing>ContentShake AI.

ContentShake within the SEMrush dashboard

Next, enter the idea (keyword) you want to write about. The idea is to feed ContentShake AI a keyword as a prompt and have it write an entire article for you. I’m going to use the keyword “best gold IRA companies” as the gold IRA niche is something I’m immensely passionate about.

Click the “Start Writing” button.

Enter the keyword in ContentShake dashboard

And just like that ContentShake AI will scrape the winning websites from the SERPS and create an article for you based on their winning formula.

On the left, you’ll see the first draft of the article ContentShake AI created.

On the right you can see the headlines you can pick from, the intro section, and most importantly the article structure section (the article’s outline).

The article outline is the most important part here as it’ll inform ContentShake AI what to write about. I suggest you manually add it to express your ideas accordingly.

ContentShake article first draft generated by AI

In the upper right corner, there’s an “Improvement” tab. Click it and ContentShake AI will scan the article it generated and give you SEO and rewrite suggestions for each paragraph.

You can take advantage of some of these, but you don’t have to if you prefer to manually optimize your article for best on-page SEO.

ContentShake SEO and rewrite improvements and suggestions

And that’s it.

Afterwards, you can download the article in Word.doc format and upload it to your WordPress site.

You can also install the ContentShake AI WordPress plugin so you can publish from ContentShake AI directly to your site.

ContentShake WordPress plugin

Pro tip: I don’t recommend you publish content from ContetShake as it is. No AI writing tool is currently able to provide superb content worthy of ranking in Google SERPs. ContentShake AI is no exception. Instead, use this tool to generate first drafts quickly and then work on them to make them your own.

Google has a concept called author vectors and it uses it to differentiate between human content and AI-generated content. If you can infuse your text with genuine human writing you’re going to see better results,  especially long term as Google starts to seek human expression and expertise within the infinite sea of AI dribble and fluff.

ContentShake AI Pros and Cons

ContentShake AI Pros

SEO optimization

ContentShake AI produces SEO’ed content right off the bat. This is because the tool is connected to SEMrush and SEMrush is the best SEO tool currently on the market.

With ContentShake AI you can add new keywords, and improve your readability, SEO, content flow and structure.

Easy integration with WordPress and Google Docs

You can connect ContentShake AI with Google Docs and WordPress to maximally streamline your publishing process.

Generative AI Benefits

ContentShake AI has an option “compose with AI” which allows you to easily and seamlessly continue and build upon any paragraph.

In my experience, this is especially valuable when writer’s block finds me unprepared.

Personalized Topic and Content Recommendations

The content suggestions ContentShake AI serves are going to be very specific to your niche. Of course, you can customize these suggestions to make them even more specific. Specificity in keyword targeting usually means better rankings as Google loves exact matches on the pages.

ContentShake AI Cons

Currently available only in English

ContentShake AI is currently only available in English. If you’re blogging in a different language you won’t be able to use ContentShake AI.

Learning Curve to Train the AI Tool

ContentShake AI is incredibly easy to use. However, I have a lot of experience with AI writing tools and using ContentShake AI came easily to me.

For you, it might be different, but keep at it and you’ll master it soon enough.

ContentShake AI Review 2023 FAQ

ContentShake review 2023 FAQ
ContentShake AI review 2023 FAQ

Is ContentShake AI Secure and Reliable?

ContentShake AI is both secure and reliable. It’s brought to the market by SEMrush, a leading SEO/SEM toolset used by millions of SEO and internet marketers.

You don’t need to be worried about your ContentShake AI data usage as it’ll be safely secured and stored on SEMrush’s servers.

Can I use OpenAI’s ChatGPT Content Instead of ContentShake AI?

You can use OpenAI’s ChatGPT content instead of ContentShake AI. However, I don’t recommend it.

ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot and tens of thousands of marketer use it to spin free content for their blogs. Google has zero interest in ranking ChatGPT content with zero EEAT and they’ve fine-tuned their algorithms to detect the chatbot’s content at scale.

If you want to rank I advise you not to use ChatGPT content but instead use ContentShake AI by SEMrush. ChatGPT content is perfectly fine for all content that will not get indexed and ranked in Google and other search engines.

Learn more about ChatGPT by reading my ChatGPT statistics post next. Also learn about OpenAI by reading my OpenAI statistics guide next.

Can I use Bing Chat Content Instead of ContentShake AI?

You can use Bing Chat content for all types of content you don’t want to rank in Google and other search engines.

BingChat content is basically GPT-4 content based on the most advanced OpenAI LLM technology (Prometheus) and Google’s algorithms are trained to detect it. So Bing Chat content is not a suitable alternative to the content ContentShake can generate for you.

Learn more about Microsoft Bing and Bing Chat by reading my Microsoft Bing statistics and Bing Chat statistics guides next.

Can I use Google Bard Content Instead of ContentShake AI?

You can use Google Bard’s content instead of ContentShake AI. However, given that Google Bard is Google’s product I don’t recommend using Google Bard to generate content to post on your website.

Google is able to detect it and you will not rank with AI-generated Google Bard content.

However, you can use Google Bard content to generate any type of content you don’t intend to post to get indexed and ranked on various search engines.

Learn more about Google Bard by reading my Google Bard statistics guide next.

Can I use Anthropic Claude Content Instead of ContentShake AI?

You can use Anthropic Claude content instead of ContentShake AI. However, I don’t recommend you generate content with Claude to post on your blog. It will not work because Google is able to detect it.

I recommend you use Claude to generate any type of content you’re using on the backend and not posting on your blog In fact I recommend it because in my experience Anthropic Claude is the best AI chatbot on the market. In my opinion, Claudebetter than Google Bard, ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

And recently Amazon decided to invest $4 billion into Claude so the AI chatbot is about to get much better.

Learn more about Anthropic Claude by reading my Anthropic Claude statistics and Anthropic statistics guides next.

What is the Customer Support Like for ContentShake AI?

The customer support for ContentShake AI is the same as for SEMrush. In other words, excellent and reliable.

ContentShake AI Review 2023 (Conclusion)

My ContentShake AI review is over.

Are you going to use this AI writing tool to your advantage?

I know I will!

LMK in the comment section below.

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