Jasper AI Cracked Version 2023 Doesn’t Exist! But You Can Still Save a Lot Of Money! Learn how Below!

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Looking for a cracked version of Jasper AI?

In my guide here I’ll explain why that’s a scam, why you must avoid it, and how  to really save money on this excellent AI content generator.

Let’s go!


Jasper AI cracked version guide
Jasper AI cracked version guide- everything you need to know!

Is Jasper AI Really Cracked or Not?

Jasper AI is not cracked, has never been cracked and probably never will be.

When you type into Google “Jasper AI cracked” you get this as the number one result:

People looking in forums for Jasper AI cracked version

A forum with someone looking to get Jasper AI cracked and avoid paying money for it.

However, Jasper AI cracked is a scam.

If you see a website or Telegram group offering you to download a “cracked version of Jasper AI”, run away as they’re trying to get you to download adware and malware, and then blackmail you for money.

Never forget that Jasper AI is a cloud-based app that can’t be downloaded. It’s not computer software.

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Here are Two Legit Ways to Save Money on Jasper AI Premium Subscription

There are 2 suitable replacements to “Jasper AI cracked” (yes, in quotes as it doesn’t exist at all).

First, you can take Jasper AI for a 7-day free trial, unlimited words. If you click this link you will get to the Jasper AI website and be offered an exclusive 7-day, unlimited-word trial you can activate and immediately start using.

Remember, the deal is exclusive to those who click the link and is not available for those that go directly to the site.

Claim Jasper AI free trial here

Second, you can take advantage of the Jasper AI pricing model to get a 20% discount on paid Jasper AI plans.

What do I mean?

I mean that Jasper AI monthly plans cost more per month than Jasper AI yearly plans.

Compare the pricing:


  • Creator: $49/mo- for unlimited words per month;
  • Teams: $125/mo- for unlimited words per month;
  • Business: Custom price.


  • Creator: $39/mo- for unlimited words per month;
  • Teams: $89/mo for unlimited words per month;
  • Business: custom pricing

Bottom line: Jasper AI yearly pricing gives you 2 months free, so you pay only for 10 months.

Get a Jasper AI plan today!

Note: 7-day free trials are available for all plans!

Jasper AI Cracked Version FAQ

Jasper AI cracked version FAQ
Jasper AI cracked version FAQ

#1- Is Jasper AI Cracked?

Jasper AI is not cracked. Websites offering Jasper AI cracked downloadable versions are scams trying to get you to download malware and viruses.

#2- Was There Ever a Cracked Version of Jasper AI?

There has never been a cracked version of Jasper AI.

Jasper AI has never been cracked.

#3- What is the Jasper AI Portable Cracked Version?

Jasper AI cracked portable version is just another way to say “Jasper AI cracked”.

Again, it’s a fraud, and the “portable” version of Jasper AI doesn’t exist. For starters, Jasper AI is not software that can be downloaded and installed onto a computer.

Instead, it’s an app hosted in the cloud that can be accessed via your favorite browser.

#4- Is There a Way to Get Jasper AI Without Paying?

There is a way to get Jasper AI without paying. If you take advantage of the Jasper AI free trial you can get 7-day free use of Jasper AI, with unlimited content to create.

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#5- Is There a Jasper AI Coupon Code I Can use Instead of Cracked Jasper AI?

Currently, there is no Jasper AI coupon code you can use to get Jasper AI for cheaper.

#6- Is There a Jasper AI Lifetime Deal I Can Use Instead of Cracked Jasper AI?

Currently, there is no Jasper AI lifetime offer available.

To learn more you can read my Jasper AI lifetime deal guide next.

#7- Are There Jasper AI Premium User Cookies I Can Use Instead of Cracked Jasper AI?

There are no Jasper AI premium user cookies you can use instead of downloading the cracked version. Premium user cookies method doesn’t work and it’s also illegal as you’re basically stealing the app’s services.

I suggest you avoid it. It’s better to try Jasper AI for free for 7 days.

#8-What is the “Jasper AI BIN Method” of Getting Jasper AI Premium?

The “Jasper AI BIN method” is another ineffective and illegal way of getting your hands on the Jasper AI paid plan.

It consists of you using a BIN generator tool to create random BIN’s (Bank Identification Numbers) hoping one of them is not expired and will work for you in that instance.

It’s illegal and I strongly suggest you avoid it.

#9- Should I Get a Cracked Version of Quillbot and Grammarly?

There is no cracked version of Quillbot, and Grammarly AI grammar checker as well is not cracked.

If you want to get Quillbot, I suggest you go for the most affordable plan which is just $9.95 (full Quillbot pricing guide here), and you’ll get unlimited usage of that AI paraphrasing tool.

Unfortunately, Quillbot free trial offer doesn’t exist.

Read my Quillbot review to learn more!

You can also get a Quillbot discount code to save even more money.

As for Grammarly, I suggest you start by installing their Chrome extension (read my Grammarly Chrome extension guide).

And later, you can upgrade if you want.

If you’re a student, you might be able to get Grammarly’s discount for students; and if you’re not a student and not eligible, take a look at my Grammarly pricing guide to learn how to save money on Grammarly.

Finally, if you need to paraphrase content, and are looking for a good paraphrasing tool, please read my guide to learn more about it.

You won’t find cracked versions of any tool on the list, but you will learn how to save money on some good paraphrasing software.

Jasper AI Cracked Version Guide (Conclusion)

You’ve read my guide and now you know there is no Jasper AI cracked, portable version that can be downloaded.

Instead, the best way to save money on Jasper AI is to first take advantage of the free trial and then get a yearly plan so you can get a discount on a yearly subscription.

Have questions?

Shoot them in the comment section below!

Finally, no matter the way you get Jasper AI, you will need plagiarism checker software and also an AI content detection tool.

You can read which plagiarism checker is the best, and which AI content detection tools are free and also excellent.

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