SEMrush Free Account Overview- Here’s What You Can Do With the Free Version of SEMrush?

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Is SEMrush free?

And if yes, what can you really do with a free SEMrush account?

My guide below explains the SEMrush pricing mode, how to get a discount and a free trial, and how to use free SEMrush to the fullest.

Let’s get started!


Is SEMrush free? What can you do with a free SEMrush account?
Is SEMrush Really free? What can you do with a free SEMrush account?

SEMrush has been playing a significant role in growth marketing for several years. With numerous awards for being the best SEO software suite, there is no question why millions of users have trusted this incredible tool. Whether you need help improving your company’s online visibility or learning new marketing strategies, SEMrush is the all-in-one tool. It can help you with SEO, competitor research analysis, content marketing, and many more.

However, just like with other marketing tools, you must subscribe to one of SEMrush’s plans if you want to use all of its functionality. But if the subscription plans are out of your budget or you just don’t want to spend even a single penny, we’re here to help you. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you can do with having only a free SEMrush account. So, stay tuned!

What are the 2 Types of Free SEMrush Accounts?

There are two ways to use SEMrush for free:

#1- Basic Free SEMrush Account

With the basic free SEMrush account, you’ll be able to access and use some tools and features that SEMrush offers without disclosing your credit card details. Thus, you won’t get charged while enjoying limited access to its features.

This type of account is best for freelancers or small businesses with fewer marketing needs and people who’ve just discovered this SEO tool and want to test it without paying.

#2- Free Trial SEMrush Account

Once you get the hang of SEMrush Free, you can advance to activating a full SEMrush free trial.

You can pick between Pro and Guru SEMrush plans, and while on a free trial you’ll be able to do everything you normally would with a paid SEMrush account.

But unlike with opening a free SEMrush account, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. And after the trial is over, your card will automatically get charged based on your chosen plan—unless of course, you cancel the subscription before it passes.

Pro tip: Always track diligently the remaining days of your free trial to avoid getting charged for a service you didn’t intend to use.

After knowing all of these, how can you maximize the limited features?

Here’s What You Can Do With a Free SEMrush Account

There are more than 12 things you can do with a free SEMrush account but I’ll show you the crucial ones below.

#1 Do Keyword Research

SEMrush has tools like Keyword Magic Tool and the Keyword Overview that allow you to make ten keyword searches daily without paying a cent.

Keyword Magic Tool provides you with more keywords/queries related to your seed keyword. Meanwhile, the Keyword Overview tool lets you run an in-depth analysis of a particular keyword. The report will include the search traffic of that keyword for the past 12 months.

These tools also let you:

  • Know the search rank difficulty of a particular keyword
  • Get a breakdown of the keyword’s Monthly Search Volume(MSV) for the entire globe or a specific country
  • Determine the primary search intent type behind a keyword
  • Find out whether the interest in it has increased, decreased, or remained largely stable during the past year.
  • Calculate how much it’d cost were you to run ads;
  • Know the top 10 ranking pages for a certain keyword;
  • Check out the features that the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) offers.

Bottom line: you can do some wholesome keyword research even with a free SEMrush account.

#2 Do Competition Analysis for Free

With the Domain Overview, you’ll have insights about any domain and be able to know:

  • The volume and kind of keywords a website ranks for (in both Organic and Paid Search)
  • Distribution of positions for these keywords
  • Your main rivals (in both Organic and Paid Search)
  • Top search terms
  • The split between branded and unbranded traffic
  • The number of referring domains and backlinks

#3- Run a Free Website Audit

SEMrush has a tool called Site Audit that free SEMrush users can use to crawl up to 100 URLs, including the crawls of any given domain, subdomain, or subfolder.

With the said tool, you can get access to:

  • The overall health score of your website;
  • The detailed reports of issues that affect your website’s performance;
  • Some recommendations to fix the problems;
  • Thematic reports that give you a clear overview of your site’s performance in a specific area.
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SEMrush Free Account FAQ- Your Questions Answered!

SEMrush free account FAQ
Is SEMrush free in 2023 FAQ- all your questions answered!

My “SEMrush free account” article would be incomplete without a thorough FAQ section answering every question you have about SEMrush pricing model, discounts available, free trial offers, and more.

Read more below!

#1- Is There a Free Version of SEMrush?

There is a free version of SEMrush you can use to get valuable data and insight for free. However, the SEMrush Free plan is severely limited and only suitable if you’re doing low level SEO.

The best SEMrush features come with a paid SEMrush account.

#2- Is There a Limit to the Number of Searches I Can Do With SEMrush Free Account?

You can do 10 actions within SEMrush before triggering a pop-up asking you to subscribe.

#3- How to Get SEMrush Pro for Free?

You can get SEMrush Pro for free by taking advantage of SEMrush’s free trial offer. The free SEMrush trial lasts 7 days and you can do as much as little as you want during that allotted time.

#4- How to Get SEMrush Guru for Free?

You can get SEMrush Guru for free by taking advantage of SEMrush’s free trial offer. The free SEMrush trial lasts 7 days and you can do as much as little as you want during that allotted time.

#5- How to Get SEMrush Business for Free?

There is no free trial option available for the SEMrush Business plan, so you can’t get SEMrush Business for free that way.

However, if you’re a big business with lots of SEO capital and also some clout in the industry, you might be able to negotiate with SEMrush a special trial run of SEMrush Business so you can see whether it suits you. I’m confident they’d do their best to accommodate you because they’ll want to have you as a client.

Perhaps you can even score a SEMrush lifetime deal if you’re creative and persistent enough.

#6- How to Get SEMrush Custom Plan for Free?

It’s impossible to get SEMrush custom plan for free. This is because custom SEMrush plans are reserved for large companies with a lot of money.

It’s assumed they have the money to pay and they need a custom SEMrush plan to accommodate their large marketing demands.

#7- Do I Need to add My Credit Card Details To Activate SEMrush Free Account?

You do not need to add your credit card details to activate SEMrush free account. Your basic info, (name, surname) and password are sufficient to get started with SEMrush.

#8- How to Delete My SEMrush Free Account?

You can delete your free SEMrush account at any time by sending an email to the SEMrush support team at

Click here to learn how to cancel and delete your SEMrush free account.

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SEMrush Free Account Guide Conclusion…

SEMrush is free in the sense that there’s a forever free account you can play with.

This plan is best for total newbies just getting started with an SEO tool, and for those who have no budget to invest in premium SEO software.

However, SEMrush is also a paid tool with three premium tiers.

SEMrush paid plans are worth their weight in gold as the biggest companies in the world use SEMrush to grow their online businesses.

I suggest you open a free account and give SEMrush a whirl to see what it’s all about. But, once you’ve decided you like it, take advantage of SEMrush free trial offer to reap the maximum benefit from this tool.

Let me know if you have questions in the comment section below.

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  1. Thanks for this great info on the free account. However, I’m a little confused about how I can take advantage of the free account for more than 7 days. Would appreciate it if you could clarify

    • Hi Phil, SEMrush via their website gives you a free trial for 7 days. My link here gives you an extended 14-day free trial. You will need to open an account and add a credit card, but you will not be charged during the 14 days.
      So you can use SEMrush as much as you want, just don’t forget to cancel your account on the 13th day before your credit card gets charged. Canceling is simple and straightforward and you won’t even have to give a reason for canceling.


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